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Perfect for review or homework, this worksheet reinforces the Law of Conservation of Mass. This worksheet asks questions about the law of conservation of matter and open versus closed systems. Students need to know that atoms in = atoms out, and that the mass of the products always equals the mass
This lesson plan is one of six that are also found in the Matter and Its Interactions Bundle.In this performance expectation, the teacher will complete various demos that change matter (physical and chemical changes). Students will measure and graph the mass of the system before the change, and afte
This assessment has two multiple choice questions and two short response questions about the Law of Conservation of Mass/Matter. Students need to know what the law states and have a good understanding about what happens to atoms during a chemical change. A complete key is included.The exit ticket pr
Use this worksheet for reviewing or assessing your students' understanding of chemical reactions. Your students will love the activity as a more interactive and engaging alternative to a traditional worksheet. Use it as a study guide, in-class or homework assignment, or even as an emergency sub pl
In this worksheet students will gain an understanding of the law of conservation of matter. Students will analyze models that show chemical reactions taking place. They will see how the number of atoms and mass stay the same before and after a chemical reaction. Through their analysis they will calc
A mini-unit for Middle School Chemistry over the topic of Conservation of Matter, heavily focused on learning to balance chemical equations. It includes a Powerpoint (with notes), as well as activities demonstrating conservation of matter and practice sheets for balancing equations. This mini-unit
This activity is a fun, Christmas science worksheet. I have included 12 questions that require students to count the atoms in a chemical reaction and determine whether or not the reaction obeys the law of conservation of matter. Once finished, students will use the answers to color a fun, holiday-th
This is a fill in the blank worksheet about heat and thermal energy. It contains the following topics: heat, conduction, convection, radiation, The Law of Conservation of Energy, states of matter as they relate to thermal energy, heat energy, temperature and molecular motion. This could be used as
This resource includes three different interactive notebook pages about the law of conservation of mass. The first INB page reviews key information needed to understand the law. The second INB page introduces the law and provides notes for students. The third INB page allows students to practice the
Perfect for middle school students, this investigation lets students witness the Law of Conservation of Mass first hand using THE EASIEST supplies!All you need is apples and 2 glass jars (spaghetti sauce jars work great!)This activity gives instructions about how to set up a class demonstration and
Reflect the intended rigor of NGSS with this 10 questions multiple choice quiz covering the Law of Conservation of Mass (AKA Conservation of Matter), which we cover at the same time we cover physical and chemical changes. This quiz is MIDDLE SCHOOL level and is written to address NGSS MS-PS1-5. It
This two page worksheet gives students practice with the following matter concepts: atoms, states of matter, changes in state, physical and chemical changes, the law of conservation of mass/matter, mixtures, elements, and compounds. Its twelve questions require students to answer in sentences and d
This resources will help your students review about the unit of Matter and Energy.The following key topics are covered throughout this bundle:Matter and Energy (Introduction)Properties of MatterStates of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and GasesChanging States of MatterPure Substances and MixturesMixtures
This Law of Conservation of Mass worksheet with answers is a Digital Interactive Notebook which follows the popular 5E model.  Each slide is embedded with text to speech audio, making differentiation a snap.  Students are presented with a real world scenario literacy read, “Laws are Meant to be Brok
Engage your students during science and help them learn those all-important science vocabulary terms with these 6 different games and activities- including practice worksheets!Check out the preview for details!Check out the FREEBIE for a small sample of this resource!Objective:For students to review
This completed bundle of over 50 of my "FUN" review puzzle worksheets for Physical Science using the NGSS standards for Middle School. Worksheets include mazes, logic puzzles, TRUE/FALSE statements, and solve-it to answer the questions challenges. Great for early finishers, review, independent pract
SAVE $$$ with this SET OF 3 REVIEW WORKSHEETS to use for homework, reinforcement, or test preparation. Two worksheets cover chemical equations (products vs. reactants) and one worksheet focuses on the law of conservation of mass. Each worksheet included is MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL, not high school. NG
PREZI: https://prezi.com/s767g8sqxu64/energy/ These notes and accompanying sheet will help you with your unit on Energy and Matter. Topics: -Energy -Work -Potential -Kinetic -Force -Law of Conservation of Energy -Matter/Energy
Use this simple 20 problem practice worksheeet to help students learn how to write formulas for and name covalent compounds. Teacher answe key is provided! Use this simple reviw alone or with the Chemistry Unit 7: Lesson Plan: Formation and Nature of Ionic Compounds!Teacher answer key is provided
Teaching your unit covering matter and atoms doesn’t have to be overwhelming or boring. My students love this fun domino activity and I bet yours will too! Your students will be having fun and learning as they play a fun domino review game, complete a crossword, and add pages to their interactive
Welcome to Science Distance Learning! With the increase in distance learning for our students and the lack of time for teachers to fully locate and/or create engaging and relevant digital assignments, I thought I’d help fill the need for a complete online learning science experience for our students
NGSS MS-PS1-5 Matter and its Interactions Law of Conservation of Mass PowerPoint covering law of conservation of mass. Defines law of conservation of mass, chemical equation, reactant, product, atomic mass, and chemical reactions. Covers how in a chemical process, the atoms of the original substan
Use this simple 30 problem practice worksheeet to help students learn how to write formulas for and name Ionic Compounds. Teacher answe key is provided! Use this simple reviw alone or with the Chemistry Unit 7: Lesson Plan: Formation and Nature of Ionic Compounds!Teacher answer key is provided!
This CLOZE reading overviews the chemical equations for reactions, as well as the Law of Conservation of Matter.CLOZE passages are incredible ways for students to reinforce critical concepts and vocabulary, build reading comprehension and stamina, develop context clues skills, and also expand their

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