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cosmic address

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These 3D Cone shapes are the perfect addition to your First Great Story learning. Students can color and illustrate their address.Make one for each student or just make one set that you can use year after year. Each cone has a fact written on it to add some extra learning to this activity. An editab
1st - 3rd

Also included in: Montessori Cosmic Bundle

This file contains differentiated classwork for “Cosmic Address” (which accompany the SmartBoard and guided notes file). The information is aligned to NGSS standard: MS-ESS1-2: Develop and use a model to describe the role of gravity in the motions within galaxies and the solar system. Students h
6th - 8th
This easy-to-use, turnkey lesson plan is aligned with the NGSS High School Earth and Space Science performance expectations and disciplinary core ideas in ESS1: Earth’s Place in the Universe. ***** GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Download the preview file to view information about your gift with purchase. ****
This file contains guided notes that go along with the Cosmic Address SmartBoard Presentation. This lesson will help your students to understand Earth's place in space, as well as the overall organization of space (Universe, galaxy, solar system). The information is aligned to NGSS standard: MS-ES
6th - 8th
COSMIC SPACE PLANETS - CLIP ART SETUniverse - Solar System - Galaxy - Astronomy - Science - Saturn - StarryWHAT YOU GETA set of 15 unique colorful planets (including sun and moon) with and without cute happy faces, 17 black line versions, 14 colorful translucent aura's which can be placed behind a p
PreK - 12th, Staff
Students create a postcard from another celestial body from outside of our solar system. They utilize the space hierarchy as their address. They also research other bodies outside of our solar system.
Whether reading together as a whole class, in literature circles, or individually, this student reading guide will assist students with organizing their thoughts and taking notes as they read. Intended to assist in preparation for reading battles and discussions, questions are arranged in chronologi
This comprehensive bundle addresses the following essential questions: "How do we classify the stars in our universe?" and "How did the universe form?" Terms included are as follows: Nebula, Galaxies, Hubble Space Telescope, Star, Nuclear Fusion, Temperature, Luminosity, and Hertzsprung-Russel Diagr
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This material will help your child to learn his cosmic address and his place in space. He will learn his position from the Universe to his house. It supports theMontessori principle of learning from general to specific, from big to small.Open the file in Adobe Acrobat to edit it.The file includes in
This quiz covers the Ontario Science curriculum expectations. This quiz addresses the following elements from the Habitats and Communities unit:- Humans and Habitats- Habitat Communities- Food Chains- Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers- Carnivores, Herbivores, OmnivoresThe quiz uses the following
This quiz covers the Ontario Science curriculum expectations. This quiz addresses the following elements from the Habitats and Communities unit:- Habitats- Types of Habitats - Animal AdaptationsThe quiz uses the following types of questions to address these concepts.- fill in the blanks ( Types of H
This is an assessment I used for my shapes unit. In this unit also addresses positional words. The first part i will test in small group having them name the shapes in the pictures. The second part I will have them do whole group. they will listen to the directions read aloud and glue the picture
PreK - 1st
This test covers the curriculum expectations of the Grade 3 Social Studies Unit: Living and Working in Ontario.It addresses;- landform regions- physical descriptions of landform regions- natural resources- communities (positive/negative)- land use (positive/negative)- climateThis test uses short ans
Prof Jim Al-Khalili is a renowned and successful physicist who presents the interesting physics concepts in a way that addresses to a non-science audience. When done with our projects and content, I used to open documentaries about Physics and check for understanding by means of a video guide. The v
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Students ... Explore non-sticky collisions Investigate the Law of Conservation of Momentum Derive the equation for momentum Solve collision problems NGSS Addressed: MS-PS2-1. Apply Newton’s Third Law to design a solution to a problem involving the motion of two colliding objects.* Cause and Effec
This quiz is knowledge based and focuses on the provinces/ territories location and their capitals. This quiz can work for a few different grades as the curriculum addresses it in several locations within the Social Studies subject in the Ontario curriculum. An answer key is included.
This self-playing musical power point is the ideal introduction to any science class. Students often wonder where we are in the universe. This song gives planet Earth's cosmic address (planet, solar system, galaxy, cluster, supercluster) in the universe. No matter what type of science I'm teaching (
Not Grade Specific
This is a summative assessment of the Soils in the Environment unit in the Ontario Science curriculum. This test includes;- Fill in the blanks- Multiple choice- Matching- Short answer This test addresses the following curriculum elements;- Types and layers of soil- How soil is created/formed- Compos
Dippin' Dot Neutrinos is a lesson plan for high school and college science students interested in exploring ghostlike particles called solar neutrinos coming from a star such as the sun. It addresses the law of conservation of mass and energy and the Solar Neutrino Problem in light of the standard s
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This advanced unit on algebra and solving equations contains 191 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism who are in middle and high school. This unit addresses more advanced concepts when it comes to solving equations: translating a prob
6th - 12th

Also included in: Custom Math Bundle

This advanced unit on algebra focuses on inequalities and contains 200 pages of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism who are in middle and high school. This unit addresses more advanced concepts when it comes to solving inequalities: translati
6th - 12th

Also included in: Custom Math Bundle

This 35-page PreK Kindergarten Math Counting Stars, Facts and Addition 1-10 Pack (PDF file) is great for Math Centers or Hands-On Learning, Morning Tub activities, bulletin boards, starting at an early age for learning simple counting with ten frames, math facts, simple operations, and addition with
Students determine the speed of a person. This lab is a fun way for students to get moving and also creates a "need to know" for calculating speed. This lab also helps make the connection between the slope on a position vs time graph and the speed of the object. Two labs are provided that address
6th - 9th
Host Mike RugnettaCrash Course Mythology with Mike Rugnetta is here, and we have the preview video to prove it. We'll be uploading Friday afternoons to fulfill all your hunger for foundational cultural stories and whatnot. (Crash Course Synopsis)Episode #1 What is MythEpisode #2 Creation Myths Part
10th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff

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