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A great activity to use in math! Students must work on their own in order to answer the following question: Using a compass, how many perfect circles can you make in sixty seconds? The packet includes all of the sheets necessary to plan, complete, and display this activity in your classroom! I
1.6 Drawing Circles with a Compass- Everyday Math, Grade 4 (2nd edition) This SMART Board Notebook file includes: *a math message *scanned workbook pages so your students can follow along with the files on the board in their workbooks (answers for each page are included)
Power Point that follows the Every Day Math Lessons.
Here are the long-awaited templates and step-by-step directions for the Me on the Map Circle Map Project I originally posted on my blog http://finallyinfirst.blogspot.com/2011/02/me-on-map.html. But that is not all! This 40 page map unit includes ideas, projects, and printables covering the follow
The Golden Compass is the first book in His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. This study guide and book companion contains a complete set of reading questions for each chapter of The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. Vocabulary assignments and quizzes, literary terms study, and extension pr
Circle Graph Geometry Activity - Everyone just wants their piece of the pie!This is a fun, multi-faceted project that will have your students creating and implementing a survey, converting their results using various mathematical operations, and creating a poster-sized circle graph incorporating var
PROJECT LENGTH: 6 days (with hour-long class periods) DESCRIPTION: This lesson pertains to the art movement of Op Art. The lesson focuses on the art elements of line, shape color, and value. Throughout this lesson, students will describe, analyze and interpret the artworks of Victor Vasarely and Br
This informative guide is a must for your 7th grade math class. The skill of using a compass and straightedge is CCSS aligned to:Grade 7-GeometryDraw construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.CCSS.Math.Content.7.G.A.1Solve problems involving scale drawin
Students can choose between 6 different animals to construct completely out of circles. By constructing their animals they are practicing measuring with a ruler (using both metric and English measurements) and using a compass. This is also great review for circle vocabulary such as radius and diamet
This is a unit plan for Phillip Pullman's Northern Lights (Golden Compass in the US) which is book 1 of his Dark Materials trilogy! This unit contains graphic organisers, learning ideas, discussion starters, creative writing tasks, art/craft tasks and more. It also contains photos of student work. T
Lesson 2.1: Compass & StraightedgeDigital Lesson format is compatible with Google slides® Paper and Pencil Constructions Lab•Materials: Compass, Straightedge, paper; copied handouts•This lesson lets students explore the power of circles as they create constructions using the traditional geometr
Shapes 2D Circles Clip art in real life You will get: - Button - CD - Clock - Coin - Compass - Dart Board - Ferris Wheel - Pizza - Watch - Wheel You will get 3 copies of each image (30 images in total) in the following formats: black and white; colored with colored outlines and colored with black
This project is a 7th grade math art integration project. Students will need to solve for the radius given the area or the circumference. Then the students will set their compass to the radius to draw their circle. They will repeat the process for all 8 circles. The students will have the choice of
Circle Shapes Clip Art Check out the BUDGET BUNDLE of this 2D Shapes Bundle Link Colorful circle shapes things: - balloon - beach ball - car wheel - compass - lifebuoy - lollipop - ship's wheel - wall clock Included in this Product: Circle Shapes Digital Clip arts • 8 Full Colored items • 8 B
This PK lesson plan received a 4.0 for the COMPASS Evaluation on the Lesson Plan Component. It includes lessons that are aligned to both Pre-K Common Core Standards and the Early Learning and Development Standards for an entire week. Lesson plans also include: higher-order thinking questions, circle
This is powerpoint presentation lesson slides, which include differentiated learning objectives, a comprehensive interactive list of all the different parts of a circle that students need to be able to identify and an interactive quiz assessing their knowledge on this. In addition it also includes a
An exploration into the relationship between circles and angles. This can be done after students have become familiar with angles and able to use a protractor to measure and draw angles. It begins with the connection between angles and arcs: angles define or “cut out” parts of circles. Students
Do you recall the enthusiasm of working on various art projects from your elementary school days? I do and I believe that that excitement still exists in high schools students, and that it can be rekindled. Wherever applicable and appropriate, I incorporate art activities in my classes to enrich m
Do your students need practice creating figures with a compass, ruler and protractor? This worksheet provides plenty of practice constructing figures such as triangles and circles that encourage proper use of such instruments! *Students must possess a ruler, compass and protractor to complete.*WORK
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fraction Pie Circle, 360 degrees, with Lesson Ideas for Distance Learning by Eve Sutton TeachersPayTeachers.com > Reachable Teachable store Fraction-Pie-Circle can be used alone or with ONE-DAY MATH audio tracks 4f and 4g, and Lesson Cards: LC 13 on fractions, decimals, and
In Geometry it's important for students to know how to use a compass correctly. So this activity will help students: - Draw congruent lines using a protractor- Draw a congruent triangle using just a protractor- Draw an angle bisector- Draw circles (and make a beautiful design) This is a great way to
This PK lesson plan received a 4.0 for the COMPASS Evaluation on the Lesson Plan Component. It includes lessons that are aligned to both Pre-K Common Core Standards and the Early Learning and Development Standards for an entire week. Lesson plans also include: higher-order thinking questions, circle
Bullet Journals are all the rage! Teach students how to make their own with this great compass and protractor activity. Students create each of these from scratch with step-by-step instructions. 1. My 24 Hours: Students create a circle and divide it into 24 equal parts. They create a key and
This hands-on activity is sure to get your class excited about circles! In this activity, students will use a compass to make a piece of artwork with circles of different sizes. The students will then use what they know about circles to find the circumference and area of each circle in their art!

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