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Are you looking for a fun way to have your students review classification of living things? Your students will LOVE this game! My 8th graders had a blast and they got extremely competitive with each other. :) You can see this product in its entirety by clicking preview above. **********************
This is a fun game to play with your students to help them prepare for an upcoming assessment. The game runs as a powerpoint presentation and consists of 25 questions based upon classification of living things. I use this game in my classroom as a fun way to review before a test!
Chalkboard Challenge is a Jeopardy-like game where students get to test their knowledge of topics taught in a typical middle school biology unit on Classification of Living Things. These topics are found in four separate categories, as described below. Categories: - Classification (general concept
This matching activity includes the following vocabulary: unicellular, multicellular, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, heterotroph, autotroph, asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction, domains, cells, six kingdoms, Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, pollination, binary
The classification escape room is an immersive experience for your students. It allows them to demonstrate their knowledge of classification of organisms in a fun and engaging format.Student Background/Standards:TEKS: 6.12 C - recognize that the broadest taxonomic classification of living organisms
Students will enjoy putting on their super spy caps and using their knowledge of classifying life to solve this Classification Science CSI Mystery! This is the perfect engaging activity to introduce or review your students on classifying kingdoms, domains, animals and plants, vertebrates, invertebra
This 47 slide interactive powerpoint review game is styled after "Jeopardy". It has 20 questions and covers vocab words such as cell, genus, species, invertebrates, vertebrates, vascular and nonvascular plants, and the five classifications of vertebrates. The power point also asks about animal ada
This download is filled with activities and an interactive PowerPoint to supplement your unit on classification! Students will begin by filling out a KWL chart so you can activate prior knowledge and talk about what they want to learn. Use the interactive PowerPoint to introduce concepts and guide d
This fun, engaging game is designed to help students learn and remember key terms that describe and define characteristics in living things. This game is typically played after students have a basic understanding of the vocabulary. Just like in the real Catch Phrase Game, students must give verbal
This is a jeopardy game designed to teach about the classification of living things. There are six categories and each category has six questions.
***Sequencing error corrected and answer key added 11-16-15. Please re-download the fixed version or email thescienceshoppe@gmail.com with your TPT name and we will send you an updated version. We're sorry for any problems this may have created.*** I Have/Who Has cards is a fun way to quickly test
The Cells Review Game goes perfectly with all of my lessons on Cells. The lessons I have posted on here regarding cells include: The Characteristics of Cells,The Chemistry of Life, Cell task cards, Cell Structure and Function, Levels of Cell Organization, and Classification of Living Things.
This Kaboom set will make a great addition to your Living and Non-Living Things unit. These cards can be placed in science centers, and small group activities. Students will practice identification and classification skills of living and non-living objects.For durability, print on cardstock ,or lami
These are review questions on Classification of Living things. It was originally used as an instant response game. It is editable.
Print on Cardstock and laminate. You can put a sticky backing to go on another laminated document to keep the pieces from sliding around or you can just let them arrange on the table.
Includes a list of vocabulary used to classify living things as well as directions for students to create their own memory game using index cards. Great for science test prep.
This INTERACTIVE Living and Nonliving Things PowerPoint Game Show has 1st and 2nd graders review and classify Living and Nonliving Things. The categories for questions include Characteristics, Living or Nonliving? Which One Doesn't Belong? Once Living? and Mixed Bag. Featuring sound effects, a self-
These geometry unit and review activities are going to set a new standard for student engagement. You are invited to join us in this journey as we sing and dance our way through class today. Let's Rock Math! Seven Geometry Units: With Geometry Games, Songs, Videos, Worksheets & More! Lots o
This set has 21 file folder games that allow students to classify items. The topics include Food and Drink Living and Non-Living Things Fruits and Vegetables Types of Animals Types of Transportation States of Matter Refridgerator and Pantry Storage Types of Clothing Red, Yellow and Blue Items Purp
Overview: The Rock Cycle Game is an interactive way to learn the rock cycle and the processes that drive it. Students are given a game board, a set of cards and sentence stems and they must correctly play the cards in the correct boxes on their game board and verbally explain the process taking pla
This package is all about the 6 animal classifications! Each category has its own booklet and answering pamphlet. Booklet could be used as a powerpoint. Also included is an optional answer booklet if pamphlets aren't your style! Vocab cards included along with web quests!! page break down1. nonf
Life Science Game Cards, NGSS Science Test Prep BUNDLE, Life Science Games These game cards will activate student vocabulary knowledge and include pictures with care great for ELL, ESL, and ESS students. This purchase includes game cards broken units listed below. These cards are excellent for "Flas
These geometry unit and review activities are going to set a new standard for student engagement. You are invited to join us in this journey as we sing and dance our way through class today. Let's Rock Math! Seven Geometry Lessons: With Geometry Games, Songs, Videos, Worksheets & More! | 3rd
This is a growing bundle and will consist of a variety of resources to support the teaching and learning of the scientific elements within animals and plants of:VariationClassification and SortingInheritance11 Products have been bundled together to support the teaching of variation, classification a

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