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This digital and printable character dating profile is a fun, engaging way to analyze a character from any short story or novel. This dating profile requires students to read closely, make inferences, and support answers with textual evidence. It's a great activity for Valentine's Day or year round. There is no prep. Everything is ready to print and go or assign in Google Classroom.Save 20% by buying the bundle. Click here to check it out.Check out all of my holiday resources!Halloween Descripti
This is a dating profile template that I created to use in my history class, but could easily be used in an English or Reading class as well. The idea behind it was to provide students a fun way to explore a historical figure or character, by filling out their "dating profile" (like a profile) and then having to write the first "love letter" to a significant other (real or imagined). It's research, creativity, and literacy all wrapped into a single fun project. Students love it! The e
This seemingly simple worksheet will open up the minds of your students in characterizing a somewhat dated character into modern social media! This worksheet not only gets the brains ticking with what the characters in ANY text would say, but also what they would post onto their INSTAGRAM page! This is great for all learners in ANY ELA classroom! Included in this product: **Worksheet creating an INSTAGRAM account for ANY character! **Sample Worksheet for reference ~~~In need of more materia
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Relationships to other characters as well as the conflicts that arise in them can be excellent opportunities to get to know characters in a work of literature. Having students create a dating profile for a main character in a text can be a thought-provoking and engaging activity for characterization analysis -- not to mention your students will love the opportunity to show off their sense of humor. This can be used as a nod to Valentine's Day or any time of the year!This product includes the fol
Use this digital template to create a dating profile for any character on Valentine's Day! The activity can also be used to wrap up a text at any time. My personal favorite story to accompany this is "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl. The slides are editable to allow for modifications if you would prefer different categories.
6th - 10th
Have your students create a dating profile for a character in the story they are reading or even for historical figures! This activity helps students evaluate their knowledge about the character/person and allows them to be creative, while basing their answers on the text/history.
This fun and creative activity allows students to create a Hinge dating profile for any historical that you may be studying. Students pick a historical figure and using a Google Slides template put in pictures, quotes, and ideas from their character to create a modern day dating profile, which encourages students to research historical figures and their personal life. I use this for my AP Euro students when I teach 19th century political figures, but it can be easily used with any time period or
In a world of online dating, this activity really sparks students' interest!I love this lesson in characterization, and my students have such a great time with it, too. It may be used with any novel, play, or short story. I feel as though this lesson really gets students to think deeper about their assigned (or selected) characters. It requires higher order thinking to make inferences and predictions about characters. Students are required to ask “what if” questions. They are required to at
8th - 12th, Higher Education
Congratulations! You are invited to the Capulet Ball! This engaging and creative activity is focused on characterization. Do you want your students to demonstrate their understanding of characterization? In this activity, students will create a character dating profile for one character in Romeo and Juliet. The student will demonstrate their understanding of characterization through including and explaining direct quotes and paraphrased information from the play.Finally, students will be able to
Have students analyze the characters in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet in order to create a dating profile. This can be used and adapted for other works of literature. Students enjoy this creative and unique character analysis.Please Note: All resources are linked via the "Shop Information" Document. All resources are Google Drive compatible.
9th - 12th
(black and white option included) This fun and engaging activity gives students the opportunity to understand the perspectives of characters in a unique way while also enhancing comprehension because of the "preferred" and "real" profiles. The Character Dating Profiles activity is perfect for the secondary level and can be used for any type of reading. Included is a "preferred" dating profile, which is what the character would want his or her dating profile to say. The second page of this tw
This product is a paper dating profile that can be applied to any literary character, but it is currently designed for Shakespearean characters from the play "The Taming of the Shrew." It can be easily adapted to fit any character from literature.
