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301 multiple choice questions for composing a semester exam in chemistry. The questions cover an entire year of chemistry. You simply select the questions you need for semester 1 or semester 2 of your class. Composing quality multiple choice questions is a difficult and time consuming process. T
Here is a Chemistry Review I made several years ago to prepare my students for the Chemistry STAAR. It is broken down into categories and TEKS that were to be tested. Feel free to use and edit to your needs. Thumbnails are not showing all information due to how i made the document. Click on Preview
100 question multiple choice Chemistry Semester Exam. Questions vary in difficulty and ability levels. Diagrams used on exam. Topics covered: Standards 1-4 for Physical Science: 1. Scientific Method 2. Matter 3. Atomic structure and periodic table 4. Chemical reactions and bonding. Olivia Reese
This is a semester exam for chemistry. A corresponding review game is included. This is part of a larger year-long chemistry unit available by chapter. Answer keys are included.
Description: This final exam review bundle includes a 16-page review packet of material usually covered in the second semester of chemistry. Topics include:-Types of chemical reactions (S, D, SR, DR, C)-Stoichiometry calculations (Including particles and volume conversions, and limiting reactants)-T
Description: This final exam includes an EDITABLE 100 multiple choice question exam ideal for assessing an entire second semester of college-prep chemistry. An answer key is also included.This exam assesses the following topics:UNIT: Chemical ReactionsConverting word equations into formula equation
Description: This midterm exam includes an EDITABLE 100 multiple choice question exam ideal for assessing an entire first semester of college-prep chemistry. An answer key is also included.This exam assesses the following topics:Unit 1: Introduction to chemistryScientific MethodMatterStates of mat
90 Multiple choice questions and 4 short answer/extended response questions. Topics include: Scientific Method Lab Safety Chemistry Biochemistry Bioethics Cell Theory, Parts, Functions Cell Division Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration DNA and Protein Synthesis 2 questions about gene mutations Thi
Semester Exam that covers topics such as: Introduction to Biology, Scientific Method, Graphing, Chemistry of Life, Macromolecules, Cell, Cell Transport, Mitosis, Meiosis, DNA, Transcription and Translation
This is an exam used in a general science classroom. Topics covered include density, law of conservation of matter, phases of matter, classification of matter and phase changes, physical and chemical properties, atomic structure, balancing and identifying chemical reactions.
Exam that covers the second semester of high school chemistry (beginning with stoichiometry). There are 72 multiple choice questions.A free answer key download is available hereIf you are interested in a final exam that covers content from the entire chemistry course, see my product, "Chemistry Fina
✅21 Resources for Google Slides: IDEAL for distance learning. This bundle contains 21 interactive digital resources for Google Slides™ that will help your chemistry students learn and master critical and challenging chemistry concepts throughout the course. Students will drag movable objects, selec
This resource is a set of 34 Warm-Ups, Bell-Ringers, Exit Slips, and/or Interactive Notebook Pages for your Introduction to Biology unit. These activities are perfect for the first few minutes of your class. Both printable and digital versions are included. The 34 student pages cover the topics co
This is a Whole Course Bundle of the Physics -Interactive Smart Curriculum. [It was only recently bundled into a full year, so see ratings & reviews on the existing Semester 1 and/or 2 downloads if looking for that information].OK. WHAT IS THIS CURRICULUM? WHAT IS IT LIKE TO TEACH THIS?Consider
Aligned to the AP Biology Course and Exam Description! Review and study resources for the properties of macromolecules. Works great as an AP Biology Test Review or Study Guide as students work though Unit 1. This resource is designed to help guide your AP Biology students to learn, study, and review
AN INTRODUCTION. Regardless of whether you adopt this curriculum or not: I would not recommend trying to teach this (or any algebra-based physics) without interactive Software similar to Smart Notebook. Consider some student feedback from this course:"It has been a really fun and helpful year bei
AN INTRODUCTION. Consider some student feedback from this course: "I think that with all that had happened this year [Covid-19 year], this class did very well... I am going to ... become a physics teacher, I am very excited to share this knowledge with other people.""It has been a really fun and he
Are you looking for a fun way to have your students review ionic bonding? Your students will LOVE my partner activity! They will work in pairs & take turns rolling dice to answer questions. The object is to get 5 correct answers in a row (vertically, diagonally, or horizontally) to win the game.
Description: This midterm review packet includes one 94-multiple choice practice test, the exam, and all answer keys needed to effectively review for an entire first semester of AP chemistry. To see a complete list of topics covered and for previews of some of the practice questions, please check o
Adapted for Distance Learning.Students will read different experimental scenarios and determine things like "What question are they trying to answer?", and What could be the hypothesis?". The worksheet is offered as both PDF and a Word Document which is editable, and can be uploaded using Google Cl
This product, by It’s Not Rocket Science, is a vocabulary review resource of ALL physical science CHEMISTRY vocabulary terms from the entire year, inspired by the popular game "Taboo." The cards are divided into 4 units including:       • Matter: Classification, properties, states, and solutions  
This final exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions and a free-response section where students are asked to label a graph, graph data, and draw a line of best fit. The multiple-choice questions are arranged according to the unit they cover and are broken out in the following way:Unit 1: Introducti
Preparation for chemistry midterm exam. This review covers properties of matter, significant figures, atomic structure, electron configuration and some periodic trend material. This file is editable to suit the needs of your classroom. This review was used in a chemistry college prep classroom f
This final exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions and a free-response section where students are asked to write a short essay. Students have their choice from three essay prompts: one relating to nuclear energy, one to Earth's magnetic field and compasses, and one to ultraviolet light and its ef

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