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communism simulation

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communism simulation

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A fun activity for students, designed to make several points about how communist and capitalist systems work differently. Students will enjoy the process of learning the essential differences between the way that communism and capitalism work in the world. This download includes:*Teacher's Guide (
Students learn about Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism through a 1 day simulation. Students take 3 quizzes on the different philosophies and the scores are allocated accordingly (in Capitalism, students keep individual score. In Socialism, high scorers give points to low scorers, and in Communism
This highly interactive game gives students a hands-on, experiential understanding of the differences in between communism and capitalism. Students will learn more about the key components of communism, capitalism, and socialism. Out of all of the activities that I do in my class, students probabl
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
In this lesson, students will be given the task to divide 9 small bags of M & M's in a series of negotiations or "rounds". Students are divided in to groups of different sizes. ThTheir job is to divide the bags of M & M's fairly, so everyone is happy! This lesson is designed to get studen
In this simulation the entire class will be able to experience every form of government. I usually open the Forms of Government unit with this simulation and my students LOVE IT! They talk about it for years. This purchase will include: -Detailed teacher instructions and explanations of every form
4th - 12th, Higher Education
Model United Nations ICJ simulation on Syria: Sixty-seven teachers have bought this product and the reviews are flattering. It was updated August 8, 2019 with the addition of a power point on the ICJ. Are you interested in doing an International Court of Justice (ICJ) simulation? Using this produ
This is an economic simulation activity using candy to teach students the consequences of living in a command economy. It contains essential vocubulary, a handout, a powerpoint, and detailed instructions. It would fit very well into an economics or history lesson.
This virtual fieldtrip takes you through the back streets of Havana, Cuba. Experience fishing in the gulf, training at the Cuban Olympic Training Center, shopping at the market, view artwork, tour China Town, watch a pickup baseball game, witness the impact of European Exploration, the spreading of
This is a one week spy simulation to be used during the Cold War. The teacher selects 1-2 spies in each class to complete missions on their behalf. This activity sparks all kinds of interest as we discuss the fear of communism during the 1950s. The student's look forward to this activity every year
This simulation is to think about how the founding fathers decided on the structure of our current government. It tricks students in to looking at who will be given power in their new country and how they will use it. It introduces them to the struggle between the states in the Constitutional Conv
The purpose of this lesson is to see which of your students may have been blacklisted by 1950s standards. In doing so students will learn what reasons big or small that someone would have been accused of being a communist by society. Students will also learn about the events of intense panic about
This is a simulation designed to teach a few things. First, it allows students to experience the cutthroat nature of early capitalism. Second, it teaches historical content about the Industrial Revolution such as why it occurred in Great Britain first. Finally, it forces students to cooperate to
PEACE IN OUR TIME is a simulation of relations between the Great Powers of Europe, Asia, and North America from 1931 to 1941. Seven countries struggle for control of Europe, Africa, and Asia while attempting to avoid a general war of attrition. Will appeasement work to avoid a second world war or wi
7th - 12th
I submitted this product in May of 2020. It includes a power point on Cuban history, and 3 other articles which will help your students understand Cuba, and the US trade embargo on Cuba. There is a brief description as to how you can set this up as a Model United Nations debate, but this is option
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This interactive skit is designed for high school U.S. History students to better understand the ideals of communism, specifically in America, and what impact it had on American society. Students can openly engage in the lesson by taking on the roles of key historical figures such as Karl Marx and F
What is Communism? Communism Simulation Game & LessonNeed a resource that will cover 5th grade Cold War standards?This product contains:1.1 PowerPoint lesson (15 slides)2.3 website links that cover the standard3.doodle notes companion to slideshow4.step-by-step instructions for the communism sim
Great for online learning! In this mini-simulation, students examine the economic ideologies at the heart of the Cold War conflict. Kids take on the role of business owners to think through the pros and cons of a range of economic systems, from capitalism to communism. This lesson presents these e
This activity helps students understand the basics of communism, capitalism, and socialism. Through playing rock paper scissors, students will see how having restrictions from the government to having no restrictions at all can greatly impact their success in an economy. This purchase includes a qui
This is one part of a excellent Vietnam War LP. This is the Powerpoint. Includes simulation The full lesson includes the following:PowerPoint, Guided Notes, Landmine Blindfold Activity, Presidents during Vietnam War graphic organizer, Vietnam War Map, Key Question: How effectively did the USA contai
13 lessons in one! This bundle package includes interactive activities, group projects, worksheets, notes, and homework. Here is a breakdown of what’s included: Activities Capitalism vs. Communism Simulation Production Possibilities Simulation Factors of Production Group Activity Baseball Players a
This resource includes a PowerPoint with matching guided notes and completed notes for students who need them. The following information is included in this resource...War communismLenin's New Economic Policy (NEP)Stalin's Five-Year plansThe Great PurgesThere are multiple questions which I ask stude
9th - 12th
This product includes a 50 slide power point, 11 sides of text and note sheets for the students. I would recommend that you also access my “Philosophy of Communism” product which you will find in my TpT store (21st Century Global Studies).This product deals with Russian history from 1917 – 1953- t
9th - 12th, Higher Education
25 lessons in one! This bundle package includes interactive activities, group projects, worksheets, notes, and homework. Here is a breakdown of what’s included: Activities Activities Cold War Map Activity Communism Simulation Cold War Museum Presentations Prosperous Asian Countries Outline JFK Assa
Cold War 2-Week UNIT: This unit includes 2-week formal lesson plans (no prep print), 7 leveled reading passages (21 total), hands-on board game, whole class activity, simulation, lapbook/interactive notebook foldable notes, and center rotations........................................................

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