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Happy New Year 2021! Reflect on 2020, set new goals and make resolutions with this fun art and writing activity.Engage children creatively with this New Years 'All About Me' Instagram style cell phone construction, art and writing resource.Ideal for use as a first week back activity or as an art spe
Character Cell Phone Creative and Critical-Thinking Activity Common Core Aligned for Grades 6-12 ELA-Literacy Creative activity that is especially helpful when reading difficult texts, such as those by Shakespeare, Poe, Dickens, Austen, etc.. or reading works such as Beowulf and The Canterbury Tale
Happy Mother's Day. Invite students to create a personal and imaginative keepsake 'All About Mom Art Phone' card - she'll love it!This Instagram style cell phone construction, art and writing resource is stimulating and engaging - kids love tech!Invite students to cut out and make their own fold out
This is a fun and fabulous way to assess students' understanding of Shakespeare's characterization in Macbeth.PDF AND DIGITAL-ENABLED FOR DISTANCE LEARNING♦What is Lady Macbeth watching on Netflix? ♦What's on Banquo's playlist? ♦What might Macbeth have in his online shopping cart?Enhance students'
Every year I do an: All About Me activity the first day of school. I decided to try something a little more out of the box this year and decided to have kids tell me about themselves through cell phone apps. For each app students are tasked with introducing a specific aspect of their lives (Ie.
7th - 9th
This activity is a fun, creative, and relevant way to assess students' understanding of Bradbury's dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451. Students love their phones!Here's a great way to have them turn their fascination with cell phones into a fascination with the characters in Fahrenheit 451!PDF AND DIGI
Do you need an engaging activity for characterization? Examine characters, make inferences, and use textual evidence with this fun activity for teens in an engaging cell phone format in a printable PDF or digital Google Slides™ version. This activity can be used with any short story, novel, or play.
These two video activities and entertaining videos will help facilitate discussion and will motivate students to improve their listening skills. The first video is about our dependence on technology and our excessive use of technology. The other video and activity is a cute video about whether you
10th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Back to School Activity Cards to Get to Know Your Students. As you know, getting to know your students is a very important part of student success. These are a set of 12 activity cards that can be used to get to know your students a little better- and for your students to get to know one another as
Looking for an activity to engage students while studying Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter? Try this timely and relevant CHARACTERIZATION activity.Students love their cell phones!This activity takes that fascination with social media and apps and turns it into a fascination with Hawthorne's characteri
Are your students having difficulty embracing the complex characters in Shakespeare's Hamlet? OR Are you looking for a fun and creative way for kids to demonstrate their understanding of the dynamics of the play?This activity is a fun way for students to express their understanding of characterizat
This activity pairs two of my most popular Christmas Carol products into one purchase at a discount: A Christmas Carol Digital Breakout and What if Scrooge had a Cell Phone character analysis. A third product, A Christmas Carol and Victorian Christmas Coloring Set, is free with this purchase.The Dig
7th - 9th
Help your students develop and identify good strategies for debate, persuasive speaking, and argumentative writing skillsThis resource contains a CLICKABLE Link for Google Classroom.Go completely paperless! Perfect for Distance Learning!Please check out the PREVIEW for more details about what is inc
Cell Phone Exit Slips - Text Me Your Summary Cell Phone Ticket Out. Use these exit slip summarizer sheets as a summarizing activity. Have students write you a text message on the phone screen to summarize what they learned from the lesson or ask any questions they still have. Can be used as a quick
Engage your students with this timely and relevant activity to assess their understanding of characterization in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.Students love their phones! Here is a great activity where students imagine the cell phones of characters in The Great Gatsby.PDF AND DIGITAL-ENABLED FOR DIS
These cell phones (smartphones) dipped in Glitter by the wonderful Glitter Meets Glue Designs are for r-controlled vowels (bossy r, crabby r, whatever you call them). The activities include texting, abc order, and word sorting. They come with directions, answer keys, common core standards and reco
In the last couple of years cell phone use (and students’ abilities to sneak them) has exploded in classrooms. I decided that rather than fight it, I would try to embrace it in the classroom. I did a version of this assignment last year and the students LOOOOOOOVED it. It was right in their wheelhou
What if Edgar Allan Poe had a cell phone? How would he use Apps and Social Media? Students will ask themselves these questions and design a cell phone custom made for Mr. Poe. Ten activities ask them to choose images, apps, music, memes, pics and more based on what they know of Poe and his writing.
Students create an app to describe an organelle. These apps come together to create a cell phone.
5th - 8th
This is a great webquest activity for Career and Financial Management, Personal Finance, and other high school business courses.As part of a short unit I do on insurance, it’s a great exercise for students to apply the basics they’ve already learned about insurance (policies, deductibles, etc.) to s
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and engage children creatively with this fun, fold out 'art phone' activity.Invite students to construct their own fold out booklet style 'art phone'.Make instagram style images on the front cover by responding to the prompts.On the inside pages, complete a wordsearch act
This pairing of activities offers my digital breakout for I Have a Dream, as well as a fun cell phone activity at a reduced price. Cell Phone ActivityWhat if Martin Luther King, Jr. had a cell phone? How would he use Apps and Social Media? Students will ask themselves these questions and design a ce
7th - 9th
In this high interest activity, students will learn to use their cell phones in Spanish! You know they're using them underneath their desks, so you may as well bring them out in the open and use them to your advantage! This Power Point gives step by step instructions to students and asks them to c
8th - 12th
I LOVE when creativity and writing combine! My students are all about cellphones so I decided to create a way for them to talk about them academically. In this resource, students design their own cellphone app complete with a hand drawn mock up to present to the owners of an app creation company. On

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