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This product is my complete auction system that I use as my strategy for classroom management. I implemented this system beginning with Grade 8’s and have now modified it so that I could use it with my current class, Grade 3’s. The main objective is to teach students financial literacy and of course, manage your class. This is a fun and engaging system that most, if not all of your students will love. I also adapt the program for my students that have a more difficult time managing their own
Not Grade Specific
In this simulation, students are given $10,000 to bid on 20 antiques. After the bidding is over, 10 wealthy customers come to their store and offer to buy the antiques.To make it more real, the antiques (and customers) are detailed with photos! In their report, students keep track of their money, report on their profits and reflect on the auction process. This activity takes about 90 minutes.
6th - 10th
Why not try an auction as a classroom management tool? No more trying to figure out what they like and how much to sell it for. No more giving out coupons that just do not excite the students. Get the class excited about an auction. Let the class decide what something is worth. You know how it feels when you are bidding on eBay. Bring that excitement and passion to the classroom. I started having an auction a few years ago when I noticed that I wasn’t pricing thing correctly in the school stor
If you’re looking for an easy and creative way to stay in contact with parents while teaching your students real-world responsibility, you are going to love using Home Communication Notebooks with Classroom Auctions! My students never (okay, almost never) forgot to share notes from parents or give them daily updates from hot lunch reminders to overdue library books with this simple and very effective system. I’ve included everything you need to set up this system quickly and easily in your class
Do you use a classroom economy? If so, do you have a classroom auction? YES! Well this product will be a great addition! If you're like I am, I don't like students yelling at me! So...I created auction numbers for them to use during our classroom auction! Simply cut these numbers out, laminate, and hot glue on a popsicle stick! Easy and so much fun! Hope you enjoy! This product contains numbers 1-30, if you need more please let me know! This was designed to align with students classroom number
3rd - 8th
Boost your classroom management by motivating your students with incentive coupons that you sell at your auction! Most importantly, minimize how much you have to spend on auction items for your classroom with these highly sought after reusable and printable incentive coupons. This product contains 9 different visually stimulating coupons that can be edited to meet your classroom needs. These can also be implemented in a variety of ways to meet your management style and classroom needs! Check
A classroom incentive auction is hosted quarterly in my classroom. In this product you will find 18 incentives that I auction off. You can either auction the incentives off, sell them using your classroom economy, or pass them out as you see fit.The Incentives Included:No Reading HomeworkNo Math HomeworkNo Science HomeworkNo Social Studies HomeworkNo Writing HomeworkNo Homework 1st Job Choice2nd Job ChoiceLunch BunchRead to a Younger StudentRead with an Older StudentPick Your SeatVIPBring a Bo
2nd - 5th
This bundle includes instructions on how to run a highly motivational classroom toy auction at no cost to the teacher, as well as some great multi-subject activities around synonyms for love. It is for Grades 2-5.
Use this printer-friendly packet to make classroom auctions painless for you and fun for your elementary class! Includes: Step-by-step guide to preparing for a classroom auctionMaterials ListIncentive ListParent LetterIncentive CouponsTeacher Record Form
This is a fun activity that I like to use as a reward for classes. Students get "money" to spend at the auction based on their grade in the class. Items are then placed on the auction block and the bidding begins! There are numerous things on the list from food to homework passes; the goal is to put things on their that students will want-also, there needs to be a limit (not everyone that goes to an auction can actually get what they want). For those students that may not know how an auction wor
5th - 12th
In my classroom we use an economy as a method to reward and encourage hard work, good grades, excellent behavior, etc. It is a wonderful way to motivate students and add in real life skills like money management (be sure to see my free Classroom Money Log). However, what do students do with all that money they earn in the classroom economy? Auction time! My students love this auctions and even though I am at a Title I school they always help to bring things in (because heavens knows we teach
This is a printout that explains how the end of year auction operates for a classroom economy. Best used in a folder for safekeeping.
