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Do you have students with little or no verbal skills who love the book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"? This unit was designed for special education children who are working on using an alternate communication system to aid in their speech. There are five simple activities and communication boards to ac
Communication repair strategies are important for children with hearing loss. Deaf and Hard of Hearing students will often just say "what?" when they don't hear something, or they will not say anything at all. This lesson plan introduces helpful communication repair strategies and many opportunities
I created Phone A Friend! to target my students' ability to communicate effectively. Using this activity, your students will role play making phone calls, based on the situational task cards included. You can choose many goals to focus on with its use. Some ideas are... • Pragmatic Language Skill
Teaching, modeling, and practicing positive communication skills with students helps everyone – less conflict, stronger friendships, and kiddos are more prepared for the real world. This resource bundles four of my positive communication lessons for a complete guidance lesson unit or group counselin
Want to get your French students speaking in the passé composé? This NO PREP activity using avoir and être verbs is always a favorite in my class.It can be used after learning the conjugations or as a back to school review for advancing students.There are NOW 80 questions in all.Included also in th
Business communication activities teach students the skills (verbal, nonverbal, written, and electronic) needed for success on the job. 8 worksheets for business communication, CTE, career prep, and work skills students. Includes real-life workplace communication situations, scenarios, and skills. C
Looking for an instantly useable activity to launch a novel unit dealing with survival or dystopian elements? Need a fun, fresh way to review appropriate behavior during group work and discussions? Want an exciting, different way to get-to-know your students in a way that will leave them energized a
Workplace communication activities prepare students for employment situations. Save 17% on warm-ups, hands-on activities, graphic organizers, fun group activities, and real-world situational questions designed for business, communication, CTE, vocational, co-op, work skills, and life skills students
Change YOU messages to I statements, build communication skills and social skills. Must have for conflict mediations between students learning to resolve conflicts peacefully. Now includes a digital version for use with Google Slides and Google Classroom for digital learning.Students will each get t
Nonverbal communication can be tricky to teach. Most of us have learned these skills effortlessly, which makes breaking them down into easy to understand lessons quite tricky. This resource discusses the seven main areas of nonverbal communication (facial expressions, body language, gestures, touch,
Using the book "Dog's Colorful Day" by Emma Dodd, this unit contains six days of simple activities and communication boards. Use the activities to expand your students’ knowledge of colors, sentence structure and ability to answer questions. Non-verbal children or children with complex needs should
The AP biology exam has been updated for the 2019-2020 school year. You can find the updated course description guide here. Make sure that you and your students are prepared for these changes. Save countless hours of research aligning your content to the new AP biology course outline by purchasing t
Looking for a resource that targets functional pragmatic skills? This NO PRINT, interactive flashcard deck asks students to make inferences about how to respond to texts, using only emoticons!Respond in Emoticons BOOM Cards™ are perfect for targeting nonverbal language through use of technology! A
Teach writing and communication skills in a fun, relatable way! Socialgrams allow for students to express their thoughts on a topic using a familiar social media format, with a picture, short caption, hashtags and classmates can even add comments!Supports are provided for non-writers and tracers so
Strengthen the skills of active listening, public speaking, and verbal and non-verbal communicating in your Leadership class or with you Student Council with these structured yet fun and interactive lessons! Make this year a little less about making posters and a little more about the soft skills o
A toddler's tantrums can strain the patience of even the most patient parent or caregiver. Whether transitioning between one activity and another, not getting what they want, or struggling to express their needs and wants, many daily interactions can often cause toddlers to engage in an intense and
Need a way to practice -er verbs in class? Kids love this, because they get to get up and move! This set of 60 speaking prompt questions is perfect for beginners who need more practice with -er verbs, the structure of Est-ce que, and full sentence responses. There are 40 questions using Est-ce que
Teach your students about communicating, identifying their strengths, asking questions and solving problems collectively in your culturally responsive classroom. The activities require minimal preparation and range from 5-60 minutes to complete. They can be done in any order and make a perfect start
40 questions for practicing the FUTUR SIMPLE!Want to get your French students speaking in the futur tense?These speaking prompt cards are always a favorite in my class.Each page contains 4 questions, each inside a decorative border. There are 32 questions and 8 sentence starters.You can use these as
Many of us have developed our social language abilities without much thought, which can make breaking down these complicated skills into easy to understand steps quite challenging. The activities in this bundle use a methodical approach to teach and evaluate common areas of social language deficits,
Includes: - Reading Body Language Worksheet - Reading Body Language Activity In this activity, students will watch a YouTube clip with the sound off. Using the worksheet provided, students will fill in dialogue for the characters by reading each character's body language. At the end students will
Get your students speaking Spanish and using the verb gustar with this fun activity. The activity is similar to the game "Guess Who" as students try to guess who their partner "is" by asking what he/she likes or dislikes. This activity also reviews objects and verbs and can also be used to review
While activity-based communication boards should never be a student's primary AAC system, they can be useful in specific areas or activities in classrooms. In this resource you will find 16 communication boards for your aac users. These are activity based boards, using core words and some fringe vo
Communication Styles Digital Activity - In this Google Slides digital activity, students review communication styles and practice identifying aggressive, passive, and assertive responses! Then students review situations and create their own assertive responses! Situations are tailored to home proble

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