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I LOVE social psych, and these topics are so important for students to understand. I use this activity with my students after I have taught the social psychology unit. Students will work in groups (or individual) to create an experiment with a research proposal that will test conformity, obedience,
Psychology 40S - topic of conformity, cooperation, conflict, and obedience.Manitoba Curricular Specific Learning Outcomes (SLOs) covered: 4.1.4 Explain observational and cognitive learning approaches 5.2.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of the presence of others on individual behaviour 
This can be used as a Quiz or a Study Guide depending on your need. This Covers-Group Pressure-Conformity-Obedience to Authority-Milgram Experiment-The Stanford Prison Experiment-And More10 Multiple Choice Questions5 Matching Questions 15 Total Questions with an Answer Key
This is a homework assignment that I created to go with the book. I prefer to have my own assignments that they can write on and turn it. It is for chapter 18 which covers Conformity and Obedience.
Social Psychology: Social Cognition-Social Influence Two Units in One(AP) - Save Money! This bundle includes Social Cognition PowerPoints, Social Influence PowerPoints, Worksheets, Assessment, with lesson plans included. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, and continues with PowerPoint notes, activi
Social Psychology: Social Influence Powerpoints with presenter notes and embedded video links is packed with stunning visuals and built in video clips illustrating social influence principles, everything you need to keep your students engaged. Lecture contains four PowerPoints, 45 slides total with
Find everything you need in this LOADED, CCSS-aligned test-prep unit! Teach your students to write a perfect constructed response and answer any questions on their ELA state test with this digital workshop using the R.A.C.E. + Transitions method, text-dependent questions, central idea map, Quizlet f
Everything you need to introduce your class to the fascinating and shocking world of cults!POWERPOINT:Engaging PowerPoint presentation focusing on CULTS. This informative presentation covers the essential information needed to introduce your class to the fascinating and shocking topic of cults! Impo
Google Slides virtual classroom with digital writing prompts, articles ( informational text ) and videos, using RACE strategy is great for distance learning AND for in-class use! This August set is just in time for Summer and back to school. Prompts are written to resemble state test prompts. Stude
bias, social roles, norms, attitudes and persuasion, cognitive dissonance, conformity, compliance, obedience, Milgram's experiment, groupthink, prejudice, discrimination, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, self-fulfilling prophecy, in-groups, out-groups, scapegoating, influence, aggression, bullyin
AP Psychology PowerPoint:  Social Psychology Originally created in Google and then downloaded to PowerPoint.  Easily able to upload it back up to Google. PowerPoints Include:Cover slide for Unit topic and individual lesson topicsBell ringer/Thought of the Day question to begin each lessonEnd of clas
9 Lessons in 1 bundle Each lesson includes learning targets and essential questions, lesson agenda and directions, links to outside sources, and easily printable handouts or displays where appropriate. Each lesson is meant to be dynamic, engaging, and discussion-based. Various strategies such as ca
Full year of Google Slides digital writing prompts, articles ( informational text ) and videos, using RACE strategy for constructed responses. Each monthly set has a prompt of the week on the virtual chalkboard with links to engaging articles and/or videos that are relevant to teens. Prompts are wri
Psychology Social Influence in the Media Worksheet for Social Psychology covers vocabulary such as conformity, social facilitation, social loafing, ect. and analysis question on conformity and obedience. *Please email me with any questions at ReadySetLearnSocialScience@yahoo.com If you would like
In 1961, social psychologist Stanley Milgram (Peter Sarsgaard) conducts controversial experiments designed to measure conformity, conscience and free will.This movie guide will help your students get the most out of this powerful movie. This guide comes with a brief introduction into the life and re
New Spec (2017) AQA GCSE Psychology (Paper 2) Social Influence Paper 2 Social Context & Behaviour 3.2.1 Social Influence Covers 1. Conformity (Including: definitions + Research by Asch) 2. Obedience (Including: Definitions + Milgram’s agency theory) 3. Prosocial behaviour (Including: Bystander
There are 7 diagrams showing key concepts in social psychology, including cognitive dissonance, foot-in-the-door technique, conformity and obedience, social facilitation and social inhibition. I use color and layout to emphasize the process of applying concepts.
Engaging PowerPoint presentation focusing on CULTS. This informative presentation covers the essential information needed to introduce your class to the fascinating and shocking topic of cults! Important Psychology terms are included as they link very closely into this topic.This PowerPoint leads in
This Covers-Group Behavior-How Groups are formed-What Keeps Groups Together-Types of Groups-Social Facilitation vs Social Inhibiton-Interactions within Groups-Conformity and Obedience-Group Pressure to Conform-Obedience to Authority-Milgram Experiment-Stanford Prison Experiment-Conflict and Cooperat
These discussion card provoke higher order thinking and deep discussions for the story The Story of Ferdinand. These questions relate to topics such as Animal Rights, Violence, Conformity, and Obedience to Authority. Have students in pairs or group. Students take turns selecting a discussion card an
The Ox Bow Incident is a perfect film that shows the need for the 5th Amendment, the Right to Due Process. The lesson here highlights the interdisciplinary workings of Psychology, Sociology, and US History. This would fit perfectly in a US History course, Psychology course, or a Sociology course.Thi
Social Psychology: Social Influence - Includes Social Influence PowerPoints, Handouts, Role-play, Quiz, Video Links - Lesson Plans included. This Social Influence unit has 7-8 days worth of lessons. I have used this for both AP Psychology and regular classes. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, Power
Cults This group activity works in a regular psychology class and AP. It will allow students to take a more in depth look at the motivations behind why people join cults to enhance their understanding of conformity, obedience, and group dynamics. The teacher will do a conformity activity with the
This menu offers students 14 activities to choose from that vary in point value (range from 10-60). They can choose from 9 different experiments as the focus of their activities. Each experiment has hyperlinked videos and articles for students to use for accurate information. The total amount of hyp

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