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This set of paired passages includes a nonfiction passage about physical changes to matter, a nonfiction passage about chemical changes to matter, and close reading activities. The passages would be a great supplement for teaching about physical and chemical changes in science. Pick and choose what
This resource is a two-page visual notes sheet that will allow your students to doodle within comic templates. This resource focuses on changes in matter and will help your students differentiate between physical and chemical changes. My doodle notes include high definition graphics that look great
16” x 20” Printable Poster/Anchor ChartIncludes descriptions, examples and illustrations of Physical and Chemical Changes.Easy to Assemble Directions:1. Print file (4 - 8 ½ by 11 pieces of paper)2. Trim or fold the inside edges3. Use double stick tape or glue to attach all 4 pieces of paper together
Investigate Fortune Teller Fish to determine if they go through a physical or a chemical change when they move to "tell your fortune." Can you tell someone's fortune with a tiny plastic fish? What makes the fish move? Karen Ostlund and Sheryl Mercier have designed this series of activities using a "
{ Classify Physical and Chemical Changes Changes in Matter Physical and Chemical Changes Labs Worksheets Activities }Do you want an engaging and comprehensive scope and sequence for teaching physical and chemical changes? Keep your middle school students engaged with this collection of classroom tes
This PDF file include a chart for students to record observations after completing hands-on science stations. For students to complete the activity, the teacher must set up six different science stations that include around-the-house items. Students will complete the task as instructed on the char
24 Task Cards with Reading Passage align with NGSS Physical Science (2-PS1-4and PS1.B) on Chemical Reactions and Material Changes. These cover the basics of how changes in matter can be reversible and irreversible. This is an excellent introduction to the basic ideas of Chemistry and Chemical Reacti
This worksheet goes along with Scholastic's Study Jams found at this website: http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/ Students can complete this worksheet as they watch the video/slideshow to ensure they are reading it closely and looking for details. There is also a space provided for students t
A lab activity designed for students to make observations and identify physical and chemical changes. The activity has students rotate around the room and complete different stations. The supplies used are fairly basic and inexpensive and do not require a lot of time to set up.
This Changes In Matter resource is designed to be used as a supplemental activity or assessment for your unit on matter. It can be completed fully online in Google Drive.To complete the activity, students will read the information on each slide/page and place the pictures and definitions in the corr
As part of the physical science unit, this portion provides a simple explanation of what chemical changes are, a hands on activity to demonstrate a chemical change and a quick worksheet to check students' understanding. It is much more concise than the typical textbook and a lot more fun!
Multiple websites about Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter. Each site has it's own set of questions.
This is a bundle of resources to supplement your Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter unit for fifth grade. It includes: *Vocabulary *Test *Performance Assessment *Physical/Chemical Activity Sheet *Physical Properties Apple Investigation PPT The vocabulary includes words, definitions, and spa
Students will: 1. understand chemical reactions, 2. differentiate between chemical reactions and physical changes. Each page invites your learner to interactive with the subject to engage the information. Lessons use audio, animation, virtual manipulatives and other engaging experiences. Our Les
These VOCAB MatchUP Cards are bigger and better than before! I include all the terms for Physical vs Chemical CHANGES in both Large & Small, Color & B/W SETs. These are so fun to use as a VOCAB MatchUP TEAM RACE!-- just copy 1 set for each table or group and put in a zippy bag. On your Ma
This interactive activity lesson helps students understand the difference between physical and chemical changes in matter. Your students will enjoy "playing scientists" as they make observations and think about the types of changes they observe in this activity. Students always enjoy this lesson, an
This is all you need for your week of Physical vs Chemical CHANGES --and later for review or small group remediation! This is really 5E's+way more-- than you'll need. My 5E's+way more UNIT has 17 different files for a fully thought-through plan! My UNIT includes fully completed Lesson Plans, whic
Students read 4 short and engaging informational text passages about physical changes and chemical reactions, then complete a CER for each section using evidence from the text for each one. The CERs focus on evidence of a physical versus a chemical change. There are also a few follow up questions
FUN LAB - USES EASY SUPERMARKET SUPPLES! Covers physical changes and chemical reactions in one engaging activity.Students investigate changes to pennies in 4 different substances. The lab paper provides clear, step-by-step instructions and thorough analysis. The analysis portion focuses on the ph
SAVE 30% OFF LIST PRICES! Add FUN and ENGAGEMENT to a physical changes and chemical reactions unit with these fun activities. Includes a claims and evidence activity, two labs that have very simple supplies, a review game-type activity, and a free bonus.Included Products:Claims & Evidence Acti
Hey everyone!Here you can find a Google Slides presentation for my Physical Science Unit - Topic 2: Chemical Changes. With this product, students will be engaged by interactive slides and be able to enjoy science in a new way! This product includes notes and interactive activities. *Aligns with Pear
Students create a graphic organizer to distinguish between chemical & physical changes in matter. Students use venn diagram to classify images as physical or chemical changes in matter.
Students will learn about physical and chemical changes in matter. This lesson includes teacher notes, and a introductory worksheet, plus 4 experiments on "Reversible or Non-Reversible" changes in matter, a follow-up crossword puzzle worksheet to assess what your students have learned.
This is a 10 question Google Form Quiz that tests students on the topics/vocabulary discussed in Scholastic’s “StudyJams! Physical & Chemical Changes of Matter” video. (Questions include: multiple choice options, select all that apply, and true or false). In this Google Form, students are instru

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