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Commas Game - 60 Task Cards /  Answer Keys / Game Board / Wall Chart
Great game for learning commas used: 1. In a series 2. After an interjection 3. Before quotation marks 4. In dates 5. In addresses 6. FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) Game: 30 sentence cards, using commas tips sheet, directions card, game board, and an answer key Great supplement when t
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Common Core Commas Game and Bonus Task Cards test prep!
A fun game that can be used for years to come! Also available in text structures and features. Check out my other common core task games! reviews comma usage for series, conjunctions, states, dates, numbers, dialogue, introductory elements, setting off parenthetical elements, and more. Great for
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Comma Chaos: A Comma Game with Dice!
Help your students master those tricky comma rules with this fun game! Game can be played with two to four players. Three unique game boards are included with answer keys. This game practices commas used in series, commas separating tag lines, commas in dates, commas separating appositives, commas i
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Editing Sentences and Commas Game Cards
Students will use these card games in any board game to help develop their skills on editing sentences and placing commas in the correct place. Students can use this during small groups or as a fun activity anytime!
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2nd Grade Commas Game | Commas in Greetings & Closings and MORE!
I CAN Grammar Games are the perfect way to make grammar fun! This 2nd Grade Grammar Game focuses on using Commas in a Letter, Dates, and Commas in a Series! I Can Grammar games provide students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional) make these ga
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Halloween Comma Game
This fun trick-or-treating themed game gives students practice using commas in a series, with introductory words, and between cities and states.
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Commas Game: Analyze the Sentences for Comma Errors
This is a hands-on game your students can play with a partner or small group to practice identifying comma errors in sentences. It includes 45 sentences. Students must determine whether the sentence is written correctly or incorrectly. If they answer correctly, they get to keep their card. The first

Also included in: Comma Rules: A Bundle of Activities

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Comma Game
This is a matching game that gets students out of their desks and moving around the room all while reviewing comma uses. It is great for independent or group work to review the comma rules.
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TableTop ELA -- Commas -- Game-Based Group Practice
Bring the TableTop Game revolution to your classroom! Board games are experiencing a renaissance and tapping to their innate engagement is a no brainer. This is the natural evolution of task cards. TableTop ELA games cover a single focus skill. The question range from simple true/false to short answ

Also included in: Commas -- Grammar & Punctuation -- English Language Arts Unit Bundle

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Comma Game: ZAP
This is an adapted version of the game "ZAP". This game reinforces comma rules. Students will need to determine if the sentences they are reading need commas or don't need commas.
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Commas Versus Aliens- Comma practice game
Comma game and posters! Students will enjoy this review of commas in a series, commas in dates, commas in the greeting of a friendly letter, and commas in the closing of friendly letters. 4 posters explaining where to place commas, 24 game cards, and an answer key are included. Recording sheet inc
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Punctuation Resource Pack
Use this resource to help your students learn the different punctuation marks. Included in this unit are: -Punctuation mark poster -Punctuation mark bubble maps -Period, question mark, and exclamation mark sort -Quotation mark games -Comma games The punctuation marks featured are: period, exclamatio
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Comma Rules Matching Activity for Interactive Notebooks
Add the missing commas to sample sentences. Then, match each sentence to the correct comma rule. Paste in journals for interactive notes. Check out my comma game that coordinates perfectly with these notes!
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Commas - Escape Room - Middle School English
This Comma Escape room is great for beginning of the year review and pre-assessment. It is also great for the end of the year review before and after state tests. Students will need to access a google form, so ANY technology that allows them to access and complete a google form will work! There ar
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Revising and Editing Game Show Review
Are you ready for some SERIOUS fun while reviewing revising and editing skills? This pack has everything you need to implement a week of FUN games for students to play while practicing their revising and editing skills. If you aren't into games, that's ok, too, because with 152 practice cards, yo
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Comma Rules: A Bundle of Activities
This bundle contains multiple resources for teaching your students about comma usage and where to place a comma in a sentence. Your students will be introduced to nine comma rules. Students will learn where to place commas...1. in sentences with dates2. in sentences with a series of words, phrases
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Game Show Mania - Five Fun ELA PowerPoint Review Games
Save $7.00 with this bundled deal that includes five fantastic PowerPoint review games for English Language Arts! This package includes these five game shows: "Comma Invasion" - Reviews comma rules with a goofy alien-invasion/classic-monster-movie theme "Shootout at the Homophone Corral" - Review
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STAAR Writing Test Review Game: Escape Room
This is a fun 5-day writing review for your students to do before the STAAR writing test. Students will work through activities that will lead them to numbers that will unlock locks. They will need three numbers per day to unlock a lock. There are five locks total. Students will have to use their re
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Comma Scoot for Middle Grades: Reviewing & Practicing Commas [5th Grade CCSS]
It seems that properly placing commas is a lost art! My 5th graders struggle to remember to add this important punctuation mark. To review and practice commas, we SCOOT! I laminate the included cards and tape one card to each desk. Then, students travel from desk to desk carrying only a pencil and t
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Cracking the Classroom Code™ Thanksgiving ELA Punctuation Escape Room Game
Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room style game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for reviewing punctuation with your students. Students will be working on punctuation skills with periods, question marks, exclamation points, apostrophes, commas, quotation

Also included in: Escape Room Language Arts Bundle Upper Elementary Cracking the Classroom Code™

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4th grade Grammar Games Set of Two
Grammar practice is important throughout the year to reinforce writing skills. This fourth grade Standardized Test Review Jeopardy Game includes the Common Core Standards for Language Arts Grammar. Use it for the beginning, middle, or end of year. This includes TWO comprehensive review games that
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COMMAS ESCAPE ROOM ACTIVITY: Help your students understand and practice comma rules with this highly-engaging interactive escape room / break out activity! Students should have an understanding of the following 8 comma rules to complete this activity: Use a comma between items in a series, after an
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Revising and Editing Game: Mixed Skills
This revising and editing game was designed to make reviewing FUN! Just print and watch your students enjoy learning! This is a mixed skill review game. It reviews apostrophes, commas, punctuation, quotation marks, combining sentences, subject-verb agreement, homophones, and spelling rules. Inclu

Also included in: Ultimate 4th Grade Writing and Grammar BUNDLE

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Comma Task Cards
Use these 32 task cards to help reinforce comma use rules and to practice proofreading. These cards are meant to be used as practice after students have been taught comma rules. Please note that in order to help students avoid over punctuating, few of the correct answer have no commas. A student a

Also included in: Punctuation Task Card Bundle

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