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Get kids THINKING! This is more than a "definition style" organelles exam! There are simple diagrams to analyze, and the questions mimic how NGSS-based standardized tests generally ask about this topic. The assessment has 31 multiple choice questions and one multiple-part short answer question. T
Do you need a set of differentiated cells worksheets for teaching or assessing your students about organelles of the plant and organelles of the animal cell? The plant and animal cell activities in this download will help your middle school or high school students organize information about the stru
For Google Classroom - Fully Editable - Self-CorrectingGet kids THINKING! This is more than a "definition style" organelles exam! There are simple diagrams to analyze, and the questions mimic how NGSS-based standardized tests generally ask about this topic. The assessment has 31 multiple choice ques
This product contains the following:1. A 62-question test (that is self-grading using Google Forms)2. An Answer Key3. Detailed Instructions on how to use the product (edit, delete, grade, etc)4. A review sheet with answers.Click the preview to see the questions on the test. Note: The visual appeara
7th - 12th
This is a 3 part exam:Part 1- T/F statements on the functions of organellesPart II- An essay on cellular respiration with the cell (Scored on content knowledge)Part III -Identification of parts of the human cell using a diagramAn answer key is provided for parts 1 & 3. Use this for a take home q
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This is a summative I gave to my grade 7 class which was MYP year 2. I was teaching the cell organelles found in animal, plant, fungus and diatom cells as well as the specialisation of cell function in multicellular organisms. This assessment would be appropriate from myp year 1 to 3, but the rubric
6th - 8th
This study guide will help students review organelle functions, labeling a cell, comparing plant and animal cells, and the cell theory.
5th - 8th
This is a one day lesson reviewing the Cell Organelles. Lesson contains a hash tag contest, venn diagram, an analogy and a variety of multiple choice questions.Multiple Choice Questions loaded into Quizizz.com which makes analyzing data fast and painless. I have my students answer them on paper then
6th - 8th
This is a test on cell organelles, eukaryotic cells, prokaryotic cells, homeostasis, cell reproduction, enzymes, macromolecules, cellular respiration, photosynthesis and active transport. Includes multiple choice and constructed response items.
This is a cell organelle test. The Cell is in color. Students label, then tell what the organelle does in the cell. I especially like this test because it can be used as a quiz, or a simple test to determine if students are gaining understanding of cell organelles. More than any is the clarity o
Cell quiz/test:Five Levels of Organization Cell TheoryProkaryote and EukaryoteOrganellesFill in the blank and matching
This is a test on cell organelles, prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells, homeostasis and cell reproduction. It includes multiple choice, fill in and constructed response items.
This test can be used for middle school or high school students. To make it more challenging do not use the word bank page. This product is designed to be a test go go with my Cell History & Organelle Around the Room Activity that is available on my Tpt Store. Included: Cell History &
5th - 12th
This cell organelle test is an assessment for any grade level where cell organelles are introduced.
This science graphic organizer includes illustrating the animal cell and identifying and describing cell organelles including cell membrane, Golgi body, endoplasmic reticulum (smooth & rough), mitochondria, nucleus, nucleolus, ribosomes, lysosome, cytoplasm, centrosome, centriole, vacuoles, and
This science graphic organizer includes identifying and defining the structure and function of plant cell organelles including cell wall, cell membrane, rough & smooth endoplasmic reticulum, vesicle, vacuole, Golgi body, mitochondria, chloroplast, nucleus, nucleolus, and ribosomes. This fun, NO
This product is everything you need to administer a successful midterm and final exam in your high school biology classroom – plus the resources you need to review with your students. This pack includes editable versions of midterm and final exams, differentiated for CP and honors level classes. T
9th - 10th
An engaging review game from our past! Spoons is an awesome way to review content. This game will help your students review cell organelles! The students have to quickly match the organelle name, picture, function, & analogy! All you need are spoons! Just print & play! This is perfect to rev
5th - 8th
Cell organelle stations that include 16 plant and animal organelles with versatile uses and clear graphics. This activity can be used as review or test prep or a quick formative assessment. Traditional paper and paperless digital included available on BOTH Google Slides and Google Forms for easy gra
7th - 10th
Practice makes perfect! This matching worksheet provides the student with review and reinforcement of plant and animal cell organelles and their functions. There are 45 questions set up in a matching format. All questions deal with either the structure of the organelles or the functions of the o
Teaching your unit covering cells and cell organelles doesn’t have to be overwhelming or boring. My students love this clue style mystery activity and I bet yours will too! Your students will be having fun and learning as they use their knowledge of cells and organelles to solve the mystery of what
This resource includes 2 Jeopardy-style review games for your unit on Cell Structure and Function. Students love to review in a competitive game format. In these games students will review the history of cell studies, differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, the functions of animal an
This unit test / final assessment for your lessons on "Cell Structure and Function" is an editable test bank of questions that will allow you to make the perfect unit test for your life science or biology students in grades 8 - 12. There are 108 questions of varying formats on the test : Matching,
Are you interested in purchasing the entire bundle of STAAR Review Packets at a 15% discount? CLICK HERE for the Bundle!Review for the STAAR and ensure that your students are well-prepared. (Please click on "Preview" above to get a closer look at what is included.) UPDATED FOR THE NEW 2018 STREAML

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