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Classifying Animals - PowerPoint & Activities (Animal Classification)
Classification of Animals: Invertebrates and Vertebrates (focusing mainly on the vertebrates; mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians). - Non Fiction Resources This 36 page Powerpoint presentation covers all of those animals and much more. More than just a series of informative slides, this

Also included in: Animal Bundle (Classifying, Endangered, Nonfiction book, Invent Animal, Habitat)


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Classifying Animals: Vertebrates Unit {Great for Interactive Notebooks!}
Help your students understand how scientists classify animals into groups.This unit focuses on teaching your students about the difference between VERTEBRATES and INVERTEBRATES. They will also learn the characteristics that help scientists classifying animals as either MAMMALS, FISH, BIRDS, REPTILES

Also included in: Science Bundle {7 Units}


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Classifying Animals {Presentation}
1. Presentation (16 slides): This file contains the presentation in both PDF and PPT format. To view the PDF file as a presentation, select "view" and then click "full screen mode." This presentation is about classifying animals into two major groups: vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, &

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Animals:  Classifying Animal Types
Animals: Animal Types This is an animal unit about the six types of animals. This animal unit teaches students how to classify each animal type. This packet includes: animal webs animal books (2) animal ~ “What am I?” page animal folding project animal venn diagram animal game animal posters a

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Leveled Reading Passages with Questions - Classifying Animals
The texts included in this bundle are about classifying animals which include texts about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. The nonfiction passages are differentiated and include comprehension questions on each card. There are 6 passages in total about classifying animals which are writ

Also included in: Leveled Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle


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Classifying Animals File Folder Game
**UPDATED: Now including amphibians: tree frog, bullfrog, new, and salamander! What's a reptile? What's a mammal? Fish? Bird? Insect? Amphibian? Classify the 54 animals into their proper type. You can use 1 folder for this game, and put 3 classifications on either side of the folder. The answers

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Classifying Animals - Reptiles, Amphibians, and Mammals (Homeschool Science)
This graphic organizer will allow your students to define and classify the various types of animals; reptile, amphibian, and mammal. Included are 3 versions of the graphic organizer. Use the color-coded versions for your visual learners or use the black and white version to save on ink. I've also

Also included in: Life Sciences Graphic Organizer Bundle (Homeschool Science Packet)


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Classifying Animals - 90 picture/word cards for sorting, vocabulary, reading
This 24 page document contains: 90 animal cards, 90 word cards, and 8 sorting mats. These cards are versatile and can be used in many ways. They can be used to teach science concepts including animal coverings (scales, feathers, fur), habitats (arctic, desert, forest, wetland, savannah, ocean

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Classifying Animals Project
Classifying Animals Project Students construct a zoo map that requires them to classify animals according to characteristics. A rubric is included. ***************************************************************************** Customer Tips: How to get TPT credit to use on future purchases: • Ple

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Classifying Animals: Invertebrates Unit | Informational Text | Assessment & More
Help your students understand how scientists classify animals into groups.This unit focuses on teaching your students about the different types of INVERTEBRATES. They will also learn the characteristics that help scientists classifying animals as either WORMS, CNIDARIANS, MOLLUSKS, or ARTHROPODS (CR

Also included in: Science Bundle {7 Units}


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Classifying Animals: A Semantic Feature Analysis Activity
This fun activity helps students to learn the characteristics of different classes of animals and classify animals accordingly. Students will also practice critical thinking, inferencing, and academic language as they use the information on the animal cards to classify each animal as a mammal, repti

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Classifying Animals {Polaroid Picture Cards}
This is a pack of 78 labelled animal picture cards with animals from all over the world! I love clipart, but using real pictures/photos is valuable as well. To make learning a little more exciting I've designed these cards to look like polaroid photos so they look real. There are many uses for t

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Classifying Animals
This is a fun way students can study and review animal classifications. Students love making these chatterboxes. (aka. cootie makers, fortune tellers) This package provides an instructional page and seven chatterboxes that cover the classification of animals into major groups according to their

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Classifying Animals Packet
Classifying Animals Worksheets with sorting, drawing, labeling, and identifying different animal classifications including mammals, fish, reptiles, and bird sorts.

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Classifying Animals Sorting Worksheets & Center
FULLY UPDATED AND REMODELED 7-30-2016!!! This product will help your students learn the basics of classifying different types of animals based upon their similarities. Worksheets and a sorting center will help students be independent investigators into the types of animals who live on our earth wh

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Classifying Animals Science Concept Sorts
These classifying sorting sets are designed to provide a quick and fun way for students to review basic vocabulary and concepts for grades 3-5. They also make great centers and are perfect for early finishers. Included in this set are:Basic sort for vertebrates and invertebrates and keyBasic sort fo

Also included in: Classifying Animals Super Bundle


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Classifying Animals Science Anchor Charts and Poster Set
See preview Hi! What are the different classifications? What is a vertebrate? These printable posters are ready to go for learning and will save precious time. These help breakdown the different animal groups. *See preview for a better view* There are 14 posters in all and include a poster for:

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Classify Animal Groups for Primary
This resource is designed to introduce mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds to primary aged students. Included in this resource are: •21 science vocabulary cards (one set in black/white and one in color) •8 posters to explain each animal group (invertebrate/vertebrate, mammals, reptiles, am

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Classifying Animals into Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals
This document provides students with the opportunity to identify how the five classes of animals are classified into different groups based upon whether or not they have scales, skin, feathers, etc. It also uses how they breathe, whether they are warm or cold-blooded and whether or not they lay egg

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Science Classifying Animals
This product is aligned to Common Core & Next Generation Science Standards. In addition, to developing reading comprehension, as well as building vocabulary, purchase the Grades 3-5 bundle to build a coherent body of knowledge (Life Science) both within and across grades. https://www.teacherspa

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Classifying Animals: Invertebrates, vertebrates , mammals & more! Grades 3-5
Classifying Animals: Grades 3-5 This unit includes: 1 quiz ( fill in the blank and short response questions) 3 comprehension printables 7 pages of expository text on grouping animals, classifying animals, invertebrates, vertebrates, mammals, reptiles, and fish.

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Classifying Animals Interactive Activity
Need those students to get up and move while still learning?! This activity will do just that! Students will each have a group of animal classification (birds, fish, etc) and will be moving around the classroom based on the characteristic called out.

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Classifying Animals (Vertebrates) with QR Codes to Self-Check
Set up as a center for students to self-check their understanding of classifying vertebrates! Just print, cut, laminate, and place with a QR checking device in a center~Ready to use! Enjoy!

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Science ~ Classifying Animal Types Flipbook and Posters
Looking for a fun way to teach Animal Types? Here it is! Included are posters that will help teach your students about the different animal types and then they can make their own animal flipbook.. Posters are in color, as well as, black and white. I have included pages with lines and without lines.

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