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This project involves students researching a particular constellation and demonstrating understanding of the following: • Picture/Illustration/Diagram of constellation • Instructions for locating constellation • Explanation of which hemisphere can be seen from • Explanation of best time of year to
This PowerPoint explains the myths behind the names and stories of the constellations. Then it lists numerous constellation names & symbols and tells students to choose one to create a myth about. It also has students create their own constellation, but dropping star stickers onto black construc
ELA Teachers would love to incorporate STEM into their classrooms, but projects are hard to find! This is a perfect STEM project for ELA teachers! Reading, Writing and Creating their Own Constellations! This project helps ELA teachers incorporate a reading passage about constellations and myths, cre
EDITABLE! Just like ancient civilizations observed the night sky and created myths to tell stories of the stars, students write their own myths after creating their own constellation as they graph their name. All civilizations have mythology to tell the stories of the stars! Pick any civilization an
Incorporate storytelling into your space curriculum with these Myths & Constellation Cards. These cards cover 12 different constellations and each on has a summary of a popular myth that goes along with it. Your students will have an easier time remembering the constellations by learning it in
Brief your students in how constellations work as well as the folktales surrounding these star images. Includes a power point and a writing prompt for students writing their own myths.
This is our Science class constellation project. It explains that students must create their own constellation artwork AND create their own myth that explains how the constellation was formed. There are points for neatness, creativity, artwork, and being on time.
The packet includes two separate packets that will help you teach astronomy, astrology, and the constellations (based on Greek myths) to kids. Etymology piece explains the difference between astronomy and astrology. Worksheets include review questions as they go along and read. Students can read abo
Once your students have mastered mythology, its time to let them create a myth of their own! I have my students create constellations, and then share the myth which allowed for the constellation to be created. This project is a lot of fun, and allows for a lot of creativity, as well as demonstrati
Have students create a constellation myth using the given guidelines. This activity combines reading/writing skills with knowledge of science.
If you've ever looked at the stars and wondered... If you've ever pondered the origins of ancient stories... If you suspect there is something missing then this book is for you. EyeMagination Stargazers' Emporium offers something quite unique in the realm of astronomy, for it reintroduces us to a wo
Editable Constellation Myth Research PacketTo be used with internet or book resources provided by teacher. Completely editable to fit the needs of your curriculum.
Studying the constellations? Have students use this prompt to write their own constellation myth! Excellent paired with the Story of... constellation myth books by Cari Meister. GA Standard: 4th grade: ELACC4W3 Text Types and Purposes: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or ev
Constellations of the Zodiac PowerPoint and Flash Cards: Students will learn the science behind the zodiac signs, why their sign is their sign (and why it really isn't), the myths about their sign, and how well it can be seen in the sky! _____________________________________________________________
Did you know that in the clear country sky (away from the light pollution of the city) there are over 3000 stars visible to the naked eye? Add a pair of low powered binoculars, and that number increases to 100,000! This Nature at Night pack contains a 48 page mini booklet that’s packed full of
EDITABLE! NO PREP! Students connect with the stars by creating their own constellation as they graph their name, then create their own myth to tell its story. Students will have fun creating their own story to explain their stars just they have learned about the original constellations, a great way
Students can create a constellation using marshmallows and pretzels prior to completing this activity. They will then brainstorm a myth (or story) to tell about their constellation creation using the graphic organizer before writing the final copy.
To be used as an individual writing project, a literacy center, or as an "early finisher" activity in conjunction with outer space science studies. This activity could also easily connect to Greek or Roman mythology studies, and to studies with types of literature (legends and myths). I have studen
This is a unique science project that integrates language arts and astronomy. Students are provided the opportunity to learn about constellations and research some of the various legends that surround various northern and southern constellations. In this project students will create a myth or leg
Astronomy, Myths & Legends of the Ancient Egyptians volume 1 is a book of 10 Common Core lessons that help students learn about the ancient Egyptians, their connection to astronomy, and how astronomy was incorporated into their myths and legends. Higher order skills for students to develop and
This powerpoint presentation teaches students about what constellations are, what they are used for, and the myths associated with a few of the well known constellations. Links included to helpful websites. Check out my stars test hereYou might also be interested in:Astronomy Writing PromptsAstrono
STEAM PROJECT: Astronomy Meets CircuitsIlluminate astronomy with a cool tech twist! Throughout the ages, the night sky has mystified and delighted us. The ancients saw patterns in the stars and celebrated them through sky stories and star myths. Fusing space science with electronics and mythology, o
Students will create a constellation including main stars, an image or picture created by the stars, and a myth that explains the origin of their constellation. Direction checklist and rubric included.
This is a Webquest that encourages student exploration and research. There are so many references to Greek mythology in our world and connections to be made across disciplines. While studying the constellations and meteor showers in science, or investigating musical instruments from antiquity, thi

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