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This lesson teaches the basics of computer hardware and software while letting students explore what's inside the computer!Start with a PowerPoint presentation to the class, then students create a PowerPoint to reinforce their knowledge of computer parts. Next, they'll use Excel in a project to res
Perfect for both the Computer Lab and the Classroom Teacher, the “You've Been Hacked! Computer Hardware Identification Game” is an activity that will help students review these important concepts in a FUN and fast paced way! Your students will test their knowledge of computer hardware by answering
Need a fun way for students to learn about computer parts, both inside and out? CPU, Hard Drive, Motherboard! These are just a few of the terms used in this engaging bingo game designed to teach any student from upper elementary to adult about the hardware (the physical parts of a computer). Ver
This simple PowerPoint takes the learners through identifying the common hardware and software devices for computers. It includes prompts and checks throughout. Great for a whole class review or introduction to computers. Hope your class enjoys it as much mine did! This work is licensed under a
This resource is a full unit that focuses on computer hardware. This is a great package that is divided up into 10 lessons (quiz, and assignment included). You need some old computers for students to assemble/disassemble. Lessons are 75 minutes in length. Each lesson includes teaching material (goog
This bundle introduces the computer and all its parts with good descriptive images. It contains the following:• Hardware: Input, Output, Storage and Micro-Processor• Software: Types, Operating system, Application software, etc• Worksheet Questions with answers (mark scheme)
This PowerPoint allows the teacher and students to review the parts of the computer (either in a lab or in a center). The PowerPoint uses clip art and labels. Then, the students are to match up the label with the correct computer part by clicking and dragging the words and placing them in the corre
The operation of your computer, how well it runs, depends on the quality of your computer hardware. Raw materials such as motherboards, hard drives, processing chips and memory modules are the core components of all computing systems. In this lesson, you will:* Differentiate internal and external ha
These computer worksheets introduce students to different computer hardware. Topics include: Name the HardwareClassify Hardware into Input/Output devicesResearch HardwareThe following file formats are provided: Google Slides™ - suitable for distance learningPDF – suitable for CS unplugged activities
Distance Learning - #DistanceLearningEpisode Guides for the Crash Course Computer Science YouTube Series!Each guide comes with two versions (with and without timestamps), and a complete answer key.This product easy to use, no-prep product is a perfect last minute lesson plan, review activity, extra
Hardware: the part of the computer that you can kick.In this unit we continue our look at computer fundamentals by exploring computer hardware. In this presentation your students will learn about common input/output devices, how the internal components of a computer work, like the CPU, RAM and moth
Computer Hardware Parts Crossword Puzzle: This 20 question crossword with answer key offers an enjoyable way to review Computer Hardware Parts Terminology. It can be used as an introduction to new material or a study guide for a vocabulary quiz. This is also a great activity to leave for your class
A colorful collection of 14 posters of the most popular Computer Parts-Hardware. A must have for your Computer Lab or classroom with 1:1 devices! Seven different color posters with text and graphics.Print on Card Stock and Laminate for Best QualityPoster Set Includes:2 Titles - Computer Parts or Com
Six complete 1 hour lessons covering an introduction to computer hardware for GCSE pupils. The lessons cover:-The input-output-processing model-Basic processing-Input and output devices-Secondary storage-Primary storage-Cloud storageEach lesson has a starter, activities, teacher’s presentation, and
Computer Hardware Word Search/Unscramble ActivityBasic computer hardware for your intro to computers classes.This is not just a word search it's also an unscramble the words activity and there are two optional open-ended challenges you can assign or have them choose one to complete on the back of t
B&W, high-quality and visually supportive printable paper tablet/iPad that students can color, cut and build. Helps them learn the difference between computer hardware and software. ===========================================You and your students will get to enjoy: Paper tablet template Black an
This is the 4th lesson of 5 lessons introducing Computers to upper elementary kids
Unit 8 of a ten-unit curriculum for Computers. A Solution KEY is also available. This Unit covers various type of Computer Hardware, including Input, Output, Storage and Communications devices, and illustrates some of the changes over the years. The Unit looks at various models of CPU, Motherboards
We all use computers, but how much do we really know about hardware and software? These lessons look specifically at hardware, introducing students to what computers are all about in an accessible way.The course is delivered in 3 x 60-minute lessons, using stimulating PowerPoint presentations with
This digital test consists of 30 multiple choice questions which cover questions on Computer Hardware, Memory, Storage and Networks. Resources included: Multiple Choice Assessment – opens in Google Forms™ (Instant Feedback provided) PDF version of assessmentAnswer Key The benefit of assessments in G
Distance Learning - #DistanceLearningEpisode Guides for the Crash Course Computer Science YouTube Series!Each guide comes with two versions (with and without timestamps), and a complete answer key.This product easy to use, no-prep product is a perfect last minute lesson plan, review activity, extra
Bright, colorful mini-posters are a great way to display key computer hardware terms. There are six: - Monitor - Keyboard - Mouse - Headphones - Keyboard Key - Home Row Keys Each term has two versions - the actual term and the definition. As the year progresses, challenge young learners by removin
This combination includes a Power Point with some basics of Hardware including the different functions, explanations of hardware components, and diagram of the inside of a computer. The students will use the Power Point to complete some worksheets that include a Note, Activities, and Questions.
Printable Technology Unplugged Activities for students in Grades K-2 to practice coding while learning Computer Hardware. Bright and colorful ocean animals with 10 different coding sheets. Includes 10 separate files for distance learning and one PDF for printing back-to-back for in-person learning a

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