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STEM Challenges Straws 1 Bundle
STEM Challenges: Are you ready for something with super easy materials that all also really full of learning and fun? How about the main supply being straws?Please note: This package contains three challenges. Each may be purchased separately. Just click on the titles!Students will follow the steps
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Fill A Bucket 5th Grade Volume of Prisms
This 5 day mini math unit is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and can be used as an introduction to the study of volume of right rectangular prisms or be used as a culminating activity. Sometimes, teaching volume can be intimidating for teachers and students. Teaching volume is an integr
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Project Based Learning - The Cereal Box Project Guide
The Cereal Box Project has been a staple in our classroom for nearly a decade. This 25 page guide will provide a blueprint for you to successfully create a fun, hands on activity that students will love. We use this as a wrap up project for our Geometry Unit, but we incorporate many other topics suc
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Standards in a Snap! Measurement, Data and Geometry for First Grade
Need NO PREP First Grade Math Practice Pages and Assessments? This product is for you! ** Measurement, Data and Geometry ** Standards Covered: + MD.1.1 - Order three objects by length; compare the lengths of two objects indirectly by using a third object. - Understand how to
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Mega Math Bundle 2nd Grade
These are all of my current math units for 2nd grade. Yes, some have a few 1st grade skills that MUST be mastered before the 2nd grade skills can scaffold :) The units are listed below with STANDARDS and DAILY SKILLS. *****No Prep Place Value Unit***** **Some activities call for dice Table of Co
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Composite Figure Mania! - Area and Perimeter of Composite 2-D Shapes
Composite Figures:The Problem - Math students who can readily master areas and perimeters of rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles are mysteriously baffled by composite figures (often called “compound” or “irregular” - figures formed by a combination of two or more of these simple polygons). T
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7th Grade STAAR {Geometry & Measurement} TEKS 7.5C 7.9A 7.9B 7.9C 7.5A 7.5B
STAAR Test Prep: Two assessments over Geometry and Measurement TEKS for 7th Grade Math. These assessments could be used as Pre-Post Test, Unit Quizzes, Review, and STAAR Test Practice! *This resource is also available in my GRADE 7 STAAR PRACTICE BUNDLE. The bundle includes 14 assessments covering

Also included in: 7th Grade TEKS Math STAAR BUNDLE {14 Assessments} Test Prep Review Practice

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Volume and Surface Area Project Based Learning 3D Project
Using household items, students will create a three dimensional creation and then calculate the area and volume of their shape. This is a great way to combine creativity with art and math! Included you will receive a detailed project sheet, a sheet for students to complete their volume and surface
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Australian Gold Rush Inquiry with Answers ACARA
Summary of Activities with Listed Suitable Websites: (These activities can be copied onto paper or card and used as contract activities or used as photocopied activities for student workbooks or a combination of these. All activities contain student answers) 1. Welcome Stranger Graphic Organiser (
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Mathematics | Surface Areas and Volumes | Assessments and documents (Geometry)
Surface Area: It is the sum of total exposed area of a three dimensional solid object. Its unit can be in the form cm2, m2 etc. Volume: It is the amount of space occupied by an object. Its unit can be cm3, m3, etc. A cuboid is the solid shape which has six rectangle faces at right angles to each o
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Year 4 Shapes Maths Program
This is a one week (~5 lessons) program for teaching shape (2D and 3D) in a year 4 classroom. Included are: ♦ Maths Program (4 pages)♦ Resources (16 pages)✩It features fun, engaging, educational and cooperative learning strategies. My maths programs may include worksheets but there is not one for ev
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Hello Guys, Most of the students find difficulty in this topic as they are not able to visualize the shape or the object properly. There is also too much confusion related to the formulas too, as there are too many of them in this topic. In real life we come across different objects which are a c
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