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FULLY UPDATED AND REMODELED 7-30-2016!!! This product will help your students learn the basics of classifying different types of animals based upon their similarities. Worksheets and a sorting center will help students be independent investigators into the types of animals who live on our earth wh
Classifying Animals Sorting Activities These engaging, hands-on activities give students practice classifying vertebrates. There are two different sorting activities included in this download. For the first activity, students sort 40 animal cards under the following vertebrate heading cards: Mam
This is a sorting activity used to practice the skill of classifying and categorizing using animals. There are sorting cards and a recording worksheet. The worksheet is leveled. You can have students sort by the included categories or leave the categories out and have students group the animals a
Looking for a resource to help your students classify animals? This sorting set is for you.Your download will contain:-5 nets for the boxes which are already labeled with Insect, Mammal, Reptile, Fish & Bird-30 picture cards-30 word cards-kid friendly directions to independently make the boxes.D
When you begin teaching students animal classification, use this activities to help students start thinking about and analyzing the similarities and differences between animals. Pass out the 12 organism picture cards. Without any prior instruction, have the students place the organisms into differ
Use this cut and paste with your special needs student in conjunction with the Classifying Animals Foundational Text.
Classifying Animal Sort Need a quick, fun activity for your students to determine if they are understanding the difference between animal groups, then look no further! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you enjoy this freebie, check out the full animal unit Classif
Help your students understand how scientists classify animals into groups.This unit focuses on teaching your students about the difference between VERTEBRATES and INVERTEBRATES. They will also learn the characteristics that help scientists classifying animals as either MAMMALS, FISH, BIRDS, REPTILES
This 24 page document contains: 90 animal cards, 90 word cards, and 8 sorting mats. These cards are versatile and can be used in many ways. They can be used to teach science concepts including animal coverings (scales, feathers, fur), habitats (arctic, desert, forest, wetland, savannah, ocean
This is a pack of 78 labelled animal picture cards with animals from all over the world! I love clipart, but using real pictures/photos is valuable as well. To make learning a little more exciting I've designed these cards to look like polaroid photos so they look real. There are many uses for t
This is a set of title cards and animal picture cards (with animal names on them) for practicing animal classifcation. The animals cards have real pictures to give students a more accurate idea of what each animal looks like. 17 pages There are title cards for: insects, mammals, reptiles, birds, f
Classifying Animals Worksheets with sorting, drawing, labeling, and identifying different animal classifications including mammals, fish, reptiles, and bird sorts.
This activity uses simple clip art drawings of farm animals and zoo animals to encourage students to develop their vocabulary and to practice sorting pictures into categories (farm animal or zoo animal???). The following picture cards are included: Farm Animals: cat, chick, hen, cow, dog, goat, shee
Sorting animals is a great way for students to learn about animals, develop vocabulary, and focus on our common core standards. These standards are focused on through this activity: L.K.5a Sort common objects into categories (e.g., shapes, foods) to gain a sense of the concepts the categories repr
This activity is to help young children learn to recognize and create patterns and to become aware of relationships by sorting and classifying objects by size (big and little). It can provide a fun hands-on activity when doing a thematic unit on Farm Animals or you could use three cards (pig, duck
This center is perfect for your little friends to practice the skill of categorizing and classifying! Students will sort 12 animals based on their category; farm, zoo, or pet. Then students will record their answers on the provided recording sheet. Adorable and colorful graphics make this the per
These classifying sorting sets are designed to provide a quick and fun way for students to review basic vocabulary and concepts for grades 3-5. They also make great centers and are perfect for early finishers. Included in this set are:Basic sort for vertebrates and invertebrates and keyBasic sort fo
Are you working on classifying animals with your French students? This sorting center is the perfect addition to your Science studies. Students need to sort the pictures of animals under their correct classsification. As a follow-up activity, I have also included a printable cut and paste version
Do you struggle to cover science skills with your Kindergarten and First Graders? Try using these printable Animal Classification Literacy and Science Teaching Activities. Fun, easy to use, and hands-on centers, worksheets, posters and task cards make it easy to integrate Science and ELA lessons. C
Using the provided 52 animal cards and blank cards to sort animals. Practice categorizing and classifying with the provided categories or make your own! Farm, Wild, or Pet Horns or No Horns Reptile, Mammal, or Bird Living, Extinct, or Imaginary Arctic, Jungle, Forest, Farm, Grasslands, or Ocean &am
Oviparous or Viviparous Animals - Sorting Cards & Control Chart - Sort and classify animals that are either oviparous (lay eggs) or viviparous (give birth to live animals).This set includes:12 photo cards of oviparous animals12 photo cards of viviparous animalstitle cards3 sets of explanation ca
Plant or Animal? - Sorting Cards & Control Chart - Sort and classify photographic images into either plant or animal.Includes:2 category cards2 cards stating 5 differences between plants and animals14 photo cards of plants14 photo cards of animals1 control chartPlant and animal cards are approx.
Includes a non-fiction reading selection over classifying organisms. Includes 2 sorting activities for students to complete after reading.
SORTING ZOO ANIMALS* This activity is to help young children learn to recognize and create patterns and to become aware of relationships by sorting and classifying objects by size (big and little). * Directions and materials are provided to differentiate the activity so that you can meet your stud

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