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Writing Characteristics-LAFS
Enjoy this FREEBIE that lists all of the characteristics for personal narrative, informative, & opinion (persuasive) writing. This is great to keep in your teacher binder and/or give out to parents. This file contains the following: -1 graphic organizer of the characteristics of personal n

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Animal Classification and Animal Characteristics Sorts FREEBIE!
These are two FREEBIE cut, sort, and paste activities for the 5 vertebrate classes: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. **This is a Revised/Improved version of a older product in my store titled: "Cut, Sort, Paste, & Graph! Animal Classification FREE Activities To go With..." T

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Animal characteristics
This is a great activity for the students to understand that not all animals are alike. In this activity the students will be able identify each animal and which category they belong in. Students are to cut and paste the animals in their correct category. I hope your students enjoy this activity

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Science Focus #1: The Needs & Characteristics of Living Things
This Science Focus is all about living things and the environment. I have been using this unit for a few years now and every year it is one of my students' favourite, and I'm so happy to finally share it with you. From anchor charts to activity pages, craftivities and more, your students will be eng

Also included in: Science Focus: The BUNDLE!!!


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Needs and Characteristics of Living Things – Grade 1 Science Unit
This carefully constructed, well-balanced unit corresponds with the Ontario Grade 1 Science Curriculum and covers the following overall expectations:-assess the role of humans in maintaining a healthy environment -investigate needs and characteristics of plants and animals, including humans-demonstr

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Characteristics of Life & Viruses -CER Reading Comprehension - Distance Learning
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Now Digital and Printable! Are Viruses Alive? Science articles are an excellent way to bridge literacy and critical thinking skills in your classroom! In this no-prep CER article bundle students will be engaged and meaningfully learn all about the characteristics of life and viruses! Studen

Also included in: Characteristics of Life Distance Learning Bundle - Digital and Print


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Compare Rock Properties & Characteristics & graphic organizer for types of rocks
In this activity students compare the properties, mass and length of 2 rocks. There are 2 different versions of the worksheet included to reach different leveled students. Properties include; Mass, Length, Shiny or dull, smooth or rough, can scratch or not, can it float and other differences. In

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Animals Label the Picture FREEBIE (Characteristics, Oviparous, Adult/Baby)
Label the Picture FREEBIE featuring Animal Characteristics, Oviparous Animals and Adult and Baby Animals.Perfect for the science center, writing center, independent practice, morning work, homework or 5-minute fillers. Includes color and NO PREP black and white copies ready for you to print and go!C

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{Grade 1} Unit 1: The Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
The "Needs and Characteristics of Living Things" is aligned with the Ontario Grade 1 curriculum expectations for Science. This packet introduces students to what living things are, what the basic needs and characteristics are of living things and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment f

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Animal Characteristics PowerPoint
Your students will "ROAR" with excitement when they watch this Animal Characteristics PowerPoint! This life science PowerPoint covers all the different and unique parts that animals have and why they have them. Each slide includes ALL REAL PICTURES of animals.The questions that are included can prom

Also included in: Animal Characteristics BUNDLE PACK!


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Characteristics of Life Bundle
This mini bundle includes engaging activities to supplement your characteristics of life unit! Included in your purchase is:Characteristics of Life PosterCharacteristics of Life Task CardsCharacteristics of Life LabDead or Alive Close Reading ArticleBe sure to follow my TpT store by clicking on the


Animal Classification Cut & Paste: Sort animals by characteristics
Animal Classification cut and paste: Sort mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and invertebrates.Two versions of this activity are included:1. Students sort pictures and characteristics of the animal categories2. Students are given the characteristics and sort picture examples of the animals i

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ANIMAL CHARACTERISTICS Fact Packs Mammals Birds Reptiles Fish Insects Amphibians
This BIG BUNDLE saves you 30% and includes the following products: Mammal Characteristics Fact Pack 90+ pages Bird Characteristics Fact Pack 90+ pages Reptile Characteristics Complete Fact Pack 90+ pages Amphibian Characteristics Complete Fact Pack 90+ pages Fish Characteristics Complete Fact Pac

