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Do your students have a hard time describing characters using specific traits beyond nice and mean? This is a set of vocabulary matching cards for character traits, synonyms and definitions. There are 60 main trait cards with a matching definition card. Along with each main trait card, there ar
Character Trait Matching Task Cards I-Station Series (20 Cards) Short reading Match Reading Passage with Character Trait
Character Trait Matching Task Cards I-Station Series (20 Cards) Short reading Match Reading Passage with Character Trait Vocabulary Words
This is a power point with descriptions of each of the characters from the Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Print them out, laminate them, and cut them in half to use for station matching games for review.
Character Trait matching task cards—This product will help students have a better understanding of what each of the different character traits mean. I always give the students a list of traits for their interactive reading notebook, but this takes it one step further. Now they will have a list wit
July 2020 update: Now you are able to send the task cards, student sheet, and mini-Scoot activity digitally for students to complete the assignment on Google Classroom.This RL 4.3 (CCSS) resource includes:20 task cards with scenes that show a character's personality trait. I used body language clu
Read Charlotte's Web (My favorite book!) and use these Character Cue Cards to play a matching game or to review for character analysis. This is a set of 10 cue cards with "I am" character descriptions with matching identification cards. The cards are designed 2 to a page to be printed and laminate
Let your students review The Kite Runner and key characters with this Marching Card Game. Students can read cards aloud, work with them in collaborative groups, or work individually at reading stations. This is a set of character cards with their identifications for 15 characters from Kite Runner.
Character Trait Matching Task Cards (20 Cards) Short reading Match Reading Passage with Character Trait
Want to make sure your students understand their Old Testament Bible and Ancient History Characters? Use this product to get kids up and moving around, to review, checks for understanding, warm up/do now activities, and many other ways! You can use this as a simple matching game (by not printing t
Product contains 22 task cards and an answer sheet for student answers to help your students better understand character analysis. The first set of 11 task cards contains passages that focus on one character. The second set of 11 task cards contains different character traits. Cards can be used i
Distance Learning - Boom Cards™ – Description: Character and Personality Vocabulary - Picture Matching Game | Audio★ Get your students revise vocabulary words with this paperless self-checking Picture Matching Game. On each page, students will look at the photo, listen to and read the word and match
Character Trait Matching Cards Students will match character trait words with the correct definition. Included are: 1.) 3 character trait mats, each with 16 character trait words. 2.) 3 definition sheets for students to match the correct defintion to it's corresponding character trait word. Thes
I hope your students enjoy this "Camp Classy Character" match game. The game is centered around the six traits of character: kindness (or caring), respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, and citizenship. Instructions are included. I print my cards on a color laser printer and laminate t
Here are some adorable puppets to help enhance any Peter and the Wolf unit. 7 important characters to learn with and recreate the story. Each character: Peter, Wolf, Grandfather, bird, duck, cat, and the hunters is included with their corresponding instrument: violin, french horn, bassoon, flute, o
Character Trait Matching Task Cards (20 Cards) Character Trait Matching Task Cards (20 Cards) Short reading Match Reading Passage with Character Trait
As part of our curriculum teaching, we looked at the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Our children found it tricky to learn the names of the characters and work out who was related to who, who had done what to who (including before the play started with Prospero on the boat and Sycorax vs Ae
I use cards like these as a way to pair up random partnerships in class! You can pass out the slips as students enter the classroom, or put them on their desks. Then, students find their partner based on the match for their card! This set includes both color and printer-friendly black & whit
When teaching middle school students, the real life qualities of good citizens need to be learned. This set of 24 matches allows students to use their background knowledge and the process of elimination to correctly identify them. I usually break the cards into six envelopes with students working
This is a fun Christmas game for matching Christmas character faces with their feet. It includes 8 cards for faces and feet. Also included is a cover/game suggestions and 2 tab labels so the mat can be mounted in a file folder if desired. There are also optional card backs included. It can be pl
1. Match Chinese characters to the corresponding numbers(With the help in the small circle hint on each number, once familiarize, may use another set of numbers without the hint)2. Photo memory gameLay the all the cards on the mat, memories the positions in few seconds then flip over. Try find match
Use these matching cards to help your students review plot elements and character types. Print and laminate for an easy anchor activity in class! Could also be used as a word wall.
This emotions & feelings SEL curriculum is teacher-approved and includes 5 detailed lessons filled with hands-on and mindful activities that encourage children to express themselves and build important social and emotional skills. The lessons and activities work great for morning classroom meeti
This slope intercept form activity is a set of matching cards that work on Linear Functions. The are 12 sets for a total of 48 cards. Each set has a graph, table, equation, and verbal description. These are intended to be cut out and used as a matching activity. The numbers and letters on the card

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