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This lesson allows for students to investigate how bees pollinate flowers. This is a very engaging lesson incorporating english standards in the reading and question prompts. **Kool-Aid powder used as an alternative to Takis or Cheetos. Use qtips in order to prevent stained fingers.
Students use the labels to identify parts of a plant. From there you place Cheetos in brown paper bags and glue the flowers onto them. Students then pretend they are bees picking up pollen (Cheetos) from each flower. They would then rub their pollen (Cheeto dust) fingers on the “sticky stigma” of
Included in this set are four activities designed to meet the NGSS second grade standards for plants: -Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow. -Develop a simple model that mimics the function of an animal in dispersing seeds or pollinating plants. -M
I created this experiment for students to better understand the pollination process. I used it with Mystery Science. However, it would work with any science curriculum. My students really took to this experiment and were able to explain pollination.
Worksheet to be used with Cheeto pollination activity. Students will eat Cheetos in one station, and more to another where they will wipe fingers on a paper to represent the pollination of bees. Students can use worksheet to record observations and make analysis.
If you do the classic bee pollination activity with cheetos, here is a great worksheet that I created to go along with it.
What’s Included 1. Description of how to make/use the Parts of a Plant Flip Book 2. Directions and pictures of an activity idea for each plant part. ~Roots: Roots vs. No Roots Experiment ~Stem: Carnation/ Celery Food Coloring Experiment ~Flower: Cheetos Pollination Experim
Label Parts of a Flower ROY G BIV-Learn the colors of the rainbow Butterfly Life Cycle-Use pasta to portray the butterfly life cycle Bee Pollination Game-Demonstrate the bee pollination process using Cheetos
This product is a bundle of all of my second grade unit labs: plants, habitats, our changing earth, materials, and matter. Get all of the labs together for a 25% discount! Included in the bundle are 27 labs and activities designed to meet the second grade NGSS standards. All of the labs are hands-o
This Unit on Seeds and Pollen is filled with hands-on engaging lessons and science experiments all aligned with the NGSS K.LS.1-1, ESS3-1, & ESS2-2. It also includes common core math standards as well. This unit includes * Pre/Post Test & answer key * The Pollination Experimen
This is to be used with a fun pollination activity using Cheetohs. The students place a flower dye cut over a juice box. They then drink the juice from the juice box (the nectar), while their hands (acting as insect feet) land on Cheetohs that are placed on both sides of the juice box. The students

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