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In this DIAGRAM science station, students read about fossils in layers of sedimentary rock. They complete a diagram of fossils in rock layers and answer questions in order to reinforce what they have learned about fossils and rock layers.This DIAGRAM station is also available in a larger bundle of 8
In this lesson, students will develop a working concept of what is going on during a phase change related to energy changes, change in particle movement and arrangement, and changes in forces of attraction that affects the particles. Equilibrium during phase changes and energy involvement in the cha
This worksheet allows students to compare and contrast physical and chemical changes in matter. The activity allows students to cut and paste related words and phrases into a Venn diagram to demonstrate their understanding. An answer key is provided.
Here are two worksheets to practice Everyday Math's Change to More diagram boxes. First Worksheet- covers basic counting and filling in the diagram Second Worksheet- students will solve number stories by filling in the diagram boxes.
K - 2nd
Students will create a Venn Diagram foldable which will require them to compare and contrast physical and chemical changes. When folded, this resource will only take up one page in the student's notebook. I have included multiple versions for differentiation: please read below to find out what is in
This set of guided notes with chemistry doodles can be little anchor charts for your student to keep in their notebook! Using these pages, students can color, doodle, and make connections within the material as they takes notes in class. This topic is usually introduced in the introduction to matt
For Google Classroom to Support your Chemistry Distance and Online Learning. This is a quick simple practice and review of Phase Change Diagram questions commonly tested on high school chemistry, especially in NYS Regents chemistry. Editable Google Form Interactive QuestionsNo printingNo photo co
These interactive diagrams are terrific for science teachers teaching their students in a distance learning or blended learning environment. These click-and-learn diagrams are Google Slides files designed to be used in several possible ways.* First, the teacher can use them to click and reveal diffe
9th - 12th
In this DIAGRAM science station, read about changing desert landforms due to weathering and erosion. They put together a diagram that shows how landforms change over time. The reading text is available in two lengths, one shorter and one longer. Students then answer questions in order to reinforc
In this station activity students will answer questions about phase change diagrams and triple point diagrams from graphs. 24 questions - each with own graph to look at. Students can rotate around the room individually or with a partner. Better than just doing another worksheet!!Good active formativ
In this DIAGRAM science station, students diagram the changing state of ice cream. They then answer questions in order to reinforce what they have learned. The Diagram Science station is part of the Reversible and Irreversible Changes Science Stations.This DIAGRAM station is also available in a lar
Patterns of Change Interactive Diagrams Activity: Yearly, Monthly and Daily Cycles of Shadow Position, Shadow Length, Seasons, Sun’s Path Across Sky, Tides, and Moon Phases Developed by: Marianne Dobrovolny – www.science-lessons.org Suggested level: Elementary and Middle School Objectives: At t
"Great tool!" - TpT ReviewerThis is a quick yet effective way to extend thinking about phase change and phase change diagrams. Students are engaged because they come up with their own pure substance, describe its characteristic properties, and then plot their own phase change diagram accordingly.
This simulation/animation (1 of a set of 21) was designed to provide your students with a clearer understanding of various conceptual ideas in Chemistry, Physics, and General Science. The animations/simulations can be purchased individually or as a bundled set (see my store at PinnacleScience for si
In this activity, students will be able to label a diagram showing how materials change state by adding or removing heat, which changes the kinetic energy of the atoms in that material. Students will label the steps of each phase change (melting, boiling/vaporization, sublimation, condensation, fre
This is a Temperature vs. Heat graph for water that includes the latent and specific heats as well as the equations used for each phase and phase change. I always use this graph when doing heat calculation problems. I find it just makes "visualizing" the calculation steps a lot easier if we can
9th - 12th
Review the basics of phase changes with your students using this cut-out manipulative! Either each student creates their own diagram by cutting and pasting the pieces together correctly, or you can print a given number of sets of pieces, laminate them, and store them in envelopes for easy distributi
This is a great resource to teach about phase changes, heating curves, and the phase change diagram. I combined many of my resources in order to make this for my in-class learners and distant learners. It does a great job simplifying the ideas to make them easily understandable for the students. Thi
Everyday Math Diagrams Pack Parts and Total Diagram Change Diagram Comparison Diagram For use with Every Day Math addition and subtraction story problems. These diagrams create a visual for students for story problems. *****************************************************************************
Students develop a change of state diagram.Students identify the relationship between thermal energy and the state of matter.This is the suggested sequence of learning activities for this lesson. Note that session times are estimates. Depending on the students' progress, the sessions may be shorter
This set of guided notes with chemistry doodles can be little anchor charts for your student to keep in their notebook! Using these pages, students can color, doodle, and make connections within the material as they takes notes in class. This topic is usually introduced in the thermochemistry unit
IntroductionThis game is a great alternative to a worksheet. It allows your students to practice identifying either phase changes, states of matter, phase change diagrams, or all three together. The game is sort of like spades with a board instead of cards. It allows for strategy and trickery as wel
This product contains two full-paged phase change diagrams. One diagram is labeled, the other is unlabeled and students are able to fill it in independently.The labeled diagrams are great to include in power point presentations. I like to give each student a copy of the unlabeled diagrams to label a
Supported by the PowerPoint presentation on Phase Change and the Phase Change Diagram, also for sale. This lesson worksheet prompts students to click and drag terms to their correct location on a phase change diagram. The completion of this task demonstrates students understanding of phase change.

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