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These 5th grade math tri-folds are perfect for you to use during your guided math groups, math assessments, or homework. Three tri-folds per standard give you plenty material to introduce, practice, and assess! Topics Covered: Coordinate Graphing, Classifying ShapesThis resource has been updated to
Are you looking for engaging activities to teach shape attributes and the coordinate plane? This best-selling resource includes everything you need to review, practice, and evaluate TEKS standards during math workshop, math stations, or whole-class instruction to help your students master the fifth-
Congruency & Similarity of Shapes on a Coordinate Plane LessonThis unit teaches students how to calculate and determine whether or not objects on a coordinate plane are congruent, similar, and proportional. This unit provides many hands on activities and real world problems. This lesson is par
This resource contains 8 geometry foldables, flippables, and sorts for Interactive Math Notebooks. These flippables can be used to teach and practice points on a coordinate plane and 2-D shapes characteristics and hierarchies. . Aligned to Common Core Math Standards 5.G.1, 5.G.2, 5.G.3, and 5.G.
This Ultimate Geometry Game Bundle includes 7 different games (over 50 rounds) that will have your students OBSESSED with angles, quadrilaterals, triangles, polygons, and the coordinate plane! This bundle includes the following games:Angle Sorting Game (10 Rounds) Shape Sorting Game (10 Rounds)Polyg
Students practice reflecting a triangle on a coordinate plane over x-axis, y-axis, and both x and y-axes. Includes reflecting points, then graphing the results. Great to use as an introduction or a review when teaching reflections on a coordinate plane. Answer key included! Perfect addition to a
This product has a list of numbers and steps that students will follow in order to create a mystery Valentine's Day picture. Students will need basic knowledge of ordered pairs and the coordinate plane in order to complete this activity. This picture is on the harder side, but it is a great way for
This is a way to assess students on their understanding of the Coordinate Planes and reflections on axis. It can be done in groups of in an individual setting. I used half sheets for the directions to save on paper. This can be used for all grades that cover the Coordinate Plane in their curriculum.
Four pages and 16 problems for rotating points and shapes in this resource. You could definitely use some of this to teach the lesson. The answer key is included on the other four pages. The preview above shows the entire resource.
Students discover/review the four quadrants of the coordinate plane by plotting points and then attempting to guess their partners points in the style of the classic "Battleship" board game. A great activity for 6-8 grades. Can be used to introduce, plotting points, reflections, distance between t
This five-page activity pack from Teaching Sunshine contains reproducibles that combine coordinate plane skills with geometry skills. The kit can be used as practice, in math centers, or for assessment purposes. Students will gain practice with graphing ordered pairs, determining distance and dire
In this bundle, you will have access to 2 word walls (with and without identifiers), review of coordinate planes (with self check), posters of transformations, and review of 2D shapes with identifiers. Each is offered in English and Spanish, and many feature both seamlessly.
A PowerPoint on reflecting shapes and points over the x and y axis. Includes discussion about coordinate values becoming opposite depending on which axis the reflection is being performed over.
This one page flow chart guides students to use side length and slope to identify triangles and quadrilaterals on a coordinate plane. Students differentiate between equilateral, scalene, isosceles, and right triangles, and rhombus, squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and kites. Other polygons are
Google Slides with 10 Questions!PREP-FREE remote distance learning assignment.Questions are pressed to the slide, with movable points for students to plot.3 Plot the Points Questions - All four quadrants3 Plot a shape with a certain area... - Square, Rectangle, Triangle4 Plot Shapes Meeting Conditio
Quick review with your students the vocabulary associated with and attributes of shapes (Equal sides, parallel, length, and width). Then apply it to coordinate planes.
Reinforce the concepts of similar shapes (triangles and rectangles) through this graphing activity. Enjoy!
Practice for plotting simple shapes in Q1 of the coordinate plane.
These supplemental digital math activities can be used to support the graphing on the coordinate plane.  They are interactive (drag and match, using the typing tool, using the shape tool) and paperless through Google Slides™.Topics Included:Graphing on the Coordinate Plane (4 interactive slides + ex
This digital breakout offers two options; one is a quick/basic, and one more challenging. Set the fifth grade math worksheets aside for the day and try this exciting digital escape room involving plotting points and interpreting graphs in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane. For this low pre
This set of NO PREP printables allows your student to practice plotting rational numbers, reflecting shapes and calculating distance on a coordinate plane.pg. 3: Quadrants on a Coordinate Gridpg. 4-5: Plotting Rational Numbers on a Coordinate Grid (integers)pg. 6-7: Plotting Rational Numbers on a
This set includes fun, colorful borders and the following shapes in 8 1/2" x 11" and 5" x 7": 2D - circle - oval - ellipse - square - triangle - rectangle - octagon - hexagon - pentagon - star - diamond - rhombus - trapezoid - parallelogram - quadrilateral 3D - sphere - cone - cylinder - pyramid
This 8-page lesson packet expands on a students knowledge of plotting and naming points by having them use problem solving skills as it relates to coordinate geometry. Best of all it requires NO PREP! Just PRINT and TEACH! Each Daily Packet Includes:✔ Instructional Guide✔ Teacher Lead Problem-Set✔
This Reflections on a Coordinate Plane Common Core Math Color By Number includes 10 questions in which students will identify the new coordinates of a point after the reflection of a two-dimensional shape along the x or y axis.With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid studen

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