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Comparing Planets Chart
This is a chart for the students to complete that compares all 8 planets. It's front and back and earth is already completed as an example. The students love doing the research, comparing notes, and analyzing the data they find. I then have them create a poster that compares one inner planet and one

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Compare Planet and Moon Size on the iPad! Free app and response sheet
To use this worksheet you will need to download the FREE app Interactive Minds Solar System Lite to a teacher iPad or student iPads. This activity asks students to use an interactive feature of this free app to compare the size of several planets and their moons to each other. Students should work

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Mathematical Thinking - 4.NBT.2 - "Comparing Planets"
Mathematical Thinking can be seen as a task, enrichment, or a starter in the classroom. Regardless, it is a problem that makes students think while supporting the CCSS standard listed utilizing the Mathematical Practices. This Mathematical Thinker poses the problem of comparing planets and moon by

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Comparing Planets with Place Value
Students must research or have access to the diameter (in km) of each planet. Students can use the place value chart to grasp the difference in diameters between planets. Exercises include listing least to greatest, comparing numbers, subtraction with regrouping.

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Comparing Planets - Astronomy Activities
Help students explore the planets in our solar system with these great interactive Astronomy lessons. This download includes three activities: - Planet Factoids Booklet - Solar System Travelguide - Planets Foldable Activities include instructions and student handouts, in full color. These activitie

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Comparing Planets Foldable and Interactive (Astronomy)
This resource compares the factors essential to life on Earth such as temperature, water, mass, and gases to conditions on other planets. Astronomy students to have all of their information on a planet in one spot. A comparison table is also included and can be used as a formative assessment or sup

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Comparing Planets Cornell Notes (Astronomy)
This resource is for the TEK Astronomy 9 (B) compare the planets in terms of orbit, size, composition, rotation, atmosphere, natural satellites, and geological activity. Students can have all of their research in one location.

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This is good for a research homework activity, or as a school computer activity. Students research important facts about our terrestial planet, and a big gas giant.This assignment is intended to stimulate interest in astronomy. America needs astronomers, as space is now the current new frontier. K

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Comparing the planets
Grade 6 Science lesson, part of Understanding Earth and Space Systems Unit

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Free Speaking Practice 2.0 or Secondary English Learners: Comparing Planets
Ever since the test was switched to the 2.0 version, my English Learners were struggling to demonstrate their true academic English speaking skills. But, this year, all my students' speaking scores went up! This product shows you how I did it. It asks the English learner to compare planets by distan

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Martian Colony FREEBIE- Comparing Planets
In this freebie, students will compare Earth and Mars before determining if Mars is suitable for life. This is part of a larger, 20 day science and writing PBL activity that can be found here.

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Solar System Lapbook Unit {Common Core}
Are you looking for a way to make Informational Reading more fun and still aligned to the new Common Core Standards? Lapbooks and Fold-its are a great way to do just that! With these fold-its, you can create a complete Solar System lapbook or add the fold-its to your student's science notebooks! T

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Solar System Activities: Phases of the Moon, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride
Learning about the Solar System has never been so much fun! This pack has 15 passages, comprehension and connection activities, vocabulary posters, 2 character studies on Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride, and so much more! Your students will love learning about the Solar System with this creative and a

Also included in: Science for the Year for 3rd and 4th Grade MEGA Bundle


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Solar System Bundle-Planets, Lunar Cycle, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Flip Book
This unit about the Solar System is out of this world! It has 17 passages, organizers, two character studies, comprehension and connection activities, a slideshow presentation, vocabulary posters, planets flip book, and so much more! This unit includes a PowerPoint Presentation and a creative acti


Solar System: Planets Research Posters
Are you studying the Solar System? This pack "all about the planets" research poster pack includes 9 different planet posters. All 8 planets, plus the dwarf planet Pluto. There is a set of 9 posters where the planet image is 'fixed', meaning they are the same size on all posters. There is also a s

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Planet Space Research Unit for Big Kids
This planet research unit is packed with activities for a cross-curricular theme. Students apply for a space mission, create a crew patch, research a planet, write a report, and create art, math, reading, and writing projects to show what they've learned in a mix of whole class lessons and learning

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The Sun Powerpoint
This is a 35 slide PowerPoint that teaches about our Sun. It answers questions such as where is the Sun located in the Milky Way Galaxy, how large is the Sun compared to the planets, what elements is it composed of, how long does it take light to reach Earth, what is the temperature of the Sun, how

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The Sun Worksheet
This worksheet can be filled out by students while viewing “The Sun” PowerPoint. It teaches about our Sun. It answers questions such as where is the Sun located in the Milky Way Galaxy, how large is the Sun compared to the planets, what elements is it composed of, how long does it take light to re

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Multiplicative Comparison - Fourth Grade 4.OA.A.1 Activity Unit
This set includes everything you need for a 2 day lesson on 4.OA.A.1 - Multiplicative Comparison for your fourth grade classroom. It could even be used for struggling fifth graders or as enrichment for your third graders. The set has a generic theme so it can be used any time of year. It is compl

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Mission to Mars Ecology Project: Design a Shuttle to Feed Astronauts - NGSS
This ecology project is packed full of NGSS standards, and engages students in STEM activities. It proceeds as follows:1. First, students consider the hurdles involved in a manned-trip to Mars2. Then, students use concepts in ecology to design and create a self-sustaining food room for astronauts3.

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Space Themed Math Centers: Common Core Aligned Place Value,addition, subtraction
Common core aligned math centers that can be used through out the year!!! Main Focus of Centers Space Ship Subtraction Story problems with manipulative and 3 different levels! CCSS: 2.0A.1 Alien Flight School Addition Story Problems with maniulatives and 3 different levels! CCSS: 2.OA.1 Addition Lan

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Exploring Our Solar System, Science and Social Studies Activities and Worksheets
Exploring Our Solar System introduces students to early astronomers, the planets, the stars, our galaxy, celestial bodies, and space exploration. Activities are designed to help students master the basic skills necessary to comprehend introductory science facts about space. They are also sequenced

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Inner Planets Graphic Organizer
This graphic organizer allows students to research information about the inner planets. Students will locate certain planetary characteristics and place them in the appropriate box. This graphic organizer makes it easy to compare the planets.

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Solar System Interactive Notebook
This product is a bundle of my other Solar System Notebook Documents (does not include the task cards). RESOURCES FOR STUDENT JOURNALS. Students are able to make connections between Earth, other planets, and the stars. Includes---Compare & Contrast - Stars VS PlanetsCompare & Contrast - Inne

Also included in: Solar System BUNDLE - Interactive Notebook, Centers, Task Cards


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