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With these activities, students compare fractions (using picture models, bar models, and number lines), determine which fraction is greater, and identify basic equivalent fractions.Includes:Anchor charts: equivalent fractions, comparing fractions using bar models, comparing fractions on a number lin
This anchor chart is great to print out on poster paper and use as your classroom! You can even print out copies for students to place into their notebooks or binders.This anchor chart gives 5 strategies for comparing fractions. This is intended as a reminder of all the ways students can compare fra
This chart can be displayed in the classroom, or be used as an Interactive Notebook page. Copyright Information: all fonts are from www.dafont.com KBREINDEERGAMES Clip art (heading background) the 3am teacher
Students can learn how to compare fractions using: *Comparing fractions poster. (Use this as an anchor chart in your classroom) *Fraction War game to compare fractions * Fraction spinner to compare fractions * Equivalent fractions worksheets * Comparing Fractions with the same denominator qu
FITS THE 4th GRADE STANDARDS NUMBER AND OPERATIONS - FRACTIONSThese anchor charts are perfect for scaffolding your instruction for your students when teaching your class about fractions. It includes adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions by a whole number, comparing fractions with u
Provide your students with a quick "butterfly" trick to compare fractions with unlike denominators. This poster can be printed to poster size as an Anchor Chart or printed on standard copy paper for use in student notebooks!
This 100% EDITABLE PowerPoint Presentation is perfect for introducing multiple methods for comparing fractions. The strategies included are finding common denominators, cross multiply, number line, model, and comparing to one half. By utilizing the pen feature on PowerPoint, you are able to draw rig
This is the perfect math anchor chart for introducing how to compare fractions with unlike denominators. Using the least common multiple, it is easy for students to follow the color coded steps on the anchor chart. This digital anchor chart can be projected onto your favorite anchor chart paper and
This set includes 5 anchor charts:Same NumeratorSame DenominatorCompare to One-HalfA Unit From One WholeEquivalent FractionsTEKS: 4.3DBorders: Krista Wallden
Rules of Comparing Fractions = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students An anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. Along with cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference the cards are also GREAT to glue into the students Math Journals. Also Included: 24in
Help your students compare fractions with this anchor chart. Show your kiddos how to compare fractions that have common and uncommon denominators.
Fractions on a Number Line! Who Needs Help with Fractions on a Number Line? IDENTIFY AND COMPARE FRACTIONS ON A NUMBER LINE = POSTER/ANCHOR CHAR WITH CARDS FOR STUDENTS MATH JOURNAL A anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. Along with cards to use as bookmarks f
The following is a set of anchor charts that focus on steps and strategies for comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators. The following product...*Includes an anchor chart that explain how to compare fractions with like numerators & unlike denominators and fractions with unlike numer
Wonderful anchor chart that easily printed and laminated. Final poster is 30in. by 24in. Open in Adobe and select poster option when printing. Simply line up the seams and tape/glue then laminate.
This anchor chart can be printed poster size or in 8.5 x 11. As with all Playground Education materials, we provide the word documents so that teachers can customize the anchor charts to their specific classroom.
This document can be used as an anchor chart for teaching how to compare fractions. It can also be used to place into student's math notebooks.
One full anchor chart / cheat sheet that covers 4 different ways to compare fractions. Step-by-Step directions make this a great resource for all students. You can use these to hang on the wall as anchor chart resources, print out and put in binders, and use a cheat sheet. This Product Includes:1 Fu
JPEG file for an anchor chart that compares decimals and fractions to money. The file is 2100 px x 3000 px. If you have any issues printing it or changing the dimensions please let me know!
This anchor chart is for beginning levels of comparing fractions.
I made this 8.5" x 11" mini anchor chart of ways to compare fractions for my Grade 5 math class, after I taught each strategy separately. It is a tool for students to use during independent practice; they keep a color-copy inside a page protector in their math binders. It highlights comparing fracti
This anchor chart helps students understand how to compare fractions by using cross multiplication. It provides a visual understanding of which factors to multiply through specific color coding. My third grade students loved using this reference during our fractions unit!
Strategies to Compare and Order Fractions is a double-sided, interactive anchor chart great for students in grades 4 and 5. The teacher leads the students through the completion of the Strategies to Compare and Order Fractions anchor chart by using examples for each of the included strategies. Stu
Comparing Fractions Anchor chart
This Comparing Fractions Anchor Chart will provide support to your students throughout the learning process. For all of my DIY Fractions Clipcharts, click HERE. This Clipchart is part of my full-year Middle School Math ANCHOR CHART BUNDLE, which is available HERE. For the Flip Book that complimen

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