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Do you need an engaging way for your students to practice finding Greatest Common Factor? This set of no-prep, paper and digital color by number activities is just what you need - the options make them great for in-person or distance learning.Students solve 20 problems (or 15), self-check, and color
Looking for rigorous activities to use during the holiday season? These fun Christmas-themed "color by number" printables are just what you need to keep students engaged in reviewing factors, multiples, multiplication, and division! Add these pages to your December math stations, spiral review activ
This Abiotic & Biotic Factors Color by Number includes 10 questions covering the differences between living and nonliving factors in an ecosystem. 5 of the questions are standard multiple choice, 5 questions are identifying from a picture.With what standard does this resource align?This resource
This is a fun way to get students to practice GCF. In it, kids get to answer the problems and then color the boxes to find a beautiful ladybug! The skill is meant to be for 6th grade, but I always use it with my Intensive classes to help them improve the finding factors skill as well. Since it was a
With this activity, students will practice factoring trinomials, including by removing the GCF. After they identify the factors, they will color the mandala according to the color indicated for the factors (or GCF, as specified in the directions). When the students are done, the finished pieces mak
Students will practice identifying and factoring out a GCF from a binomial, trinomial or 4-term Polynomial. They will have to match their GCF to an answer in the same row. The matching GCF has a color above it, which the students will then color all numbered segments in the Pi picture with that colo

Also included in: Factoring Activity Bundle!

Keep students focused on math when that warm weather returns with these three fun spring-themed "color by number" pages! Students will stay engaged as they review fractions, multiplication facts, factors, and multiples! This activity is a great addition to your March/April math stations, spiral revi
In this activity, students will practice identifying factors of numbers as they color! Students will choose the correct factors from 3 answer choices and then color a mandala according to their choice. The final product is a beautiful, colorful pattern that makes excellent classroom decor! This ac
In this NO-PREP activity, students will factor quadratic expressions and use the answers to color a picture. This is READY TO PRINT and will KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED while working on their math skills! In this activity, students will factor quadratic expressions. When finished solving the problems,
Review or practice Greatest Common Factor (GCF) & Least Common Multiple (LCM) with these 2 cute Christmas themed color-by-number pages featuring elves at Santa's workshop and Christmas carolers. Simply find the LCM (carolers) or GCF (elves) for each paired number given and color the answers acco
**Now includes BOTH digital and pdf versions**Use this Color By Number activity to help students practice Factoring Quadratics. Included are the following worksheets:- Factoring by GCF - Factoring Trinomials (a=1)- Factoring Trinomials (a≠1)- Factoring Special CasesThis color by number is a way for
Make solving equations by factoring more fun with this color by number activity!Note: Using a digital color by number activity works best with iPads where coloring can be done using an app such as Notability.Ten quadratic equations are included on the worksheet. Students will need to set each equat
Student calculate the actual size or the size of the object in a drawing, using scale factor. This is also sold as part of a bundle.
This activity was inspired by my son who is in the third grade. These two color by numbers activities are aligned with the Common Core Standard (3.OA.7) Students fill in the missing factor in each equation. Then using the color code on the page, students color each section of the picture. * I ha
This worksheet focuses on review of factoring by grouping. Students must factor correctly the 8 polynomials to find the corresponding color that goes with each number. Even in high school students love to color. I use these all the time in my class!
Practice finding factors of numbers by coloring in the boxes and creating fall pictures. There are 4 pictures included: Jack-o-lantern (looks for factors of 2, 5, and 7) Acorns (looks for the factors or 8 and 10) Turkey (looks for the factors of 4, 6, 7, 9, 10) Falling Leaves (looks for the factors
This is a holiday-themed Factoring Review Color By Number worksheet. There are 15 problems involving multiplying polynomials, factoring, and factoring by special products. The students solve the problems on the worksheet, locate their answer on the Rudolph & Hermie picture, and color the pictur
This Factoring Linear Expressions Common Core Math Color By Number includes 16 questions in which students will use their knowledge of properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions by factoring the given expression.With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid stud
Students will practice their skills factoring trinomials. Trinomials do NOT have a common factor. Students will need to know how to factor trinomials, including:**With a=1 {2 problems}**Where a is a prime number {4 problems}**Where a is a composite number {4 problems}The way that this is set up is s
Students will factor quadratic equations using a variety of methods. Answers will be used to color a SPOOKY Halloween themed cartoon.
Christmas Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Color by Number is just what your students need to practice the skill of finding the GCF in a fun way!This color by number activity aligns with CCSS 6.NS.B.4: Find the greatest common factor of two whole numbers less than or equal to 100 and the least common m
In this activity, students will solve quadratic equations by factoring. There is a total of 15 problems. You will find problems both in standard form and not in standard form. Then, they will color the design by the colors listed next to their solutions! Even my high schooler's like this activit
This color by number math activity is great to have on hand around Thanksgiving! Students will practice solving 12 GCF & LCM problems. An answer key and a recording sheet are provided.For more teaching ideas, freebies and resources click on the ★Follow Me★ on my stores homepage.FOLLOW ME ON SOCI
Students should know how to factor by GCF, trinomials when the coefficient of the quadratic term is 1, trinomials when the coefficient of the quadratic term is not 1, difference of squares and perfect square trinomials. Students also should be able to factor a GCF out of a trinomial before factoring

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