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Knowing how to teach reading can be a confusing and overwhelming task. As a special education teacher, I create phonics worksheets that take differentiation into account, leading you to feel more confident in providing reading instruction that takes the guesswork out for you.I create resources with
Use this game as a way to practice reading two syllable -CLE words such as tur/tle. Suitable for use with the Orton-Gillingham Approach and/or programs based on similar principles.Print version includes color and b/w game boards, 71 word cards*Digital Google Slides™ included. Includes 1 pre-made gam
These practice sheets contain many different activities your students can do to help them become better at learning the final stable syllable -cle. Included are letter boxes, fill in the blanks, mini book, cut and paste, coloring, classroom cards, and blending. Great to use for differentiation!These
These activities are aligned to Module 4, Cycle 25 of EL Curriculum's Skills Block. In Module 4, Cycle 25, students are introduced to the ending sound /kul/ spelled "cle" and "cal" and determine the generalizations for spelling words with that final ending sound. All lessons can be found on EL Educa
Celebrate Halloween in your classroom with this Halloween game. Your students will have a howling good time practicing reading Consonant-le words. C-le Word endings: ble dle tle gle ple fle zle ckle kle cle Begin with the deck of word cards face-down. Players take turns flipping a card and
This "Don't Be Greedy!" DUO card deck features two complete decks: consonant-le words and consonant-le sentences. This bundle is a great way to introduce students to a concept using the words deck, and then switch over to the sentences for practice reading in context once they become more confident.
List of words with consonant +le endings of -ble, -cle, -dle, and -fle. To be taught in a minilesson after open and closed syllables have been learned. Have students color and cut the sort words. Sort words based on the endings, and record in a notebook or on paper. On the next day have your student
Turtle Pattern Words follow a consonant-l-e pattern. This means that in a multisyllabic word that fits the turtle pattern, the word is divided before the final consonant-l-e. Examples of ostrich pattern words included in this packet are tur[tle, gig[gle, ea[gle, and many more! Teaching your student
1st - 5th
Words ending with –CLE, -CAL, and –IL can be difficult for some students to distinguish between. Most of the time it comes down to visually recognizing when a word is spelled correctly. This purpose of this packet is to help students become more familiar with these words. The following words are fou
The images in this ending words clip art set have been hand drawn (except 'circle') and digitally formatted. All images are in png format and are 300 dpi. For personal and commercial use.Please note: This set is included in our LE Ending Words Clip Art Bundle. Please do not purchase this item if you
Words Ending in LE (-cle, -fle)These Task Cards are great for revising words ending in -cle and -fle. Perfect for Young Learners and ESL/ELL Kids. There are 16 cards in this set.cle/fle: circle, waffle, cycle, raffle, baffle, muffle, icicle, treacle, uncle, shuffle, trifle, particle, popsicle, vehic
The Lil' Reading Scientists TM BUNDLE for Word Building with Bossy R, Vowel Teams, Open and CLE Syllable Words, is packed with word building picture prompts, sight word worksheets, sound option worksheets, and decodable worksheets, to help your students achieve mastery of these important skills and
Are you looking for an easy and simple activity to help your students practice consonant +le syllable pattern?This product comes with two different sorting activities to help your students recognize words with the syllable pattern "consonant + le."This is a great review and easy activity for student
This Halloween Spooky Decodable Words, by Lil' Reading Scientists TM Orton Gillingham, focuses on words with the open and the CLE syllable types. I use this Kit for Wilson Finger Tapping practice and general decoding practice at the individual word level. See Our Other Halloween Spooky Decodable Wor
3 levels of multi-syllabic words, ending in a -Cle syllable. Students read the words, highlist the -Cle & analyze the first syllable to determine how to sort words. Students look for open syllables (ending in long vowel sound), closed syllables (short vowel), and r-controlled syllables. Grea
1st - 3rd
This cle final stable syllable words write the room activity would be great to use in a literacy center. Students search the room to find the pictures and write the word after the corresponding number on the recording sheet. Activity includes 10 pictures. Print the picture cards onto cardstock and
If you want something engaging for your kids to do then boom cards are for you.Just click the link in the pdf . All students have to do is click the answer. With BOOM cards you get instant feedback. The following words are included:Click here for a previewFOR MORE DISTANCE PRODUCTS HAVE A LOOK AT SO
1st - 2nd
Words that end with "CLE" (Based on Orton Gillingham.) 2 pages of practice. For this practice activity, there is 1 page that require the students to choose a word from a word bank to correctly complete the sentence. (GO TO PREVIEW TO SEE WORD BANK)The second page of this activity is a word search th
Words Ending in LE (ble,cle) | Word to Picture Match | Boom Cards (suitable for Distance Learning)There are 12 -ble and -cle words to match. Students read a word and match it to the right picture. This activity is great for Young Learners and ESL/ELL Kids.Here is the sample of these cards:Click Here
Make learning fun! Students can practice their application of reading words with cle by building words syllable by syllable. Students will begin by sorting the first syllable to think about whether it is open or closed. This will be of assistance before reading multi-syllabic words with -cle endings
To see what these resources are like, download the set on ch for FREE at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/935863 This is a zipped folder containing the following resources for introducing and teaching words ending in kle or cle: - a lesson plan - a series of slides to introduce the grap
Third Grade Spelling -cle words. consonant letter followed by - le at the end of a syllable. Students read, write and highlight the words or sounds. The sentences have many - le words as well. Perfect for word work or spelling homework. Great for fluency practice.
PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS SET IS A PART OF A LARGE -LE ENDING WORDS BUNDLE -LE WORDS BUNDLE PACK This set offers clip art words for words that end in the -cle sound. There are a total of 9 words (43 color and 20 black/white images) in this set SEE MANY OTHER PHONIC CLIPART SETS INCLUDIN
Teach 6 syllable types & syllabication in 6 weeks or less! Students improve reading skills by mastering multi-syllabic words by learning syllable rules(open & closed syllables, vowel pairs, silent e, Cle & Bossy R syllables). These reading strategies are used for chunking, segmenting, &a

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