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The objective of this best-selling Focusing In: Close Reading & Annotating Reading Skills Lesson Pack teaching pack is to foster students' beginning or basic understanding of how to close read and annotate a text. My belief is that if we want students to really be successful with something - es
Complete close reading and annotation unit with fiction and nonfiction practice**August 2020 Update: This unit is now digital! I created a fiction and nonfiction workbook that is optimized for digital learning. A Google Slides version is included that can be downloaded and used as a PowerPoint as we
My power packs are comprised of two complete teaching packs on related skills: reading comprehension, annotating, and summarizing. They are paired to give you the most complete set of materials you will need to teach the skills with easy prep, ready to use, and engaging lessons. In this power pack,
Close Read and Annotation Bookmarks When we teach students how to read closely, we empower them to become independent learners, so it is appropriate that the K-12 Anchor Standards begin as follows: - CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.1 Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to ma
The Close Read and Annotation Posters, Handouts, and Bookmarks Pack has been supersized! It now includes a 50 slide PowerPoint presentation AND guided notes! Complete lesson plans are provided in this wonderful resources to assist your students in performing close reading of a complex text. St
CLOSE READING PRESENTATION, HANDOUTS, & ASSIGNMENT: Help your students understand the process of close reading with this ready-to-use resource. Close reading is not something that comes naturally to most students. It is a skill that requires direct instruction and practice. After introducing
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Close Reading Annotation Toolkit can be used with any fiction or nonfiction assignment. The tools in this kit may be used by students individually, in pairs, or in groups when: …reading short, challenging passages. …rereading with a pen. …discussing impressions an
Includes everything you need to introduce, implement, practice, and continue a proven routine with your students to require close reading you can see and assess instantly. Students will use four simple steps to close read, annotate text, and use the text to provide text based answers to questions g
A simple tool that reminds students the steps of close reading, how and what to annotate, and a few thinking codes to mark up the text they are reading/analyzing. Print and laminate to use. May also be printed on Astrobrights for an extra color pop, so the kids won't lose them, or to color code f
Problem: You want your students to annotate, but they can't write in their books. Solution: This handy-dandy close read annotation sheet that guides students through the annotation process! This sheet can be paired with ANY chapter of ANY text. I often assign this alongside reading homework. This
These handy bookmarks - the file is a .pdf with 4 bookmarks per 8.5x11 piece of paper - are great to laminate and give to students. There is also a corresponding 11x17 poster with all the symbols as well. The bookmark has 9 symbols for students to use to annotate a text. When I use them, I have stu
Close Reading Annotation Symbols - Textos Informativos Simbolos English and Spanish - Includes posters with 8 different symbols and posters with only 5 symbols, designed for differentiated instruction and for different grade levels. - Includes bookmark size posters, so your students can have a copy
Problem: You want your students to annotate, but they can't write in their books. Solution: This handy-dandy close read annotation activity that guides students through the annotation process! This activity can be paired with ANY chapter of ANY text. I often assign this alongside reading homework.
Close Reading for Literature: An Annotated Guide Overview: Common Core Curriculum makes it clear that our young people need to be able to tackle more challenging texts. Unfortunately, many students don't know what to do when they run into a complex text. For some students, the moment they do not u
PRINT & DIGITAL. Here's everything you need to teach your students how to annotate literary texts. You'll have clear instructions, tips, and best of all, texts that students can use to practice annotating. This will make it so easy for you to teach this important reading skill!Here's what you
These colorful Close Reading Annotation Posters can be used in your classroom for reference throughout the entire year!If your students are anything like mine, they lose papers, bookmarks, and all other sources that I give them. These posters can remain on your wall as a visual remember on how to a
This chart can be used as a reference for close reading and annotation marks. It can be shrinked for desks and blow up for poster size.
These Close Read and Annotate Visuals comes in TWO versions so you can choose the one that fits your needs Version One: Posters are separate and in a pdf format LEGAL SIZE. Posters can be written on for second and third read to remind students what they are listening for and what evidence they nee
In this close reading activity for chapter one of To Kill a Mockingbird, students annotate excerpts of the novel that Harper Lee uses to help build a sense of setting. Students search for powerful imagery, similes, metaphors, and personification. In a follow-up activity the next day, students writ
Junior Intermediate Close Reading Annotation Symbols Posters Colorful. Let's get reading, and understanding, and connecting! These Junior/Intermediate close reading annotation posters reinforce successful reading strategies for your students. Visually a little more mature than the typical primar
Hello, This is my version of Close reading annotation marks bookmark. I laminate these and put one on each desk for students to refer to when CLOSE reading. Great for any grade!!! Let me know if you would like different colors and I will be glad to accommodate you !
This booklet contains full text for 6 short stories that I was able to locate under public domain on the internet. I formatted the stories for the booklet so that students may freely mark on the pages to do annotations during their close reading. The stories are: -The Lady or the Tiger by Frank Sto
The document contains close reading annotation marks for students to analytically decipher fiction and non-fiction texts. The annotation devices are color coded for students to quickly locate and identify verious elements in difficult texts. Great supplement for graphic organizers!
Focusing on the theme of "When passion overrules reason, tragedy often follows," this Common-Core based lesson asks students to summarize and annotate, focus on literary devices, and apply the reading strategies of making inferences, and questioning. This is one of five annotations I have listed he

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