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This "Understanding the Declaration of Independence" Article & Review breaks down each section of the United States Declaration of Independence in a clear, easy to understand way. Plus, both a printable version and a digital version that is compatible with Google Slides is included, so this resource will work great for a distance learning classroom!Questions throughout the article reinforce the key ideas, and a 2-page review has students summarize each section, define key vocabulary, and con
Are you looking for a creative project for your Bill of Rights unit? This Bill of Rights One-Pager Project has students demonstrate their comprehension of the first ten Amendments to the United States Constitution by describing and illustrating each in an attractive One-Pager art project. Students can draw by hand, paste in pictures cut from magazines or taken off the internet, use quotes, word art, or newspaper headlines -- the sky's the limit! This imaginative One-Pager lets students get creat
This fantastic Civics and Government Bundle includes everything you need for an amazing first unit and introduction to American Government. Topics covered in this bundle include:Defining a State and their CharacteristicsIntroducing the Purpose of GovernmentTheories on How Government BeganTypes of GovernmentsCharacteristics of DemocracyIncluded in this download are a digital notebook set, a thorough unit guide packet, PowerPoints with guided notes and interactive notebook-style graphic organizer
This amazing, digital download includes over 300 amazing resources for teaching Civics or American Government! Each unit is fully planned out for you from beginning to end and filled with engaging projects, PowerPoints with guided notes, readings, interactive notebook pages, digital Google Drive activities, and so much more. In all, you get 11 complete units for a full Civics course: Introduction to GovernmentFoundations of American GovernmentThe ConstitutionPolitical Parties & ElectionsThe
Transform your Civics American Government classroom to be inquiry-driven and project-based and start cultivating authentic learning with this complete semester course, plus bonuses!This is the course I wish existed my first years teaching Civics and then again years later when I found myself teaching it again. Whether you are brand new and overwhelmed or looking to upgrade your impact from the same-old, same-old, this course will fast-track you to cultivating a passion in your students to become
This How a Bill Becomes a Law Board Game takes your students through the Legislative Branch's lawmaking process, from proposing a bill on the floor of Congress, through floor votes, filibusters, and conference committees, all the way to the President’s desk. The more the students play, the more they memorize the steps of the legislative process — all while having a blast! If you're studying the Legislative Branch in your middle or high school Civics, American Government, or American History clas
This fantastic Civics and Government Bundle includes everything you need for two amazing units on Political Parties, Elections, and the Media! Topics covered in this bundle include:The origin and role of Political Parties in AmericaUnderstanding ideology and the political spectrumCampaigningFamous political ads in historyHow candidates are selectedThe election processThe Electoral CollegeCampaign finance Citizens United and its effect on campaignsGerrymanderingThe media and Fake NewsPlus 2 compl
This fantastic bundle on the Judicial Branch is an amazing complete unit plan for Civics or American Government! Topics covered in this bundle include:A set of 10 Digital Notebook activitiesThe structure of America's judicial systemState vs Federal CourtsThe Supreme CourtJudicial ReviewComparing Judicial Restraint & Judicial ActivismProject Based Learning on Supreme Court CasesReviewing landmark Supreme Court CasesThe Citizens United campaign finance caseCyberbullying, schools, and the lawA
This fantastic bundle on the Legislative Branch is an amazing complete unit plan for Civics or American Government! Topics covered in this bundle include:A set of Digital Notebook pagesComplete unit guide packetAn overview of the House & SenateQualifications for CongressExpressed & implied powers of CongressCongressional CommitteesThe Budgeting Process How a Bill Becomes a LawA full Model Congress simulation! ...and more! Inside includes a directions page for the unit plus all of the res
This is an engaging activity simulating a mock Presidential election. Students will be able to really “see” how the Electoral College works and have fun in the process. All teacher preparation and student instructions are included. (This activity requires at least 8-10 dice which are NOT included). Both print and digital versions of the wrap-up questions are included. Buyer Feedback:"This was a well-designed activity which has students directly engaging with data and helps them predict the newe
This MEGA BUNDLE includes everything you need to teach a semester course for your secondary Civics/American Government class. Both print and digital versions are included! Perfect for distance learning. Purchase in BUNDLE and you will automatically save 30% off of each product! “Work smarter not harder!”This product includes both a print and digital version compatible with Google Classroom. Both teacher and student directions are included. Simply share the resources with your students via Google
This Articles of Confederation Tombstones Creative Project can serve as a hands-on, engaging culminating activity for your Articles of Confederation unit -- use it in Civics, American Government, or your American History class! These Articles of Confederation tombstones challenge students to demonstrate their comprehension of America's first, failed governing document in a creative, imaginative way. Makes for a great bulletin board of student work, too! Students are asked to design a tombstone f
