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chocolate chip cookie mining

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chocolate chip cookie mining

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A two page lab using hard and soft chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks in order to excavate the chips from the cookies. The lab works well when both pages are copied onto an 11x17 sheet. You could extend the lab into making graphs to compare the data.
3rd - 5th
"Mining for Chocolate Chip Cookies" is sure to leave your students wanting more! This is a great hands-on activity that incorporates science, problem solving, math, reading, and writing. What better way to motivate your students and have fun learning at the same time. This activity is designed
This product includes a nonfiction article with 2 comprehension pages about coal mining which could be used by itself for reading. However, it also includes a hands-on exploration component where students use chocolate chip cookies and tools (fingers, cotton swabs, and toothpicks) to mine the chocol
It is important for students to think about how human activity affects the earth. It's also important to bribe them into learning with cookies. This activity does both! By "mining" the chocolate from their cookies students are given the chance to play out what happens to the earth through the mining
5th - 7th
Students are put into groups and mine chocolate chips from cookies in order to see how a business operates and to witness first hand the costs of producing goods and services. Instructions and handouts for the activity are included as well as a worksheet on supply curves to go with the activity.
This is to support the Conservation of Energy strand. Students mine chocolate chips out of a cookie two separate ways to show the negative impact mining can have on natural resources.
I created this recording sheet for my 2nd graders as we study natural resources and how humans impact the environment. Students pretend that the chocolate chip cookie is a piece of land, that the chocolate chips are fossil fuels, and that they are miners using a toothpick as a drill to retrieve the
This printable reviews the ideas of identifying a rock/mineral by conducting four different test (color, luster, hardness, and streak). Students will need Chips Ahoy cookies that have both white and dark chocolate chips in the cookie. The students will "dig" through the rock (cookies) looking for
In this fun and engaging at-home lab, students will simulate a mining operation using a baked good (such as a cookie, muffin, or granola bar) and toothpicks/paper clips. This lab is accessible to all students, because all the required materials can be found around the home!  This inquiry lab is comp
This fun "lab" activity simulates mining for coal in a piece of land- except the coal is chocolate and the land is a cookie! Students start with a budget of $20 million, and have to make decisions about how much land to purchase, what type of equipment to purchase, and how long to work for. After th
Not Grade Specific
Use this fun activity to show students how people affect their environment. The cookie will model the mine, while the chocolate chips will model natural resources like gold or diamonds. Students will work to extract the chocolate chips without harming the rest of the cookie (nearly impossible). R
To help students better understand the uneven distribution of natural resources and the challenges that accompany extracting them from the earth, students will complete a cookie mining activity. Minimal supplies, no setup required, and treats; can a lab get any better?!Supplies needed:Chips Ahoy coo
6th - 12th
Learning about coal mining and energy? Print and go lab report with directions. Additional Materials Needed:PencilMap of U.S. Chocolate Chip CookieNapkinToothpick
3rd - 7th
I used this activity in my natural resources unit. This lesson was about mining. This worksheet goes along with a cookie mining activity. Students act as miners trying to get as much coal (chocolate chips) from the cookie. The worksheet asks thought provoking questions to get students to think about
The Conservation of Mass can be a simple, yet tricky concept for students. In this lab, students will find the mass of a complete cookie, then they will "mine" chocolate chips out of Chips Ahoy cookies and find the mass of the cookie with the separated chocolate chips that were taken out. I put th
Students "mine" chocolate chips from two different types of cookie and compare the results.
Students will remove the chocolate chips "ore" from cookie "rocks" to determine the percent composition of chocolate.
9th - 10th
The following activity is a simple lab that teachers can use when teaching about mining, the Earth's crust, rocks and minerals, or human land use issues. Depending on the position of this strand within the annual science curriculum, it could potentially be the first lab students experience that ye
5th - 9th
Are you celebrating National Chocolate Day? Maybe you are just enjoying some chocolate in your classroom as a reward or for a party and want an activity to go along with it. Maybe you have a chocolate themed writing lesson and you are looking for an activity to help trigger some possible vocabular
This activity page is a part of my Cookie Dig lesson that I do with my 4th graders each year. I have attached the full lesson plan for this activity!! This will lay it all out for you and you can print it off and use it! But it is in Microsoft Word, so you are able to edit it to fit your state's st
This activity uses chocolate chip cookies to simulate mining for diamonds and worked really well as a review for my students of the earth layers and rock types. Also as a reinforcement lesson on environmental remediation and conservation. Supplies are simple (per student) 1 cookie 2 toothpicks
This NGSS aligned activity uses chocolate chip cookies to model the effect of mining on the environment. Great to show human impact! The activity requires little prep work and it is a lot of fun!MS-ESS3-1.Construct a scientific explanation based on evidence for how the uneven distributions of Earth
Students participate in mining a cookie to mine as many chocolate chips as possible. I have used this activity in my Earth Science course while studying minerals and rocks. Students apply math skills to calculate their total profit. This activity provides a great opportunity to discuss mining, risk
This lab allows students to use chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks to "mine" for mineral deposits, while trying to disturb the land as little as possible. It shows students how even the best intentions will cause ecosystems to be destroyed.

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