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Sneaky Commas in a Series This 32 slide animated presentation teaches students how to insert commas in a series of words or phrases. Clauses are not discussed in this presentation. Wesley Weasel instructs students on how to insert commas into series of words and phrases with 5 guided practice sl
Every unit is all ninja, all the time. Ninja jokes, ninja facts, ninja stories. Learners will have a riot of a time learning about commas. Of all things! Commas! So check out the best idea to ever hit the grammar world, a 46-page unit that includes all answer keys!!! (resources are .pdf or PowerPoin
Does pesky punctuation have you in a funk? There are so many rules about punctuation in the English language! Do you need a succinct tool that will help you to capture the most important comma rules your students need to utilize in their writing? This mini unit features mini lessons on commas in a s
Need a hand teaching grammar in a no-prep, classroom-tested, easy-to-grade manner? Use this set of tools to introduce OR review comma rules to middle and high school students!This set of TWO lessons guides students through all the major comma rules and gives students plenty of practice. The first le
Need to teach or review common comma rules? This product engages small groups of students in working cooperatively to analyze example sentences and determine a comma rule. Instead of you lecturing on eight different comma rules, have groups work cooperatively in an inquiry-based approach. Groups w
Teach your students about the uses and parts of letters in this fun, interactive lesson. The lesson also reviews the use of commas in letters. The PowerPoint is loaded with animations and transitions that are sure to keep your students engaged. Have fun teaching! ****Please note: This PowerPoint is
This is part of a larger BUNDLE. This interactive PowerPoint lesson on commas will hook your student's attention. This set focuses on commas in dates and in a series of words. It includes various activities, games, and exercises to engage their learning. You can download the Commas Literacy Center A
✶ This grade 7 and grade 8 resource contains 14 Grammar Lessons; spread throughout 29 pages, with full answer keys about Using Commas Correctly; punctuation. It is ideal to explain, practice, and review the main skills of each topic with your students. ✶✶✶ Click here to get the SOFT COPY (Google Dri
Commas This Commas Teach-Its unit includes a rigorous, fun, and engaging lesson to help you teach this difficult skill to your students. (Download the PREVIEW for a closer look!) This unit includes: ☞ a scripted standards-based Lesson Plan that includes Learning Targets, Materials, Standards, an
Do you need a variety of comma activities to support your secondary writers? Study commas and their uses with this editable presentation and punctuation activities. Students will learn about using commas with introductory phrases (participial, prepositional, infinitive), dependent clauses, compound
"Commas Interactive Notebook Unit" Thorough unit with introductory lessons, examples, practice activities, writing activities and enrichment projects. From using commas to connect ideas in coordinating conjunctions to using commas to combine sentences, this unit will cover all of the standards in
This short, no-prep, paperless mini-lesson will help you quickly and concisely teach basic comma rules to your students. Each slide is meant to be projected on your whiteboard to guide short and sweet discussions - 5-15 minutes at the most! This "bite" focuses on basic comma rules.Bite-Size Grammar
Teach how to use punctuation (commas, parentheses, dashes) to set off nonrestrictive/parenthetical elements. The lessons address the Common Core Language Standard 6.2a (Each lesson takes about 45 minutes and I teach them over the course of 3 days.) The following explains the structure of the lesso
Here's quick and easy way to teach or review 6 simple comma rules. I introduced the rules to my students and we gave examples of each one. I laminated and cut out the rules posters included in this pack and they now hang in my writing center for reference. My students use them all of the time. There
This 25 page PowerPoint successfully teaches the L.5.2 language standard to fifth grade students. This Power Point lesson will teach the following components of the L.5.2 standard (5th grade). L.5.2b - How to use a comma to separate an introductory element from the rest of the sentence. L.5.2c - Ho
Commas - Google Chrome - All work can be completed on a device. This grammar lesson contains a PDF file describing how to access the file on Google Drive. Instructions are included for making a copy and sharing with students. CCSS L.5.2.a Use punctuation to separate items in a series. L.5.2.b Use
Looking for a creative way to discuss comma splices and fused sentences? This is a free lesson plan that's been used several times with seventh graders. They love it! You'll have their attention from bell to bell when you enter the classroom and inform your students that they suffer from the most
This is a discounted bundle that includes my Comma Basics Lesson (with guided notes) as well as my Colon and Semicolon Lesson (with guided notes). They were originally designed for use with high school students, but can easily be adapted for younger students! Each lesson runs at about 30 minutes,
This is a short mini- lesson to help your students become better writers. Included is an interactive power- Point and assessment sheets including a ticket out the door assessment. You will need to download the fonts provide on slide 2
A two-week unit on using commas with introductory phrases, interruptions (including appositive phrases), non-restrictive subordinate clauses, as well as compound and complex sentences, complete with daily bell ringers, worksheets, quiz, a teacher's guide, and more! This is unit #17 of Ten-Minute Gr
This is a short mini- lesson to help your students become better writers. Included is an interactive power- Point and assessment sheets including a ticket out the door assessment. You will need to download the fonts provide on slide 2
Grammar. Commas. This lesson includes one commas rule worksheet, three independent daily grams, and one pre/post test for teaching commas. It's a wonderful series of 5 mini grammar lessons used to teach commas throughout the week. Answer key is included. Day 1: Pretest / Hand out & review Comma
Help your students express themselves more confidently and effectively!High school writers often want to convey complex thoughts in their papers, but sometimes their language skills haven’t quite caught up to their ideas. The result? Run-ons, subject-verb and pronoun disagreements, and sometimes jus
Fully resourced 1 hour lesson in which students learn the difference in meaning between using commas, dashes and parentheses and then apply what they have learned to their own writing. Easily adaptable. This lesson includes: - Full explanation of commas, dashes and brackets. - Task where students

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