Save $5 by buying a bundle of 10 of my lessons. This bundle includes my lessons:• Civics - Citizenship Complete Lesson• Civics Complete Lesson - Road to the Revolution: British Policies• Declaration of Independence• Articles of Confederation• Constitutional Convention - Fixing the Articles of Confederation• Civics Complete Lesson - Founding Fathers Influences: John Locke & Montesquieu• Complete Lesson: Foundations of Democracy - Documents that Influenced America• Preamble to the US Constitut
This is part II of my Civics EOC lessons - 10 individual lessons at a discounted bundle. This bundle includes the following 10 lessons:• Bill of Rights• Voting Rights Amendments• Landmark Supreme Court Cases• Judicial Branch• Rule of Law / Types of Law• Executive Branch• Electoral College• Forms and Systems of Government• How a Bill Becomes a Law• Checks and BalancesSee individual lessons for the details. Terms of Use:Please note, this product is for personal classroom use by a single teacher. I
This fantastic bundle on the Executive Branch is an amazing complete unit plan for Civics or American Government! Topics covered in this bundle include:An overview of the presidencyRoles & responsibilities of the PresidentCabinet departments & government bureaucracyThe role of the Vice PresidentPresidential policies and agendasScandals from presidential historyExecutive OrdersThe Impeachment ProcessPlus a complete unit guide packet and more! Inside includes a directions page for the unit
Civics, Government, & American History Interactive NotebookThis resource is a year-long Civics and U.S. Government interactive notebook for middle or high school. The file is 244 pages long and includes a complete answer key. This interactive notebook can be used throughout the entire course or it can be used as an intensive review/study guide for the End of Course (EOC) exam. Please note that content is not included. In this file are graphic organizers to help your student organize his
NOTE: Updated to reflect the 2022 Ministry of Education curriculum changes.If you're teaching CHV2O in Ontario, this is the package for you. Used in many jurisdictions across Ontario, this package has been utilized in Traditional and Virtual Classrooms with great success. It can also easily be adapted to Summer School and Night School settings. Sample calendars for multiple scenarios are included in the course package.This updated version of our best-selling CHV2O Course Package is designed for
9th - 10th
My Civics EOC State Exam Review is in depth lesson to prepare students for the Florida Civics End-of-Course Exam. I have been teaching Civics in the state of Florida for several years. My students have had the 7th highest score on the Civics EOC the past two years in a row. Use my Civics EOC State Exam Review to help your students ace the Civics EOC just my like students have. This lesson covers all tested benchmarks and answers to potential questions. Lesson includes:• 130 slide PowerPoint pres
This fantastic Civics and Government Bundle includes everything you need for an amazing unit on the Foundations of American Government! Topics covered in this unit plan bundle include:A Complete Unit Guide packetA set of digital notebook activitiesGovernment in Athens and Ancient RomeThe Magna Carta, Petition of Right, & English Bill of RightsLocke, Hobbes, and the Enlightenment PhilosophersThe Mayflower CompactThomas Paine's Common SenseGeorge Mason and the Virginia Declaration of RightsJef
This bundle includes all of my resources for Civics or Government. It is not a complete course. As I add to this bundle, the price will increase. When you buy it, you will get all of the future additions to the pack for free. The price reflects that this is an incomplete bundle with unit gaps.This bundle includes the following:U.S. Constitution PowerPoint and Guided Notes (print and digital)Constitution Doodle Notes (print and digital)Constitution Bingo (print and digital)Bill of Rights Activit
8th - 12th
This Civic Duties & Responsibilities Article & Picture Analysis is perfect for teaching Civic Duties and Responsibilities to any middle school Civics or American Government class! Includes both a printable version and a digital version that is compatible with Google Slides, so it'll work great for a distance learning classroom! Aligned to the Florida State Standards for middle school Civics SS.7.C.2.2 and SS.7.C.2.3 Citizen Obligations & Responsibilities, this 3-page article and matc
Do you want to save both time and $$$? Purchase in BUNDLE! This product includes everything you need to teach a full unit on The Judicial Branch for your secondary Civics/U.S. Government class. Most products include both printable and digital!Buyer Feedback:This is a fantastic resource. There is so much in it, especially for the low price. It was easy to modify too. RogerPurchase in BUNDLE and you will automatically save 20% off of each product!“Work smarter not harder!”This purchase includes th
I'm in love with these Standards-Based Bell Ringers for Civics and American Government. Centered around critical thinking, these Bell Ringers provide curriculum-focused enrichment for middle and high school Civics and American government students. Quarter One covers everything from Civics and Citizenship, Civic Duties and Responsibilities, forms of government, John Locke and the Social Contract, King George and the American Revolution, as well as the Declaration of Independence!With 10 Weeks of
This bundle of resources has everything you need for an engaging, hands-on lesson on the Articles of Confederation, perfect for a middle or high school Civics, American Government, or American History class. The Articles of Confederation Article & Activity Set contains a 2-page reading passage, a review, an organizational chart, a creative Shays' Rebellion newspaper article project, and an enriching From the Articles to the Constitution comparison activity. You also get the Articles of Confe
7th - 11th
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