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This Spanish TPR Story is about a girl with many problems who finds a genie in a bottle. The genie can grant her only one wish. What does she wish for? The TPR Story uses the conditional tense multiple times. Digital versions are included for Distance Learning.Also included in the "TPR Story for
Your Students will love this lesson! This lesson includes a very visual and interactive PPT that is cultural. Two speaking activities A video link that shows how the world would be if it reduced to 100 people maintaining the proportions we have now. A graphic organizers for video link for students
This version of Connect 4 has more squares and so can accommodate 2 or 3 players. Students must correctly conjugate the verb to win the square. The goal is to get 4 squares in a row four times. Use same game for either future or conditional tenses in Spanish. Includes both regular and irregular ve
El condicional regular and irregular verb speaking activity that can be completed as an opener or exit ticket, or during any extra time you have in class! This is a great filler activity that will help students with hands-on review of the conditional tense while using the target language.Spanish Con
This powerpoint is an introduction to both regular and irregular verbs in the conditional tense in Spanish. The powerpoint is very interactive and involves speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. It includes 101 slides, that can be covered over a 2 day period. The first day includes re
Worksheet has 32 choices (comprar un coche o una moto); students are to choose and answer using the condicional.
After teaching both the future and conditional I had students do this crosswords puzzle. I used a crossword puzzle format because it helps them verify that their answer is correct or not based on whether it fits into the spaces. On the other side I had them write in Spanish what their dream house
As part of the ultimate Spanish Grammar Handout series, this is the Conditional Tense handout. This handout explains describes how to use the Conditional tense.
This editable conditional tense project is perfect assessment for a high school Spanish class, Spanish 3 or Spanish 4. Students are prompted to write about what they WOULD do in hypothetical situations. Student support and rubric included!*************************************************Editable Spa
Get your students speaking and practicing the conditional tense with these 38 cards! Cards are 4x6 inches. Each card has a picture on one side. The other side has questions in the conditional and present tense about the picture and key words that students may use. Cut out and laminate with the pictu
This 4 page practice packet on the conditional explains to students step by step how to form it and when to use it. Packet contains detailed notes, 40 practice exercises and conjugation boxes, and an essay prompt for students to demonstrate creatively their usage. Can be assigned as homework, ext
This worksheet requires students to fill in the blanks with the conditional form 15 verbs given in brackets to complete the sentence. (features regular/irregular verbs)Level: Spanish 3Editable file.Includes answer key.Example:1. Me dijo que ella ___llegaría_______ a las 8 PM. (llegar)
This 3 page study guide explains the steps to form the future and conditional tenses. These are convenient reference sheets to help students study and form the future and conditional tenses. Las Tres Senoras hope that this study guide helps your students as much as it does ours
Great activity to reinforce that the Conditional is also used for giving advice. Students read the classic Mexican legend "La llorona" and after each paragraph will give her advice based on her actions using the conditional tense. Fun way to teach grammar through legends. Key is included as well as
This PowerPoint presentation will easily explain how to form Si Clauses and relationships between verbs conjugated to the Imperfect Subjunctive and the Conditional.
Visual Handout with a comparison between the Future and Conditional in Spanish. My students love it!
This 3-page file includes:~A fun reading in which five people are interviewed about what they would do in specific situations. In the answers the students can see the Spanish conditional and imperfect subjunctive verb forms in context! ~A worksheet based on the reading which includes two parts: a tr
Crossword puzzle gives infinitive and subject pronoun for clues; students conjugate the verbs in the conditional tense for the answers. Includes 5 versions; does not include vosotros.
Es una actividad que practica el uso de condicional simple a través de la canción "Cuando tus ojos me miran" de Franco de Vita con India Martínez. Primero se explica como formar el Condicional Simple y cuales son sus usos. Luego se presenta la canción con huecos, donde los alumnos tienen que complet
This Spanish worksheet focuses on the Conditional Perfect tense. It features 16 fill in the blank sentences with both regular and irregular verbs.Example sentences:1. Yo habría hablado con su madre. (hablar)2. Yo se lo ............... ............... para su cumpleaños. (comprar)3. Ella ............
Juego de mesa para practicar las conjugaciones del futuro o del condicional. Los estudiantes pueden jugar en parejas o en grupos pequeños. Instrucciones y hoja de respuesta incluidos. Who doesn't love to play games in class? Your students sure do!This is a fun way to review future or conditional ten
This is a two-page practice sheet which has students fill in blanks with imperfect subjunctive and conditional phrases. For example in English: "If I had a million dollars, I would be rich." The students are given parts of sentences and they fill in "imperfect subjunctive" and "conditional" phrases
This 3-page file includes:~A humorous reading in which three friends who are decorating for a party realize their friend Pedro has lied to all of them numerous times to get out of helping them! The reading includes nine examples of the conditional tense in context. The reading also includes a glossa
Partner activity. Goal is to win 4 squares in a row. To earn a square, student must conjugate the verb correctly; if wrong, the partner gets the square. Can be used for future or conditional tenses; irregular verbs. 2 game boards included on 1 sheet.

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