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Plate Tectonics Interactive Notebook {NOW DIGITAL & PRINT INCLUDED}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningPlate Tectonics Unit for Interactive Science Notebook!This resource is part of the Earth Sc
This worksheet gives a brief reading selection about the three main plate boundaries: divergent boundaries, convergent boundaries and transform boundaries. The student is then asked to cut out various pictures or words to show understanding of the reading selection and paste into the appropriate l
Use this engaging worksheet and quiz to explore the Earth's core and gain a deeper understanding of the earth's plates as they converge, diverge and transform. Your students are required to cut and paste the provided pictures and place them in the correct order. To further their understanding of Pla
Students identify tectonic boundaries and the geologic features and processes that occur there using a diagram and word bank.A teacher key and tips are included. A numbered version with word bank and a labeled version is also included that you can project for students to self-check or simply print a
This worksheet is a great way for students to practice identifying the crustal features (folded mountains, trenches, rift valleys, midocean ridges, volcanic mountains)that result at convergent, divergent and transform plate boundaries. With sentence stems, and helpful visuals, it is great resource f
This foldable is a great way for students to visually compare convergent, divergent and transform boundaries and to process the crustal features that result from these plate movements. 1st page is the front/outside of the foldable and page 2 is the inside of the foldable, makes it very easy to copy
This worksheet has 24 multiple choice and constructed response Earth Science Regents questions about plate tectonics. This makes a great homework sheet or in-class review. Topics addressed: Divergent plate boundaries Convergent plate boundaries Transform faults ESRT page 5 Diagrams of plate boundar
This one page worksheet will give your students practice with the lithosphere (also called the geosphere) and plate tectonics. It features questions about convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries in addition to questions about the definition, features, and examples of the lithosphere. It invo
Hello Everyone, It's super interactive and informative. It caters to audio, visual and kinesthetic learners. This lesson plan has tons of resources. There is a PowerPoint presentation on the layers of the Earth (crust, mantle, core, lithosphere, asthenosphere), a video, cut and paste coloring activi
This worksheet can be completed digitally or printed and done by hand. Students fill out information about the three types of plate boundaries: convergent, divergent, and transform. For each boundary, students must figure out what happens to the plates, what landforms are produced, and whether eart
In this activity, students will describe how plate tectonics causes major geological events through a card sort activity. Students focus on Plate Boundary movement: Convergent, Divergent, or Transform. This resource includes:Convergent, Divergent, or Transform - Sorting ActivityConvergent, Diverge
Hey Everyone, I used this lesson plan to introduce Layers of the Earth to my students. There is an introductory video, a PowerPoint, summarizer to go with the PowerPoint, a student handout and foldable!It covers the following topics: 1) A Journey to the center of the Earth2) The atmosphere3) Layers
This bundle contains FIVE fantastic resources for your upcoming plate tectonics and earthquakes unit. This resource includes: 1. Types of plate boundaries worksheet - Students write notes about what happens at divergent, convergent, and transform boundaries (full answer key included)2. Types of pla
In this activity, students will describe how plate tectonics causes major geological events. Students will note-take on Convergent, Divergent, and Transform - Plate Boundaries in their interactive notebooks. Included in this resource:Convergent, Divergent, and Transform- FoldableConvergent, Divergen
Hello Everyone!For some reason, sea floor spreading was particularly challenging the first time I taught it. Since then, I found this lesson to be particularly helpful. The lesson consists of a PowerPoint, a plethora of short animated videos, a reading comprehension worksheet, modeling activity and
Hello Everyone!This lesson plan has a PowerPoint Presentation, chart to fill out type worksheet, types of plate boundaries map identification activity, webquest, lab AND study guide! This is a super packed lesson plan with tons of resources to tap into. The lesson plan covers the following topic:1)
What’s included?(same poster, various sizes/formats for convenience)36x24 High Resolution Digital Poster24x18 High Resolution Digital Poster8.5x11 Printable Handout with vocabulary words removed (GREAT for digital science notebooks, practice worksheet, note-taking, quiz)8.5x11 Printable Anchor Chart
Hello Everyone, This resource is great for a physical geography or Earth science class. It includes a PowerPoint on volcanoes, worksheets, videos, diagrams, charts, labs and more!It covers the following topics: 1) What is a Volcano?2) Where Volcanoes Occur3) What determines how explosive an eruption
Hello!This is a great lesson plan that covers that following topics:1) Definition of Heat Transfer2) Types of Heat Transfer-Radiation-Conduction-Convection3) How convection currents work4) Convection currents in the Earths mantleIt shares short videos you can watch as a class, includes a journal ent
Hello Everyone, This lesson not only covers on ways to protect yourself during a natural disaster, but also looks at the different technologies that have been developed to help detect a natural disaster. The lesson includes a PowerPoint Presentation, videos on natural disasters, worksheets and vocab
Hello Everyone!This covers all the different types of natural disasters in detail. It includes an introductory board game, worksheets, PowerPoint Presentations, handouts, activities, assessments, labs, projects, experiments, videos and more! Students get the opportunity to work individually and in g
Hello Everyone!This lesson plan consists of a PowerPoint, videos, worksheet, model, map, vocabulary matching words, labs, Kahoot AND quiz! It includes both collaborative and individual work. The lesson plan consists of the following topics: 1. What is an Earthquake?2. What are Earth’s layers? 3. Wha
This lesson goes over the theory of tectonic plates first proposed by J. Tuzo Wilson. It also covers the different types of plate boundaries such as divergent, convergent, and transform with animations for all three. The worksheet follows along with the power point presentation to keep students enga
This full-page worksheet reinforces the stresses that act upon the earth’s crust and the faults and the deformations that result. I created it for my middle school earth science class. There are four sections. In the first section, students write the geologic term that is opposite in meaning, in ori

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