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correct that lisp

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correct that lisp

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lisp speech therapy packet for correcting interdental lisps and lateral lisps (s articulation) based on orofacial myology Save 15% when you purchase the Lisp and R Bundle Watch my Speech Therapy Lisp video for a detailed explanation of this product!A few years ago, I realized I was becoming frustrat
Lateral Lisp & Frontal Lisp Interactive Targets! Check out PREVIEW HERE. This deck includes 25 interactive cards contain /ts/ in final position of words. Get 150 production of targets (both massed and random practice) with these fun activities as you drag each item to their "homes".These cards w
PreK - 12th
What's better than getting to say that we helped to eliminate someone's speech disorder? Not much, and that is why I am writing this with a smile on my face. I have actually done that by following the steps in this program. I have helped to eliminate frontal lisping behavior in many people by foll
Do you have students with frontal / interdental lisps? If so, this book and program was created just for them. I wrote it to help teach my students that, when their speech contains misarticulations, it can truly affect the way others understand you- whether it’s an interdental lisp or any other erro
PreK - 5th
**99 CENTS** ALL BOOM Cards in my store are always just **99 CENTS**!! Less than a dollar!! Enjoy this awesome game of Jeopardy that lets you practice strategies to eliminate frontal or lateral lisps. The targets include the final -TS sound, which helps place the tongue in the correct position for a
This bundle includes the Interdental and Lateral Lisp Assessment and the /s/ and /z/ Articulation Flashcards for you to do an evaluation of a child's speech sounds and use the flashcards for speech therapy.Interdental and Lateral Lisp AssessmentThe informal assessment is designed to identify whether
Not Grade Specific
Use this 24 page eBook about a cute snake named Sam to teach your students about what an interdental lisp is and why it happens (and so much more!) No printing, no cutting and no laminating!!! As you read the story, click the arrow to advance to the next page. Click the home button at any time to re
PreK - 4th
Two contrasting mouth coloring pages for your student to grasp the difference in articulation/mouth part placement, if your student produces an S with their tongue between their teeth, thus, actually producing a Th sound instead.I like to begin speech articulation therapy with these coloring pages,
Not Grade Specific
Practice producing /s/ with forward airflow by shaping production from /t/. Have children repeat "ta, ta, ta, ta, tttssss" with this fun visual product. Emphasize the difference between the popping popcorn and the one that is "sizzling." The sizzle sound facilitates correct /s/ production in this t+
Correct that lisp tips for speech therapy If you're struggling to correct a lisp, make sure to check out this video! I'm sharing my favorite tips and tricks for correcting a lisp in your speech therapy session. If you enjoy this video, make sure to check out my Speech Therapy Lisp packet! This vid
Not Grade Specific
Frontal and lateral lisp problems? I find that starting therapy with final /-ts/ words keeps the tongue in the correct placement for /s/ when it follows the /t/. I see all my artic kids for 5 minutes a day; so, if this is their sound in error, we drill these words for those glorious 5 minutes. :)
Have you ever treated a student with an interdental lisp or tongue thrust? Obviously, you have. But, did you know, tongue thrust is the common name for Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders, or OMDs? Students who have OMDs need much more than just articulation therapy to correct a lisp. They need speci
Not Grade Specific
This is the complete curriculum for the S sound!o According to Poole’s norms, S is a sound that should be mastered by the age of 7. o This bundle can be used in individual and group speech therapy sessions for students learning the S sound across the hierarchy of difficulty, in the following order:
Not Grade Specific
The Nth Degree Mandibular Stabilization Articulation Therapy for /s/ is a step-by-step Progressive Approximation approach to articulation therapy for frontal and lateral lisps. This program was created for the school based Speech/Language Pathologist. Developed and used in the field, this program
Do you have students who are struggling with the needed awareness to eliminate the phonological processes of fronting or backing? What about students who have a frontal lisp? This resource helps to build awareness of the placement of articulators. This resource includes no prep printable and digital
Not Grade Specific
lisp and vocalic r bundle for speech therapy! Articulation therapy intervention for SLPs: frontal lisp, lateral lisp, and vocalic r (r articulation)What's included in this speech therapy articulation bundle?Correct that lisp with my lisp remediation (s articulation) packet! Lisp Speech Therapy packe
2nd - 7th
Not sure where to begin with S or do you have an "S Student" who is not making progress? You are in the right place! Build a strong foundation for correct articulation of S by addressing each of the areas below before diving into S production. Especially useful for lateral, frontal (interdental),
Not Grade Specific
Visuals, word lists, and a technique description of the "Exploding T" strategy to elicit medial airflow for the /s/ phoneme. This packet is perfect to use in speech therapy for children with lateralized /s/ sounds (i.e., lateral lisps). From the packet: "The “Exploding T,” or “Long T,” as it is some
PreK - 8th
vocalic r and prevocalic r (r articulation) articulation therapy packet for speech and language therapy This product is included in the Lisp and Vocalic R Articulation Therapy BundleWatch this Vocalic R video for a detailed explanation of this packetA few years ago, I took Sandra Holtzman’s Orofac
CFY SLP- speech and language therapy survival guide for your clinical fellowship year! First of all- congratulations, CFY-SLP! You made it through (or are almost through) graduate school- you ROCK. That is a huge accomplishment, and you should be proud. I’m hoping to help make your clinical fellowsh
K - 4th
This project is perfect for developing word class and word association knowledge! Word list contains things that go together in a field of 3 and a field of 4.Contains 2 different levelsLevel one: concrete objectsLevel two: conceptsIncludes answer key!*************************************************
Looking to supplement your weekly lessons? This is a digital lesson to allow students to interact with the weekly story and it's components. Don't want to use one of the slides? Simply delete it!Drag & Drop design allows students to easily complete the task on their own! The writing prompts have
Sight Words Dolch Clip it Cards (Pre-Primer List) Sight word mastery is one of the keys to fluent reading. This set of 40 clip it task cards make memorizing sight words fun! Every task card has a sight word (from the Pre-Primer Dolch list) on it. Students have to read the main sight word and c
Sight Words Dolch Clip it Cards (Primer List) Sight word mastery is one of the keys to fluent reading. This set of 52 clip it task cards make memorizing sight words fun! Every task card has a sight word (Dolch Primer List) on it. Students have to read the main sight word and clip the matching

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