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This life science experiment for grades K-2 is based on the concept that "Plants have different structures that serve different functions." Students learn the names for the various parts of a flowering plant (roots, stem, leaf, flower). The unit includes directions, plant labels, and log page. (Find
K - 2nd
**NEW UPDATE: Google Slides included for virtual learning**This carefully constructed, well-balanced unit corresponds with the Ontario Grade 1 Science Curriculum and covers the following overall expectations:-assess the role of humans in maintaining a healthy environment -investigate needs and chara
Adaptations in a Snap Adaptations: Science in a Snap is geared to help primary scientists develop skills and learn about the external characteristics that help plants and animals survive. Are you in need of quick and quality science notebook lessons that help you address the standards in a short p
This product was created to complement the Ontario Curriculum Grade 1 Science strand; FRENCH Needs and Characteristics of Living Things, Les êtres vivants: caractéristiques et besoins* Topics include; • L'environnement - Identify environment as the area in which something or someone lives.
Square and rounded shape. Connected and sporadic. Cell walls and no cell walls. Large, central vacuoles and small vacuoles. These are key characteristics that our students need to understand about plant and animal cells. Using the resources in this bundle will allow your students to explore, in
This will make a great review for your plants unit! These BOOM cards cover topics like photosynthesis, plant structures, plant functions, and the life cycle of plants. Check out the preview for a sneak peek!This Product Includes:✓ General overview of photosynthesis ✓ Identifying the plant structure
These are 19 interactive (drag and drop) Google Slides activities on the characteristics of living things: the need for energy (food), growth, reproduction, and response to the environment. The characteristics are broken down in student-friendly language on colorful, engaging slides that promote cr
Biology Lab: The Diversity of the Plant Kingdom - A Living Plant LabPurpose:1. To observe representatives from the four most common plant phyla.2. To identify the similarities and differences among the sample plants.3. To identify the characteristics that make the specimen well suited to its enviro
8th - 12th
Now included with a link to the sorts and the experiment in Google Slides!!! In Virginia, students don't need to actually know which plants are flowering/edible/evergreen/etc., but they are expected to understand the concept. Pictures and simple words are used so students can make predictions. There
K - 2nd
Needs & Characteristics of Living Things: Montessori inspired biology, zoology or botany tool. These 5 part cards help students learn the processes or characteristics of life using the MRS GREN Mneomic to find what makes something a living thing. Help students learn what makes an animal or plan
5th - 7th
The Tundra Biome is a learning set containing 3-part cards, description cards, information posters, student booklets for coloring and practicing handwriting and research worksheets for students to learn about the tundra biome.  Students will learn about the main characteristics of this ecosystem, an
This set contains:Labels for "stem", "roots", "flower", and "leaves." 4 picture examples of each of the plant parts2 worksheets that students can do to help them discover the characteristics and functions of these parts. Some ideas for how to use these materials:Students can be broken up into grou
This product is a set of 30 task cards that are more fun and more engaging than ordinary task cards. Students are provided with QR codes to scan websites and/or videos for an interactive way to learn about ecosystems. A recording sheet is provided for students as well as an answer key for teachers
3rd - 5th
This interactive video and extension activities challenge students to explore plants. Students begin their exploration by watching an interactive video to get a basic understanding of the different classifications of plants (vascular vs nonvascular) and then deepen their understanding through severa
6th - 9th
Introduction to Plants Unit TestThis evaluation was written to test the material that I teach in my unit called “Introduction to the Plant Kingdom.” You can view the PowerPoint for this unit by clicking here.This unit test has 100 questions. There are 63 fill in the blank questions, 11 matching qu
This bundle includes 24 resources about Growth and Development of Organisms including: Reading, Color Diagrams, Activities, Performance Tasks and Assessment (42 pages total):• Next Generation Science Standards covered in this Bundle• Rubric Building Resource on how characteristic animal behaviors
This is a Great Resource for your Preschool Science Unit. Included you will Find: Teacher’s Guide 5 Full Color Mini Posters depicting the Life Cycle of a Firefly Egg Larva Pupa Firefly (2 views) 4 Small Cards for Sequencing (using Same Clip Art in Color) 4 Small Cards for Sequencing Work Sample (us
A mini unit lesson that will teach your students all there is to know about vascular seedless plants. This includes the following club mosses, horsetails and ferns. This lesson comes with a lap book and a student reader with activities provided. Instructions are in the form of photos of complete
Come explore the world of plants with this plant unit! Your students will have the opportunity to explore this topic using a variety of materials! This non-fiction pack includes: -Label the plant parts (2 options: write in the blank, cut & paste) -Plant life cycle (2 options: cut & paste, s
K - 2nd
This packet is great when teaching parts of a plant/flower. In this packet I have included: Parts of a flower (color, cut, paste and label each part) I have provided it in colored (could be used as a poster) and BW A flip book of what plants need (pictures and words provided) A sheet with the cycl
PreK - 2nd
Characteristics of Animals: 2nd Grade Complete Lesson SetNGSS & TEKSThis covers animal characteristics (adaptations) and how they meet their needs. A bonus activity is included for animal life cycles.2nd Grade Science Complete Lesson SetNeed a high quality, standards-based lesson with materials?
Are you studying plants and animals? This money-saving bundle includes 15 days of lesson plans covering plants as well as a fun honey bee unit! So many activities and resources are included that it could last you 5-6 weeks of science instruction! Students will love the engaging activities. You will
3rd - 4th
Introduce the forces that create the many layers of the Earth—and meet your science standards—with Geology Rocks! an interactive book from the Science Foundations series. GEOLOGY highlights three types of layers—layers of the Earth, layers of the Earth’s crust, and layers of the soil, as well as the
Grade 1 Needs and Characteristics of Living ThingsOntario CurriculumSlide Topics:Choosing an animalLet's Read and Learn About Animals (2 Read to Me books per animal)My animal (draw animal and what makes it a living thing)Animal partsAnimal HabitatsPlants and Animals in HabitatsHealthy EnvironmentsEa
1st - 2nd

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