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Mammal Characteristics FREE
What makes a mammal a mammal? Find out with this fun FREEbie! This FREEbie includes: Mammal Characteristics Fact Sheet My Mammal Facts Mini Book {1/2 sheets with partially completed facts} My Mammal Facts Mini Book {1/2 sheets with no facts completed} My Mamma

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Characteristics of Living Things - Cells
NGSS: MS.LS1.1This two-week study on Middle School Life Science Standard 1.1 gives students opportunities to explore, think critically, discuss/debate, and research to work with the content in a meaningful way.Standard: MS-LS1-1: Conduct an investigation to provide evidence that living things are m

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Characteristics of Life Lab- Distance Learning
In this engaging lab, students will classify objects as living, nonliving, dormant or dead. This is a great activity to do before teaching characteristics of life, and have students come up with a list on their own. You do not have to spend money on this lab- you can find items around the house or y

Also included in: Characteristics of Life Bundle


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Characteristics of Poetry and Figurative Language
This unit includes poems, ideas, and activities to help you teach the characteristics of poetry and the devices of figurative language. It includes:* Characteristics of Poetry sheet* Identifying characteristics of poetry in "The Creature in the Classroom" sheet* Lines and Stanzas sheet* Repetition s

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States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases Study Guide - Characteristics
States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases Study Guide Outline - Characteristics of Matter - King Virtue's Classroom Starting your unit on Matter? Help your students get off to a great start with this simple study guide outline. This is a great tool that can be used to inform your parents about w

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Characteristics of Life Powerpoint
Free! Enjoy this short PowerPoint presentation on the "Characteristics of Life." The PowerPoint consists of 11 slides that are bright, colorful, and contain some pretty cool pictures. Use this in grades 4 and higher as an introduction to any life science unit. It is a great first day of school a

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Needs and Characteristics of Living Things | Grade 1 Science Unit
This Ccomplete 1st-grade science unit on Needs and Characteristics of Living Things covers the Ontario curriculum standards for Understanding Life Systems. It encompasses the following overall "BIG" expectations:➀ assess the role of humans in maintaining a healthy environment➁ investigate needs and

Also included in: Complete Primary Science Curriculum


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Characteristics of Living Things Doodle Notes
Let your students doodle their way through learning the 8 characteristics of living things! This doodle note sheet covers the characteristics that help students distinguish between living and non-living! Help your students boost their scientific vocabulary understanding with visual notes. Doodle no

Also included in: Doodle Notes Bundle Original


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Characteristics of Fiction & Point of View Interactive Notebook Sample
This is a free sample of my Fiction & Nonfiction Elements Interactive Notebook Included in this free sample are Interactive Notebook pieces for: - comparing fiction and nonfiction - a Venn diagram for comparing the traits of fiction and nonfiction - characteristics of fiction - point of view

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Animal Characteristics BUNDLE PACK!
As requested, ALL of my ANIMAL CHARACTERISTICS units in one complete bundle! This bundle includes Animal Characteristics Build the Sentence, Animal Parts Label the Picture and Animal Characteristic PowerPoint! This is a great addition to your Animal Characteristics curriculum!What other teachers hav


Physical & Human Characteristics of Communities: TRS Social Studies Units 3 & 4
This product supports the following TEKS: 3.1C, 3.4A, 3.4B, 3.4C, 3.4D, 3.5A, 3.5C, 3.5D, 3.17A, 3.17B, 3.17C, 3.17E, 3.18B about physical & human characteristics of communities, **Please note - While the Social Studies TEKS remain the same, TRS has recently revised the unit structure for t

Also included in: HUGE Third Grade TEKS - Aligned GROWING Product Bundle


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