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This sorting activity gives students the basic understanding of why the United States engaged in a Civil War. It helps students understand that this was not just an issue of slavery but states rights and tariffs that were put in place. It goes along great with the "Causes of the Civil War" BrainPop
This is a quick sorting activity designed to help students identify some of the key events leading to the American Civil War. This activity is designed with picture supports to help Low Incidence/ESL students.
Work on close reading skills, engage students, differentiate for various learners, and learn about the Missouri Compromise all at the same time.  Included in this lesson you will find: One reading at three different reading levels: Annotation directions Interactive Notebook Cut and Sort with direct
This activity covers the causes of the Civil War. Specifically it covers the following events: • Sectionalism • States’ Rights • Nullification Crisis • Slavery • Missouri Compromise • Compromise of 1850 • Uncle Tom’s Cabin • Dred Scott Decision • Kansas Nebraska Act • Bleeding Kansas • Election of 1
This is a four way card sort that includes an event title, year, picture, and brief summary of: Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Dred Scott Case, Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, and Nat Turner's Rebellion. This card sort can be used in a variety of ways to ensure your students u
Students analyze 16 documents (10 text based and 6 visual), answer 16 historical context questions, complete a sorting chart, and write a DBQ essay to review the causes of the American Civil War. There are 8 essay prompts for students to choose from (one allows for the class or teacher to make one o
This is a great review activity before diving into the actual Civil War. Students will need to have prior knowledge and have studied the events listed before doing this activity. There are many different ways you can utilize these cards, however, the activity I use involves the included reflection s
This document outlines project expectations (including a rubric) for students in determining the root causes of the Civil War. This assignment asks students (solo, in pairs or trios), to determine what their opinion of the root causes of the Civil War and present them, in a persuasive fashion to th
Need to quiz your students on the Causes of the Civil War vocabulary? Need to grade it fast and easy? No problem! These quizzes are a half-page (mounted 2-up), so they don't use much paper! Here's what's in the package: -Definitions Quiz: students match the word to the definition; multiple choice
This product includes 22 terms the students need to know from the Sectionalism unit. Including the Causes of the Civil War, Compromises, Election of Lincoln and more!Creating your own word wall is a pain, however research has proven that having a word wall up helps students remember concepts taugh
This activity could be used as a bellringer, group work, or check for understanding.
This video is meant to tell students about the causes of the Civil War and events leading to the War Between the States. Enjoy 5 and a half minutes of informative yet fun learning with Mr. Horton! Downloadable version is now in the supporting documents! This downloadable video is for one teacher's u
This Civil War activity pack has it all! With leveled reading passages, organizers, comprehension & connection activities, vocabulary posters, case files on important people & a flipbook! It also includes a study guide and a Unit Test that is EDITABLE! Your students will love this creative n
The Civil War is a huge unit! These differentiated reading passages & activities will review Causes of the War, Key Leaders of the Civil War, Major Events, and Reconstruction. Includes Differentiated Passages for: ✸Causes of the Civil War (Differences Between the North and the South) ✸Importan
Do you teach the Second Grade Core Knowledge curriculum? Organize student learning with The Civil War unit. Presented in an interactive booklet format, the information is kid-friendly and easy to use. •The Civil War Booklet – Aligned with C.K. Teacher’s Manual, students record information about
In a newsletter format, articles about the Civil War are presented in different nonfiction text structures. Students read the newsletter and then complete a chart that identifies the text structure, signal words, author's purpose, and a useful graphic organizer. There is also an option to select tw
This Civil War vocabulary word interactive sort is just what you need if you teach fifth grade social studies. This interactive sort asks students to sort between key words when discussing the Causes & Events Leading to the Civil War. Make sure that your students are able to tell the difference
This resource is an interactive way to review the Civil War. Written on an upper elementary level, it is perfect for 4th and 5th graders and even some 6th grades. Only facts with timelines and vocabulary of events are included.Click HERE to save MORE THAN 30% when you buy the awesome bundle of 463 p
This file contains activities to help students better understand the Civil War. The following activities are included:*Reading passages and graphic organizers for Lincoln, Lee, Grant, Davis, and Jackson*Posters of important people and the Emancipation Proclamation*Booklet to make that includes major
This file contains templates for an interactive notebook for the Civil War. These templates were created for a 5th grade class, but can be used in other grade levels. Directions and possible answers are included. You may need to change or add to the answers to suit your needs for your class. The
This set of paired passages includes one nonfiction passage and a fictional webpage passage about the Reconstruction period after the American Civil War as well as close reading activities. This packet would be a great supplement to give a brief overview of why reconstruction was needed, the Freedme
I created these centers to use with the book If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War by Kay Moore to get my kids up and moving while they learn. In order to use these centers, you will need to have at least one copy of the book, but a class set is ideal. Each center takes about 10-15 minutes.The f
The Civil War Language Comprehension and Expression Unit is curriculum based and common core aligned! It is designed for use in Speech Therapy, but may also be appropriate in Resource Rooms and for small group instruction. Skills addressed include: fact vs. opinion, cause & effect, paraphrasing
American Civil War stations packThis resource includes 6 stations that will enhance any US Civil War unit. It is aligned to my American Civil War Unit Bundle. Each of the stations focuses on one aspect of the US Civil War. These engaging stations offer true student led learning opportunities. There

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