Not Grade Specific
A set of 12 free for the teacher auction items such as listen to music during work time in class, choose your own seat for a week, 1 free no homework pass. Print these passes out in color, laminate them and let the bidding begin:) These are also great to use in a school store. I use these with my classroom economy. Please make sure that you clear the pop, candy, gum incentives with your administration. Happy Teaching:)
Using Mystery Word Whole Class Rewards is a fun classroom management tool. This is an easy way to motivate your class to work towards a goal together! You choose the prize that you want your students to work towards, and they earn the letters to reveal their prize. Students at any elementary grade level will love this new spin on whole class rewards!THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES» 28 different whole class rewards, including:Popcorn PartyMovieIce CreamPizza PartyStuffed AnimalsExtra RecessBoard GamesRead
Classroom Economy Pack offers classroom money patterns in a variety of denominations as well as directions for setting up a Classroom Economy system. You'll find ideas for staging class auctions and other reward programs. Perfect for fostering financial literacy and for teaching kids how to manage money! This freebie also includes patterns for writing checks, a bank transaction record, and "brain bucks" to use as rewards. Laura Candler, Classroom Economy system, classroom cash, class money, cl
Includes 70 Pages ~ Totally Editable! EVERYTHING is completely editable with PowerPoint. COLOR PAGES -Employee Roster -Job Descriptions -Employee Qualifications -Bonus Opportunities -Fines -Expenses -Where Are We? -Class list -Transportation List -Auction Paddles -Bonus Bucks -$1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 Bill Sheets -4 pages of Behavior Coupons -7 page Clip Chart for Behavior Management -2 Inspirational Quote Frames FORMS -Police Tickets -Ticket Logs (2 options) -Controller's Log
This worksheet allows students to use a primary source document to learn about slavery by reading about a slave auction in the 1850s.This activity is very easy to use. All you have to do is print off the primary source from the following website for classroom use or direct students to the website to answer the worksheet questions. here to view the website.The primary source document is labeled (Slave Auction, 1859). Students read the docume
Classopoly combines a class currency system with a Monopoly game type theme to incorporate a classroom positive behavior intervention and support system (PBIS). This system is designed to provide teachers with a system that they can choose to make as basic or elaborate as they want, utilizing a variety of ready resources that can also be customized to fit your needs and creativity. Both prizes, a class store, and/or a class auction may be used while students earn and collect $ cards from the Cl
Simulations are composed of an introduction or briefing, the simulation itself, and a debriefing that gets at critical thinking and reflection. They provide students with an active role that focuses on and helps bring to life a historical event, character, or concept. The concepts of SUPPLY AND DEMAND are enacted in this simulation through an auction with students as bidders. This simulation has been successfully used in the classroom. It is fairly easy, involves little to no cost, and can be
3rd - 6th
You will LOVE this student-run classroom economy. Teach financial literacy while saving yourself endless time and energy in the classroom. This resource includes 30+ pages of detailed information on how to start your own classroom economy, including:Letter to parentsDetailed job list with descriptions (distance learning jobs included!)Job application (printable or link to Google Form)Job offer templateEditable Monthly Budget Form and ReflectionMonthly budget, bonuses, and fines listDigital banki
This is a assessment that can be used before or after a lesson on writing complete sentences. The students attend an auction where they get to bid and win sentences (masterpieces) while hopefully avoiding fragments, comma splices, fused sentences and run-throughs (phonies). The file includes the Power Point sentence game and instructions on how to use it.
Incorporate a Mini-Economy system into your classroom to drive your classroom management. Use this economy system to tie your discipline, rewards/consequences, and parent communication into a lesson on how money works. I use this in my classroom all year long. We discuss all aspects and practice the first week of school. The unit culminates at the end of the year with a "Mini-Economy Auction", which allows students to spend the money that they have saved up throughout the year. Included in
Are you looking for rewards and behavior for you MOOSE and WOODLAND theme classrooms? This is a printable set Moose Money for Rewarding students and teaching the value of character education. This play money is great for math centers, dramatic play stations, auctions, counting money, and MORE! CLICK HERE TO SEE MY MONEY SAVING MOOSE BUNDLE!This is a small sample of what this MOOSE MONEY SAVING BUNDLE Includes: Mooseltoe Read Aloud Name PlatesFriendly Letter UnitRewards and Behavior Punch Cards52
This pack starts with a one page passage explaining the language of a classroom economy. Words such as credit, debit, budget, fine, checking account balance, auction and more are discussed! There are 3 digital files that include:1.) Reading Passage with a graphic organizer that allows students to brainstorm fair ways to earn and lose classroom dollars. (Google Slides)2.)A digital checking account form that students can update when they earn/lose classroom dollars. (Google Slides)3.) Comprehensio

Also included in: Digital Growing Bundle

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