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NO PREP PROJECT AND TASK CARDS Both black and white and color versions are available. Great assessment for the end of a fractions unit! Students will practice tripling (multiplying by 3) and halving (dividing by 2) a recipe. Recipe must include whole numbers, fractions, and mixed numbers. Stude
I am sure that your students are much like mine and struggle with the concept of fractions. I felt that my students needed daily practice with fractions. With this in mind, I created the "Fraction of the Day". This allows students the daily practice of the skills in the common core standards for
We know that fractions including equivalent fractions can be tricky for students. Where is one place that fractions are frequently found? …the kitchen. So why not get your students cooking with equivalent fractions?This product was created after my second grade smarties a few years ago realized the
Cooking Up Some Fractions will have your students solving word problems using fractions. This little unit includes 30 word problem task cards, recording sheets, and an answer key. Students read the word problem on each task card about eating in a restaurant and solve using fraction. These task cards
This download includes 3 activities designed to reinforce the concepts of adding and subtracting fractions. Students will be engaged in these cooking theme activities designed to show the relevance of math in a fun way. Aligned to Common Core Math Standards for 4th grade, and also an excellent o
Cooking with Fractions { Halves and Fourths} is aligned to 1st Grade Math TEKS 1.6G. This set contains 3 different activities: * Word Problems about Halves and Fourths *Sorting by Halves and Fourths *Sorting by Equal and Not Equal Great Hands activities to create a strong foundation and encourage
** Please take a minute to RATE this activity and FOLLOW me for more exciting lessons! Much appreciated! This is 10 page mini unit that includes a fraction cooking project, warm-up, 3 activities, and an exit ticket. This packet goes directly with the Common Core Standards. The activities are based
Let's cook up some equivalent fractions! If you're looking for a fun classroom transformation this is the activity for you! This Restaurant Chef Classroom Transformation is perfect for 4th graders to practice fractions. Students will embark upon a cooking adventure where they have to solve 10 equiva
This activity includes two real world cooking application activities involving fractions (beginning concepts of adding with unlike denominators and multiplying fractions by whole numbers). Have your students bring in their favorite recipes and have a few of your own cookbooks or recipes on hand an
This is a web quest for making math fun!!! Students will be working with fractions and measurements using recipes. Once the document is in presentation mode, the links become active and students can move throughout the web quest by using the live links. There are websites included for students to fi
Get ready to work with fractions! Your students will be asked to help Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred reduce recipes or double, even triple the recipe. What makes this activity so much fun is that these are real recipes! (waffles, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, etc.)
Help students practice fractions through math problems and a pizza cooking activity.Worksheets include: Filling pizza orders with fractionsFilling classmates pizza ordersDetermining what fraction amount of pizza is eaten and not eatenPizza fraction matchPizza graphing favoritesPracticing money math
Kitchen Confidential Real World Performance Task for 6th grade In the Kitchen Confidential Performance Task, students use real recipes to practice dividing fractions by fractional divisors, and to extend into using ratios in an engaging, real world context. Students take on the role of a head chef
142 (71 color, 71 black and white) illustrations depicting mathematical concepts and instruments as used when cooking such as fractions, measuring time, heat, weight and volume. Also includes images of two kids and common baking ingredients. Math clipart. Realistic style.Files are high resolution PN
Great activity for review or center activities! I usually post these around the room and have my students do a Scavenger Hunt! These task cards include great real world cooking and recipe fraction problems. The problem are addition of fractions with like denominators. Included: 28 Task Cards w
Equivalent Fractions! A set of 24 task cards for your students to practice finding equivalent fractions! Includes cards using number lines and with and without picture models. These are set up so you can use them as task cards in centers, to play Scoot! as a whole group, or any other way that you m
Cooking up Fractions! -Fraction Soup Addition: Adding Fractions with the Same Denominator + Recording Sheet -Fraction Soup Subtraction: Subtracting Fractions with the Same Denominator +Recording Sheet -Fraction Chefs: Writing Fraction Word Problems +Recording Sheet -Fraction Food: Food Puzzles,
This activity includes 10 recipes (that have been modified for fractional purposes).Students have only 3 measuring scoops to work with: 1/8 cup, 1/4 cup, and 1/2 cup. They will have to practice converting fractions using only these measuring tools. For example: If the recipe called for 1 cup of milk
Have fun adding fractions with this hands-on math activity!Students use their knowledge of fractions to make mess-free, paper smoothies. They follow recipes that require them to cut paper fruit into fractional slices and measure liquids using measuring cups. Students then add all of the ingredients
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***STEM-ersion assignments aim to immerse students in an authentic application within a career. Students often ask what careers will use certain math skills and I think this is an opp
Working with fractions can sometimes be messy! Do you remember the very first time you tried to double or triple a recipe? This is a practical skill that can begin to make sense to kids once they use measuring cups or spoons on their own.**************************************************************
REAL WORLD APPLICATION!!!! This is an engaging project where students have to practice converting fractions from recipes. First, the students choose two parties they want to cater. The parties and their number of guests are included. Then, the students have to plan the menu for each party. They will
Excite and motivate your students to do a variety of operations with fractions through cooking! With this activity, students will be reducing, adding, multiplying, and dividing fractions. The recipe is written to serve 2. However, you should group students in an assortment of numbers per group. Stud
This is a walkthrough for creating a fraction notebook for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. It is not actual recipes, but the steps for doing each of the operations. It is a great way to condense the notes into an easy to find reference guide.

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