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Kindergarten and first grade students learn about probability and graphing in this fun, penny toss graphing activity. Three different activities are included and is great to include in a President's Day unit.
Use this worksheet in centers, for independent work, in small group, or send it home for homework! This worksheet has kiddos flip coins and then graph their results in a tally table and bar graph. Fonts: KG Blank Space Solid and KG Miss Kindergarten Coin Clipart: Clipartkid.com
You can't go wrong with a penny toss!! Simply pass out some pennies and watch the fun and learning happen. This is also a great activity to send home for homework.
⭐ In this line plot graphing activity, students will toss three coins to record the number of Heads. They will plot and interpret data on a line plot.* Separate files featuring both British English and American spellings included.ITEMS INCLUDED:✅ File folder cover (2 options): if placing all items i
This activity gives students exposure to identifying coin names, values, and attributes. Students will toss a coin and record whether they land on "heads" or "tails." After coloring in their graph, they will count the total amount of money they made. This additionally gives students practice with
Each individual center in this Line Plot Bundle is sold separately for $2.50. Get more than 50% off with the purchase of this bundle. You will be paying just 80 cents for each fun and interactive center - that's giving you super savings!►LINE PLOTSHave your students graph and interpret data in line
⭐ Separate folders featuring both British English and American spellings and terminology included.***********************************************************************This pack of no-prep printables on Pie Charts features hands-on interactive activities to collate, record, construct and interpret
A hands-on math activity/worksheet that covers probability and graphing.
This is everything you need to complete the coin toss experiment.
This is an activity designed to do independently, in pairs, or in a guided group. Lends to discussion and discovery of probability, elementary understanding of mode, and graphic organization of information to compare and contrast. Students will flip a coin a total of ten times per trial and record r
This recording sheet goes with the introduction letter. Students get into groups of two or three to complete the experiment using coins.

Also included in: Coin Toss Bundle

Give each student a penny and recording sheet. Kids toss coins and color the bar in the graph accordingly.
Celebrate these unique holidays with a little fun. Begin with Fruitcake Day on December 27th. Start by making your own fruitcake cookies (recipe included), making fruitcake (recipe NOT included) or buying fruitcake (money to buy fruitcake NOT included). Hold a fruitcake tasting survey of friends and
Bundle includes three activities: card draw, dice roll and coin toss. All three activities include teacher instructions, student recording sheet, graphs and analysis questions. These are great activities to do at the end of the year or before a holiday! Student have fun, and activities prompt math d
4 graphing activities. Students practice collecting and organizing data and using the data to create a picture graph.Toss a coinPick a colored cubeToss a ballRoll a die
This pack is geared toward math concepts for second grade. There are 4 different games that are set up to review various math games: Ring Toss - review addition with 3 addends, addition/subtraction word problems and "Find the Imposter". These cards have 4 different items on them and the kids have t

Also included in: Glow Day Bundle

This pack is geared toward math concepts for grades 1-2. There are 4 different games that are set up to review various math games: Ring Toss - review addition with 3 addends, addition/subtraction word problems and "Find the Imposter". These cards have 4 different items on them and the kids have to
Are you looking for fun and engaging things for your students to do the last few weeks of school before summer break? Well, you have found it! Save money with this End of The Year Bundle Set! This includes 7 of my best selling summer products, which your students will love! My best seller, "End of Y
The PDF file has 11 pages of fun for your primary classroom to enjoy on the 100th day of school. Start the morning off with coloring 100 gum balls, have fun with a challenging coin toss, draw fun pictures of what you will look like at 100 years old, sort 100 m&m's and graph the outcome, collect
This word search on the ll, ss, ff, and zz double consonant endings also doubles as a coloring sheet! The solution to the puzzle is included. Vocabulary Terms Included:          ♦ Ball          ♦ Doll          ♦ Bell          ♦ Toss          ♦ Class          ♦ Dress         
This worksheet allows students to explore the concept of even chance as they flip a coin and record the outcome. This worksheet also includes an extension activity that connects data management to probability. Students take the data they collect from their coin toss and display it in a bar graph.
Here is a Smart Board Lesson that I created to help teach probability. There are several slides using a spinner. Students can predict their results. After making their predictions, they can spin the spinner and graph their data. I also have a slide using a coin toss with a graph. The last slides a
Domino adding- you can use this to add one dot each day- adding one dot will allow students to add on. Sample addition problems are provided. Some dominoes are colored to show how they can be colored in to make the addition problems. Dot Counting cards- these can be used to show the numbers you are
Math and Literacy activities for small groups, whole group, literacy centers, math centers and partner games all themed around St. Patrick's Day!! Lots of fun learning activities to keep the kids excited about school right for Spring Break! 48 pages of activities! Activities included: *2 partner g

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