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Civil War Unit: 14 amazing and hands-on Civil War Activities and Lessons!
Civil War Unit: 14 lessons to teach the American Civil War Unit! The Civil War Unit is bundled with the much larger American History Super Unit Version 3/4, located here: The American History Super Unit: Version 3/4! Buy Super Unit Version 3 and receive and additional 10% off! -------------------

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 3/4: (1835-1877) 4 Unit Bundle! Save 20%!

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*Civil War: 3 Week Interactive Unit
This Civil War unit will help your students fall in love with history. The 15 lessons are interactive and thorough. Even better, I’ve made it as easy as possible for teachers to implement. Why I created this unit 1. I believe that social studies should be your students’ favorite part of the day.
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Civil War and Reconstruction Complete Unit Bundle
Civil War and Reconstruction Complete Unit BundleThis fantastic bundle includes over 50 incredible resources to teach 2 complete units on the Civil War and Reconstruction! Included in the download are interactive notebook pages, Google Drive digital resources, PowerPoints, a film guide, primary sour
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Civil War Complete Unit with Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton
This Civil War Activity Pack has it all! With 22 passages, organizers, comprehension & connection activities, vocabulary posters, unit test, case files on important people & flip book! Your students will love this creative non-fiction resource all about the American Civil War! Newly updated

Also included in: American Civil War: The Whole Kit and Kaboodle Bundle

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Civil War and Reconstruction Interactive Notebook Pages for American History
Civil War Interactive Notebook! This download features 15 Interactive Notebook pages for American History that cover the Civil War through Reconstruction. The Interactive Notebook pages include graphic organizers, creative foldable templates, timelines, and more! These are incredible resources for

Also included in: American History Complete Interactive Notebook Bundle

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CIVIL WAR & More: 4th-5th Grade Social Studies INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK: US History
American History - Civil War and more: 4th - 5th Grade Social Studies Interactive Notebook with Passages and Activities.You and your kids will LOVE it!! 13 passages and activities. I designed it for 4th - 5th grade, but you can use it with higher grades if you are covering the same content. With h
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Escape Room (Break out) Civil War - Students chase a Confederate Spy!
This escape room is so much fun! The students will solve four clues that lead them to find a real Civil War Confederate spy (Rose Greenhow). All of the clues are editable, so you can revise and make this perfect for your own classroom. This lesson has students practice decoding skills, close readi

Also included in: The Civil War Full Unit Bundle Engaging Student Centered Activities

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Civil War: Passages
Civil War Differentiated Reading Passages **UPDATE: Paperless Digital Version Included** In addition to all printable options previously featured, this resource now also features a digital version of all resources included (even student response sheets!) that you can share with students in order to

Also included in: Civil War BUNDLE: Differentiated Reading Passages

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CIVIL WAR UNIT - Civil War Battles, Events, and People, Causes of the Civil War
This Civil War is filled with informational text and comprehension activities for 5 weeks of study. You will find creative lessons, projects and printables! Our Social Studies Units have been best sellers on TpT!!! TEACHER AND STUDENT CIVIL WAR VERSIONS INCLUDED! SEND YOUR STUDENTS THE INFORMA

Also included in: American History U.S. History Mega Bundle with Informational Text

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Civil War and Reconstruction [Google Classroom Compatible]
Make the Civil War come to life with this complete social studies unit! You will find everything you need to teach your students about causes of the war and major events before, during, and after the Civil War! In this unit you will find the following resources: 1) Detailed Teacher Guide: Find 10
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Civil War
Teach the Civil War to your students from start to finish with this comprehensive unit. Each of the six lessons focuses on a different aspect of the Civil War. There is an introduction lesson, as well as a performance task to conclude the unit. The introduction includes a pacing guide, vocabulary po
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Civil War Activities Bundle
This American Civil War activity bundle contains some great activities, worksheets and printables to use in your social studies classroom.Here is what included in the Civil War resource bundle:→Teacher’s Tips (1-page)→Group Activity Handout (8-pages) →Civil War QR Codes and Sites (2-pages)→Group Act
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Civil War Stations Activity: Comparing the Union and Confederacy
Civil War Stations Activity: Comparing the Union and Confederacy This is a fantastic lesson to get your students out of their seats and moving around the room while they work together to analyze the Union and Confederacy before the Civil War. Six stations feature characteristics of the North and S
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Civil War Bundle
This bundles includes all of my Civil War resources and some resources that are only available in this bundle! This bundle includes:*Civil War Map Activity (available for purchase individually)**updated January 2018*Civil War Doodle Notes (available for individual purchase)**updated August 2017*Civi
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Civil War Unit Activity Bundle Grades 6, 7 and 8: A Civil War Complete Unit!
This is a comprehensive, complete Civil War Activity Unit loaded with new, Common Core activities that are guided by key concepts for Social Science. Bought separately this packet would cost over $90! This Civil War packet has vigor and fun with tons of Common Core options.  Teachers can pick and c
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Civil War Escape Room Activity - Abraham Lincoln
The Civil War Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the Civil War. This is the perfect activity to introduce or review the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. Students will get a basic overview of the war.

Also included in: 20 ESCAPE ROOMS BUNDLE! Civil War, Boston Tea Party, Jamestown, Mayflower &more

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Civil War Unit Bundle
This bundle includes everything you need to teach your students about the Civil War! Over 23 of my products are included in this bundle! Save over 50% by purchasing the bundled items together! Includes: -Causes of the Civil War PowerPoint and Notes Set -Causes of the Civil War Internet Scavenger H
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Civil War Battles PowerPoint and Organizers
Civil War Battles Teaching your students all about the major battles of the Civil War does not need to be stressful! This PowerPoint presentation and note-taking organizers are easy to use and implement in your classroom. You get two resources in one! The battles included are: • Fort Sumter • Fir
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Civil War Simulation Students Experience the War as a Soldier Engaging and Fun!
This lesson is so much fun! This is a Google Slides simulation that guides students through the major battles of the Civil War. Students choose whether they want to be a Union or Confederate soldier, and then they follow that soldier's journey to each of the major battles. Students were careful t

Also included in: The Civil War Full Unit Bundle Engaging Student Centered Activities

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Interactive Notebook / Journal - THE CIVIL WAR - Social Studies (Gr. 3-5)
I love interactive notebooks! Using them means I always have something meaningful for my students to complete or do. Lesson planning becomes much easier! Students have no choice but to become involved in the learning. What did we do without them all these years? This interactive notebook cove
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Civil War Doodle Notes
Looking for a fun way to review the Civil War? These doodle notes cover the causes of the Civil War, major events between 1861-1865, and the effects of the Civil War. They work great for an end of unit review or mid-term or final exam review and are a perfect background if your course picks up with

Also included in: Civil War Bundle

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Civil War Map Activity
This Civil War map activity will help students understand what the United States looked like at the start of the Civil War including its western territories, where significant battles occurred, and which states were Union, Confederate, or Borders states. It's also a great way to incorporate geograph

Also included in: Civil War Bundle

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Civil War Unit
Civil War + Reconstruction 4-Week COMPLETE UNIT: This unit includes EVERYTHING you need for an entire Civil War + Reconstruction (plus Abolition and the Underground Railroad) unit. It includes 4 weeks of formal lesson plans (20 lesson plans) plus 6 bonus lesson plans. You can easily extend or shorte
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Civil War Interactive Notebook
Civil War Interactive Notebook...If you are teaching the Civil War, this is the perfect resource for you! This resource comes with eight templates, individual template directions, pictures of templates in an interactive notebook, and possible answers and information for each template. Students love

Also included in: US History Course 1 Interactive Notebook Bundle

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