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Chinese Communism overview, this 5 page document assists with the teaching of the novel / or film Mao's Last Dancer. It could also be used as a resource for the picture book , 'The Peasant Prince.' Includes Communist China short summary, student mind map prediction activity, links to 2 websites that provide students with answers to questions about Mao and the Communist Party, Links for viewing short youtube clips (The Great Leap Forward) and (The Red Guard) with some questions for students. Too
7th - 8th
CRQ format aligned with the New Framework Global History and Geography Regents in New York State. Each CRQ has two documents and three short answer parts. This contains four CRQs.
This editable google forms assessment is the perfect way to wrap up your study on The Rise of Communist China in your physical or virtual global history classroom and assess how much your students have learned!  The best part is this assessment is DIGITAL, SELF GRADING, GOOGLE CLASSROOM COMPATIBLE and will give your students IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK once they submit the assessment. This assessment has been designed with the new GLOBAL HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY II REGENTS EXAM in mind with all questions be
As a language arts and social studies teacher, I am always looking for ways to integrate the two subjects in my class. This activity is a great addition to either class when reading The Giver. In The Giver, we see a tightly controlled society similar to a communist society. In this activity, students learn a little about what communism is and what the goal of that type of government is before they compare and contrast common communist rules to the rules we see in the novel. This is a PRINTABLE N
A DBQ using 3 political cartoons. 4 questions. I use this in interactive notebooks, and often have the students color-code anything having to do with communism or socialism with a pink highlighter (pink... red) and then choose another color (I usually had them use blue) for capitalism and for the U.S. I also use this with the PowerPoint "Cold War China."
This Google Slides coincides with the Communist China Notes. It is an investigation into the history of the Communist Revolution and Cultural Revolutions in China.
This 4 page resource includes multiple choice questions and DBQs aligned to the NYS Global History curriculum and the NYS Global History Regents.
My Power Points are Regents based and differentiated for students with disabilities. They are embedded with vivid colors and based off the UDL model for Learning. This PPT is a must for all Regents based classes. I created these for my 99% pass rate on the Regents Exams! Download yours ASAP! You will thank me later
This is a CCLS aligned lesson that teaches students How Mao changed China between 1949-1957. This lesson includes photo analysis, informational text, closed reading annotation activity, writing exercises, DBQs, a Frayer Model vocabulary building activity, multiple choice assessment questions and a higher order critical thinking writing prompt. This lesson also includes a peer-annotation assessment extension activity as well as a written lesson plan AND PPT for your convenience.Great for In Class
This PowerPoint explains post WWII China and the rise of Communism. It begins with a review of the differences between Nationalist and Communist, Mao's rise to power and how the Superpowers react to "two" Chinas. The PowerPoint also describes Mao's brand of Socialism with emphasis on the Agrarian Reform Laws of the 1950s, Mao's 5 Year Plan, the Great Leap Forward, the Great Proletarian Revolution and the Red Guards.
These are the World History / Global Studies Filled-In Guided Notes for my PowerPoint: "Collapse of Chinese Imperial Rule"...which includes the following major topics: Effects of Mao's Communism, The Great Leap Forward, The Cultural Revolution, Little Red Book, Red Guards, Propaganda (lots of pictures to emphasize this point), Foreign Relations w/ Nixon, etc.Please go to my store to see all of my PowerPoint and Guided Notes for World History: The History Department=============================
This unit plan looks at Communism (Mao specifically) and the Cultural Revolution. It includes lessons for three different levels (General, College Prep, Honors) and ends with a policy research project that is dripping with STUDENT CHOICE!
This PowerPoint is great to use for a lecture and discussion. It covers the rise of communism in China, The Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution. It includes 3 discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!
9th - 10th
This rubric guides students in writing a parody of a song they choose. After researching Communist China, student rewrite their song with lyrics telling about the events establishing Communist China, including Mao Zedong, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and the Massacre at Tienanmen Square. Students are challenged to rewrite the lyrics to the song of their choice. They are given extra credit for setting it to music, which requires extra research on their part. I had students util
These notes coincide with the Communist China Google Slides. It is an investigation into the history of the Communist Revolution and Cultural Revolutions in China.
Students should make a short slideshow concerning Communist China. Topics include: Mao Zedong, The Great Leap Forward, The Cultural Revolution, the Tienanmen Square Massacre. This rubric encourages technology integration to a greater extent as students are asked to view videos via YouTube and learn how to link the video to their Slideshow.
This activity is a fill - in the blanks worksheet designed to pair with the History of China interactive timeline from PBS. There are two timeline sections that provide an introductory overview of how China became a Communist state.
Overview of Communist China
This can used as a Quiz or a Study GuideThis Covers -Commune-Permanent Revolution-Per-Capita-Deng Xiaoping-Richard Nixon-Taiwan-South Korea-North Korea 5 Multiple Choice Questions5 Matching Questions10 Total Questions with an Answer Key
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Formatted Questions associated with corresponding Crash Course World History video available on YouTube.
*List causes and effects of communist victory in China *Create political cartoons illustrating dissatisfaction with the Nationalists or the growing popularity if the Communists
NOW WITH LINKS TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM PRODUCTS FOR CLASSROOM SUBMISSIONS!This set of 8 readings plus 8 pages of questions summarizes the Rise of Red China (it also includes lesson suggestions). The set chronicles the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the Revolution of 1911, the Republic of China, the Chinese Civil War, the rise of the Chinese Communists, the establishment of the People's Republic of China, Mao's Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, and China after Mao and in the Modern Era. The set
*This package contains a handout (in four formats: Apple Pages, Word, PDF, and Google Doc) and a PowerPoint (also available as an Apple Keynote).*You may edit the Word Doc to meet your students’ needs.*You may copy+paste and/or adapt the following information into your lesson plans.THE COLD WARLESSON 15AIM: How did Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward affect China?✅ ACTIVITY 1: DO NOW: Students will determine whether or not they are a capitalist or a communist by reading six scenarios and rating them
This lesson focuses on rights & revolutions in China throughout the 20th century & the effects a government can have on the lives of its citizens. The activities are engaging for students & the guided, 5-E format is easy for you to use! Begin with a fun “Name It” warm-up about human rights. The guided lesson includes fill-in notes with vocab & background info. A history dilemma puts your class in the shoes of Chinese students who must decide if they will attend the Tiananmen Squa
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