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Constitutional Role Play
Room 311 has created a resource that allows your students to take on Constitutional questions through role play. Scenarios for the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments have been included. Each scenario allows for student discussion of how these amendments can be applied to their lives. Also includ
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Meet The Framers of the Constitution: Role Playing- Research Assignment
Meet The Framers of the Constitution: Role Playing- Research Assignment Background: Who were the men who attended the Constitutional Convention during the steaming summer of 1787? They were some of the most famous and important men in America. According to one historian, the delegates were the “wel
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Role of Government - Civics - Chapter 1 - Holt
This “Role of Government", Chapter 1 Bundle is great for 12th graders. It includes PPT, Activities, Videos, Tests, Quizzes, Activities, and Crash Course guide(s). BOOK: Holt - US Government Principles and Practice. If you are having any problems please email me: CLI
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U.S. History Test: role of the government, development/function of pol. systems
This test measures the following: difference between rights and responsibilities of citizenship, influence of the U.S. Constitution and Amendments on society, and the relationship/roles of the three branches of U.S. Government. This test is all short answer responses and has been used in an Adva
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Constitutional Role Play Powerpoint
This power point sets up an engaging constitutional role play for your students to complete in small groups and individually.
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Constitution Unit: 16 fun lessons to teach the US Constitution! Fun & Engaging!
Constitution Unit: 16 fun lessons to teach the United States Constitution! US Constitution!This US Constitution Unit is included in the much larger American History Super Unit: Version 1/4, located here:The American History Super Unit: Version 1/4Buy Super Unit Version 1 and receive and additional 1

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 1/4: (1590-1788): 4 Unit Bundle! Save Big!

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Civics, Government & American History Interactive Notebook Bundle Florida
Civics, Government, & American History Interactive Notebook This resource is Civics and Government interactive notebook for middle or high school. The file is 244 pages long and includes a complete answer key. This interactive notebook can be used throughout the entire course or it can be use
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Economics Semester and Civics Semester Mega Bundle GOOGLE DRIVE
This full semester mega bundle has multiple options for teaching Economics and Civics with various resources to mix it up. You will have access to my GOOGLE DRIVE and all videos for PPT keynotes.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Civics and US Government Mega Bundle GOOGLE DRIVE ONLY
This Mega Bundle covers Civics and US Government. You will have access to my Google Drive Only, and all the videos will be included for PPT’s/Keynotes. It provides multiple options for teaching Civics with lots of resources to mix it up!- Roles of Government - Origins of US Government - The US Co
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Constitution Day Activity Set: PowerPoint & Craftivity
Are you looking for an engaging reading activity to do on Constitution Day (September 17th)? This is one of those days that tend to sneak up on a teacher, and I am almost always scrambling to find an activity that I can quickly add to my already-packed day. That's why I decided to create my own Powe
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Branches of Government ESCAPE ROOM! Legislative, Executive, Judicial Branch
The Branches of Government Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the three Branches of Government. This is the perfect activity to introduce the Constitution. Students will learn about the roles of th

Also included in: 5 Constitution Escape Rooms BUNDLE :Bill of Rights, Branches, Preamble and more

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Types of Governments- Complete Unit (Limited and Unlimited)
Introducing government doesn’t have to be confusing or dry for intermediate and middle school students! Find everything you need for an entire unit to engage and educate students on the importance of government! The unit is designed around a 5E model to help make lesson planning easy and includes a
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Constitutional Convention Simulation Game
What happened at the Constitutional Convention? How did our government take shape? Who were the people who helped form our country and how did they do it? This engaging simulation helps students to experience the excitement, compromise, and debates that helped form our national government by recr
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Articles of Confederation and Constitution PowerPoint and Guided Notes
This 49 slide PowerPoint presentation on the creation of a New Nation covers a myriad of topics including:- Critical Period- Creation of the Articles of Confederation and the role of John Dickinson- Structure of government under the Articles of Confederation- Accomplishments of the Articles of Confe
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Ratifying the Constitution - Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists Debate
The ratification of the Constitution and the debate between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists is a hard concept for students to grasp. Instead of the boring lecture and notes, try this activity instead! It will engage your students with a debate, and still challenge them with primary sources.

Also included in: CONSTITUTION BUNDLE - Activities for the ENTIRE Constitution Unit

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Creating a New Government: Late 1700s {TN 4th Grade Social Studies Standards}
The War for Independence was won, but the states were not united. The Articles of Confederation was still being followed 10 years after the war, to the detriment of the nation. Delegates met in Pennsylvania to discuss the ratification of the governing document. However, opposing views on how the nat

Also included in: Blaire's Bundle

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US Constitution Unit
Engage your students with this kid-friendly Constitution unit. Even though it is one of the most important documents in the United States, it can be challenging to explain to our students exactly what it is, why it was written, and why it is important. This unit makes that easy!Over 160 pages of res
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* U.S. Constitution UNIT (ALL 5 parts) highly visual, interactive 80-slide PPT
This download includes PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, & PART 5 of the unit described below... This unit is broken into 5 parts, which can be downloaded separately to teach as individual lessons, or downloaded as a whole unit. Each section is filled with relevant text, visuals, flowcharts, gra
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You Decide! Articles of Confederation or the Constitution?
You Decide! Articles of Confederation or the Constitution? Why were the Articles of Confederation written and why was this document replaced by the U.S Constitution? The activities in my packet provide a variety of differentiated activities that encourage debates, discussions and research on the W
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'I Have, Who Has?' Government Game
This game includes 36 cards for your students to play 'I Have, Who Has?' with terms and concepts on American Government. Terms include: Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch Roles of the Branches Senate and House of Representatives Number in Senate and house Constitution Tax Amendmen
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Constitution Day Unit from Teacher's Clubhouse
The Constitution Day Unit includes a PowerPoint, a minibook, a game, a writing activity, and more Constitution-related activities. (Includes all 10 activities below.) *Please note our PowerPoints are password-protected from editing and are only compatible with PCs. Mac users will not be able to vie
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Constitution Day
Are you looking for a way to teach ideas about the constitution to your young learners? Then my Constitution Day Activity Pack is just for you. Some of the concepts in the Constitution can be challenging for our young learners. So, I have created materials that will help teach the basic princip
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U.S. Government and Elections Resources Unit
Guide your upper elementary and middle school students through the American election process using content-rich, engaging activities with this United States government and elections unit. This comprehensive unit contains 3 mini-units: government, voting, and presidential elections. You can conduc
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Australian Government - Australian Constitution and Separation of Powers
Grade 6 HASS – Australian Civics and Citizenship Understanding the Australian Constitution and Separation of Powers Flip Book I have designed this activity to assist you in your year 6 classroom while studying the Constitution as part of your Civics and Citizenship unit. This easy to use, fun and e
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