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Compare and Order Rational Numbers - Get your students up and moving with this fast paced, engaging math activity. Scoot is a whole class game where students rotate between desks and do a task at each desk. Aligned with 6th grade Common Core Skills, but works very well with 7th and 8th graders as w
This activity will give students the practice they need successfully compare and order numbers. Students will practice using place value, comparing numbers and ordering them with assessment level questions. Game board and I can statements included!!Click on the PREVIEW for a more detailed look.If y
QR codes make task cards more engaging! Simply cut out and laminate the cards and place in a center with a device that can read QR codes (iPod Touch, iPad, tablet, or laptop/desktop with a camera). Students get immediate feedback when they scan the QR codes.This set includes 32 self-checking task
Tek: 3.2D The focus of these task cards is ALL COMPARING & ORDERING COMPUTATION WORD PROBLEMS all aligned with STAAR (a hard resource to find). Test prep can be a turn-off for students, but they love task cards! Use for independent practice in learning stations, playing scoot, or work on the ca
Help your students master comparing and ordering numbers to 10000 with these task cards. There are 36 cards in all, asking students to:♥ put a series of numbers in order from greatest to least♥ create numbers by rolling dice and ordering♥ fill in the blanks in consecutive number series♥ find number
16 task cards that ask students to compare and order rational numbers with a QR code on each card for students to check their answer. There is a second version without QR codes.Students will be asked to compare and order numbers from real life situations. Task cards include ordering and comparing in
These are included in a GROWING bundle that will include ALL 8th Grade Math Common Core Standards. Check it out here: 8th Grade Growing Task Card Bundle 20 Task Cards focused on Comparing and Ordering Real Numbers Numbers include: -Terminating and Repeating Decimals -Improper Fractions and Mixed N
Comparing and Ordering Numbers Task Cards {Through the Millions Place}: For cards 1-16, students must compare two numbers using the >, <, or = sign. For cards 17-32, students must order 3 numbers from least to greatest or greatest to least. These task cards are aligned to the Common Core State
Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers Task Cards and Record Sheets CCS: 4.NBT.2 Included in this product: *20 unique task cards dealing with comparing and ordering numbers up to the hundred thousands place. *4 different recording sheets *Answer Key This set of 20 task cards covers comparing whol
Task cards are great to use in the math classroom! These digital task cards allow students to interact with google slides while comparing & ordering rational numbers. They are awesome if you are trying to go paperless in your classroom!How to use in your classroom:any type of assessmentcollabora
Practice or assess ordering and comparing whole numbers with these low prep cards that make differentiation a snap. This set comes with 72 different cards. You can have students working on different levels at the same time in person or for distance learning.This versatile product includes:instructio
**SAVE 20% WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS BUNDLE (includes both our Basic & Advanced MATH READY Representing Numbers to 1,200 in Standard, Word, & Expanded Forms Task Cards sets)!*****************************************************************************Because of the success 3rd grade teachers ha
There are 28 comparing and ordering numbers to the hundred thousands place task cards. These are a great to review with students in class. I use them in my classroom when students go to Math with Someone. My students have enjoyed using these task cards and it has really helped them practice these tw
Place value can be a challenging concept that requires many opportunities for practice. Whether it is converting between standard form and expanded form or comparing and ordering numbers, it is important to make the practice of these abstract math skills fun and engaging. These place value task card
Comparing and Ordering Real Numbers Task CardsDownload Includes20 Task CardsStudent Answer DocumentAnswer KeyTask Cards IncludeNumber LinesWord ProblemsVocabularyTablesIrrational Numbers: Square Roots & PiRational Numbers: Fraction/Decimal/PercentComparison Symbols
This resource includes 24 task cards to reinforce comparing and ordering numbers to 1000. This is an ideal addition to your place value unit and works well in small, guided math groups or math stations. In this set of task cards, students will dive deeper into place value concepts to reinforce conc
Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers with River Run. This rational numbers activity is an interactive notebook activity that helps students explore how to locate, compare and order rational numbers on a number line. Easy to make and fun to use, students will enjoy "floating" their boats down the
This file includes a set of 24 task cards to assess the topic of comparing and ordering numbers (to the thousands place). Cards come with a variety of question types and formats. Numbers go to the thousands place only.You can use these cards as a "scoot" game where students scoot around the room o
These task cards help students practice comparing and ordering whole numbers to the millions! There are interesting statistics mixed throughout set for RELEVANCE and to help students develop mathematical thinking with HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS! It's time to use task cards that actually challen
Do you need a way to review place value or a way to assess place value? These cards are a great way to review as well as to assess your students' understanding of place value. Place Value, Comparing Numbers, and Order Numbers Task Cards Self-Checking with QR Codes Includes 40 task cards with QR c
These 32 fun and colorful task cards are GREAT to review the following standard: 3.2D TEKS (readiness standard). They are PERFECT to prepare your students for the STAAR test throughout the school year.************************************************************************▶️ TEKS 3.2D: Compare and or
This product includes a Google Forms Quiz and a Google Slides activity that you can copy into your Google Drive and use in Google Classroom.Two pages of ISN notes - one that gives simple steps for ordering positive rational numbers and a second page that includes both positive and negative rational
Looking for a way to get your middle school math students to compare and order positive rational numbers? In this activity, students will use their knowledge of whole numbers, fractions (proper and improper), mixed numbers, decimals, and percents to answer the questions on 20 task cards ( Please no
Customers who used our 3rd grade STAAR WARS Math Task Cards loved them, and many teachers emailed us asking us for more. So we listened! But instead of creating more STAAR review sets, we thought it would be even better to have task card sets that could be used WHILE you’re teaching, instead of ju

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