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Find the Claim! Task Cards
In the Common Core State Standards middle and high school students are being asked to write arguments where they can write a claim that is supported by evidence. Many students find this difficult. To help them, it is easier to teach them to identify a claim and its evidence before they are asked to

Also included in: Claim, Counterclaim, and Evidence Bundle!!!!

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CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) Practice
Introduce your students to creating scientific explanations using Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning! This packet includes bulletin board letters and definitions, a reference sheet for your students, and two practice CER questions. The first relates to Food Chains and Webs, the second to Heredity. The s
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Claims + Evidence Activities in Literary Analysis and Argumentative Writing
These activities will help your students understand the difference between a claim and a statement, be able to identify and find strong and logical evidence from a text to support their claims, and organize their essays in a clear and concise fashion. Practice with claims and finding logical evidenc
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Claims vs. Statements Sort Activity for Middle School
This Claims vs. Statements Sorting Activity for your middle school students is great practice for them as they differentiate between statements and claims! It’s meant as a scaffolding activity to help students be more comfortable at understanding what a claim actually is before they write their own

Also included in: Reading Response Activities MEGA Bundle - SAVE OVER 20%!!

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Claim, Counterclaim, and Evidence Bundle!!!!
*** If you purchase these items as a bundle, you will save 20%!!!! Before your students can write claim, counterclaim, and evidence they need to be able to identify them! Engage your students with this content through this money saving bundle! Inside you will find 16 claim task cards, 20 counter
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Claims, Counterclaims, Rebuttals Lesson, Complete Teaching Pack
Build stronger argumentative writers by giving them direct instruction on acknowledging and addressing counterclaims! In this teaching pack, you will find everything you need to teach and practice claim, counterclaims, and rebuttals in argumentative writing. Framed with a theme from a modern-day c
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Claim Evidence Reasoning Station Activity
Use this activity to drill your students on the skill of writing scientific explanations using the claims, evidence and reasoning framework. In this activity at each station students encounter a science data presentation in form of a graph, map, flowchart, data table or a diagram. It will be their
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ALL Claim Evidence Reasonings EVER
This is a growing bundle of my Claim Evidence Reasoning activities. Every CER I sell on TPT is in this file, and every CER I create from now on will also be added to this file. So that is one price, for ALL my CERs EVER! There are already 23 CERs and a bulletin board activityincluded, and your bundl
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CER - Claim Evidence Reasoning Introduction Humpty Dumpty Mystery
Writing in science using the CER method helps students understand material better and learn how to support their ideas with evidence. This type of writing is helps students meet NGSS standards which require students to engage in argument from evidence. Students are guided through the CER process w
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Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) Stations NGSS
Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through 12th grade, Next Generation Science Standards require students to "produce a sense of the process of argument necessary for advancing and defending a new idea or an explanation of a phenomenon and the norms for conducting such arguments. In that spiri

Also included in: Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning [CER] Bundle (NGSS Aligned)

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Claim Evidence Reasoning Foldable and Activity for Interactive Notebooks
This is my Claim Evidence Reasoning Foldable and Activity for Interactive Notebooks. This foldable focuses on how to write clear scientific explanations to conclude lab experiments. The foldable has two versions, a filled version and an outlined version. Then there is an activity where students cond
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Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning [CER] Bundle (NGSS Aligned)
This is what you have been looking for, everything you need to teach claim, evidence, and reasoning at a 20% savings!! All items are comprehensive and up to Next Generation Science Standards. 15 items!!! Thank you for visiting Black-Eyed Susan Science.
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Making a Claim BUNDLE: 12 Pack (Persuasive Writing) CC Aligned
BUNDLE OF ALL 12 Making a Claim Persuasive Writing Packets. You save over $20 by buying these in this bundle! Students will first find out what a claim is, then read articles to go along with the controversial issue. Students will then use the graphic organizer provided to write down notes on the g
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Scientific Explanation CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) Blank with rubric
Help students write scientific explanation summaries and support their claims with evidence and reasoning (CER). This is great for integrating the Common Core into your science class. Common Core in the science classroom is all about supporting your ideas with evidence. This is a simple graphic o
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Claims Evidence Reasoning Science Bookmarks Cheat Sheet
Do your students have trouble constructing scientific explantations? Or arguing from evidence? Do you have trouble getting your students to write their science explanations using the claims, evidence, and reasoning framework? Did you painstakingly teach the technique only to have students not able t
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Physical Science Scientific Argument Bundle with Claim Evidence Reasoning
Tired of getting lackluster responses in science? Feeling down about your students' conclusions?!? Help them write meaningful responses and strong scientific arguments with this bundle containing 5 physical science C-E-R activities! Each activity is designed for students to practice writing s
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Claims and Evidence Task Cards
Claims and Evidence Task Cards: 24 Common Core Aligned Task Cards These claims and evidence task cards are a great way to practice identifying claims and evidence in Non-Fiction text. The identifying types of evidence is in multiple choice format. Students can use these cards individually or they c
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FREE Informational Text Dependent Questions Claims Details Holiday {Common Core}
Use this nonfiction article about Christmas trees and the accompanying multiple choice questions, short response question, and graphic organizer as a whole group teaching tool, homework, small group activity, or as a center for students who have had experience with answering questions using claims a
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Identifying Claims & Evidence: Short Passages
You can use these passages in any way you please as a way to teach claims & evidence… small group, partner work, whole class, or independent. This pack consists of passages where students must find the claim and the evidence supporting that claim either by using a chart or highlighting. Ther
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Textual Evidence Central Idea Summary Argument Claims Conflicting Info...BUNDLE
THIS WAS FREE FOR AN HOUR!If purchased separately, this would cost you $84.00. This bundle saves you $18.00. There are a few other freebies included that aren't mentioned here! This is the time to buy! This is an essential question and focus questions Thinking Map way to INTRODUCE ALL 8th grade lit
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Text Dependent Questions with Claims and Fable Themed Writing Guide Common Core
Use these two Aesop fables and the accompanying 14 multiple-choice, 2 short response, and one extended response question as a whole group teaching tool, homework, small group activity, or as a center for students who have had experience with answering questions using claims and text details. The par
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Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer: Claim, Reasons, Evidence
This graphic organizer illustrates the connection between claim, reason, and evidence – allowing students to better organize their thinking for persuasive, argumentative, and informative essays. There is space for three reasons and subsequent evidences in support of these reasons. Prompts of "becaus
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Informational Text Dependent Questions Using Claims Details Winter {Common Core}
I created this winter themed nonfiction text practice because my students struggle with stating a claim and using TWO details to support their answer in short response questions. Included in this product is a nonfiction text "All About Snow" written at two Lexile ranges (1000-1190 range and 700-890
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Claim, Evidence, Reasoning - Classroom Poster
This is a 6 page poster set which features the titles and explanations of the claim, evidence, reasoning (CER) approach. The CER method is a great way to teach students how to argue from evidence. I use the CER method when I have students write lab conclusions. This visual is an easy way to remind s
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