9th - 12th
I love this fiction reading comprehension activity and use it all the time in upper levels of Spanish and Spanish Immersion. At any point in the reading process after students get to know characters, kids fill out this online dating profile as though they were a character from the present reading. This is definitely best in pairs or trios. It forces kids to get into the mind of a character and use their Spanish to discuss how the character would fill out their profile. After groups have complete
Get students to analyze characters more deeply with this fun character traits graphic organizer based on an online dating profile bio. It's a great tool to encourage students to examine a text more closely for clues about characters in any story, and make inferences about how they might interact with others on a fake dating website. Matches is a completely made-up online dating site for literary characters only. The activity can be done electronically using Google slides, or on paper with the pr
This fun, no-prep character analysis activity will have your students evaluating character traits, motives, and habits and providing textual evidence to support their choices. It can be used with any text, and is perfect for Valentines Day!Included in the ResourceDating Profile PagesDirect Messages SheetsTextual Evidence ChartsExamples of Each PartLooking for more Holiday-Themed Resources? >> CLICK HERE!Be sure to follow my store to be alerted to new products! >> CLICK HERE!Don't for
This dating profile for Tom Sawyer characters is a perfect way to test your students' knowledge on the characterization in the novel! I assigned each group a character, and they had to make a dating profile for the character, drawing a profile picture based on their description, adding an "About Me" section, drawing pictures of important memories, and much more!
What if characters in fiction books had dating profiles? Welcome to fiction mingle. Where students will have fun creating a profile for a character of their choosing. This is a fun exercise that builds close reading skills, analysis of plot/characters/setting, and stresses the importance of characterization within the novel. This is guaranteed to bring some fun and laughter into your classroom lessons! Have the students present their character's profile to the class!
Use this as an activity or homework assignment when starting to read Steinbeck's novella, Of Mice and Men. Students have to create a biography similar to what one would fill out about themselves on a modern dating app. They will do this for the major characters in the book. This demonstrates student understanding of character analysis.
INDEPENDENT NOVEL ACTIVITY - DATE WITH A BOOK: Use this fun "Online Date With A Book" activity as a way of hooking your students into reading! I use this activity the first week back to school as a way for students to choose a novel for independent reading time, but you could also use it as a way for students to choose a novel for a book report or a book talk at any point in the year.HOW DOES IT WORK?• Each student gets a random book and creates an “Online Book Dating Profile” based on the book
As a pre-reading activity for Romeo and Juliet, this activity has students look at fake dating profiles for some of the major characters in the play and analyze the information given. These are meant to introduce students to the character's personalities and their roles in the play. The profiles include three pictures of each character (one from the Zeffirelli-directed movie (1968), one from the Luhrmann-directed movie (1996), and one from the Globe Onscreen live production of Romeo and Juliet (
8th - 10th
HALLOWEEN WRITING ACTIVITY DATING PROFILES: Bring a little fun into your classroom during the Halloween season with this ready-to-use creative writing resource. Students will create an online dating profile for one of 10 spooky Halloween characters (zombie, vampire, zombie, Frankenstein, skeleton, ghost, alien, cyclops, mummy, and scarecrow)! Students will have to be creative by describing the Halloween character's physical description, personality, relationship with friends and family, and go
CHRISTMAS WRITING ACTIVITY DATING PROFILES: Bring a little fun into your classroom during the Christmas season with this ready-to-use creative writing resource. Students will create an online dating profile for one of 10 Christmas characters (Santa, elf, gingerbread man, snowman, reindeer, nutcracker, snowman in a snow globe, angel on a tree, Rudolph, and a drummer boy)! Students will have to be creative by describing the Christmas character's physical description, personality, relationship wi
In Taming of the Shrew, there are six characters who are thrown into the world of courtship, and some are more excited about this than others.In this product, there are six semi-editable Google Slides templates for the following six characters: Kate, Bianca, Lucentio, Hortensio, Gremio, and Petruchio, and on each profile, there is space for students to show off their creative and witty knowledge about each character in a way that's sure to get some laughs -- which is exactly how an activity for
This fully editable dating profile can be used for any historical figure and can easily be adapted for literary characters or authors. Students must use critical thinking and research to show what this person values as well as his or her views on certain issues. This document provides works well for a standalone lesson activity, but you could add questions specific to the time period or novel as well. You can also extend this activity by having students "speed date" to find their perfect matches
7th - 12th

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