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couplet poem

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Poetry is a form of literature in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm that creates visual images that come alive in the mind of the reader.This Introduction to Poetry packet provides definitions, examples and worksheet l
This resource will help students to understand and write couplets. It includes definitions, examples, element explanations, and step by step pages to assist students in writing their own couplets and rhyming poems. This is a part of a bundle available in my store. If you are looking to introduce you
3rd - 5th
For many students poetry units can be seen as boring. The goal was to create a fun and highly engaging poetry unit with lessons where students are able to let their creative juices free while staying organized and on track. This specific lesson is for Couplet Poems. Couplet Poem Lesson Includes:
Students will learn to write a couplet and practice rhyming words. They will think of a winter theme for their subject and write a poem that will express what they are doing and create an illustration to go with their poem.
Poetry is an artistic style of writing that expresses your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. They use rhyming words and rhythm in a fun and creative way. They can describe things with beautiful descriptive words, or by arranging words in a specific pattern. This helps the reader understand and imagine
Use this fun poem to illustrate the concepts of onomatopoeia and couplet writing. Students love it every time! It would also be a great way for students to practice fluent poetry reading.
3rd - 6th
Students complete this Mother's Day poem. It will be interesting to see each student's responses! Perhaps, they can be hung on a bulletin board. We are grateful for your support and thank you for visiting, as well. Happy Mother's Day to all women! It so wonderful to honor women on this day.
The "Farmer's Market" Poetry Journal pack includes 10 original poems and clip art. Add to current poetry journal or use as a stand alone unit. The poems are all relating to a Farmer's Market and are couplets. The poems contain 2 couplet sets per poem for a total of six lines. All poems include art t
1st - 3rd
Does your student love tornadoes? Doing a weather theme? Add this pack for some poetry practice for your student. This pack includes an original tornado theme rhyming couplet, a tracer page, a couplet brainstorming page, and a final draft page. Enjoy!
2nd - 4th
This is a simple little book for students to complete and publish! The features of couplets, triplets, and quatrains are plainly written on the back flap. Students can write short poems, add illustrations, and work on their rhyming skills as well! This is a great little activity for Poetry Month! (p
1st - 3rd
This pack includes an original poem for fun rhyming or memorization, tracer page, and pumpkin rhymes page. Enjoy the season!
K - 2nd
This can be used as a formative assessment or a summative assessment, depending on how you want to organize it. I would usually use this as a review of literary skills leading up to the end of the semester and a fun way to wrap up the week before Christmas (Winter Break).
Use this activity to help students write holiday couplets. Once the students have written their rough drafts on this paper, I have them type their good copies or write them neatly on lined paper. I have tracers of snowmen, Christmas trees, and stockings which I let them use to create a background fo
"Nothing Gold Can Stay" is a couplet poem consisting of 1 stanza and 8 lines. Each pair of lines rhyme resulting in 4 rhyming couplets. Using the same rhyme scheme and format as the poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay, students will choose a topic to write a couplet poem about something that did not sta
UPDATES FOR GOOGLE AND POWERPOINT! This poetry portfolio has information and examples for 16 types of poetry with adorable templates for students to write their poems! It can be used in class, at a center, or as homework since the information explains the rules of each poem with examples. When the b
With the Poetry Mega BUNDLE, you gain a TON of quality poetry resources and engaging poems for primary to last all year. Teach a poem of the week and gain MANY differentiated activities to build literacy skills and reading fluency. Teach a poetry writing unit with the right tools to make planning si
K - 2nd
Engage your students in a poem writing experience that focuses on rhythm, rhyme, and any other poetic elements of your choice with this creative texting couplets assignment for twenty-first century learners. What gets students excited? Pictures and texting! This assignment combines the best of both
Do you need a fun, student-centered activity to add to your existing poetry toolbox? Check out this engaging poetry review game for middle or high school students. It's a dice challenge that can be used with any poem (although poems that are rich in sound devices and figurative language are preferab
Here is everything you need to teach your students how to write 7 different types of poems. Each type of poem is explained in detail, along with an example of each to analyze with your students. For each type of poem, there is also a "Your Turn" sheet for the students to compose their own poem, usin
This PowerPoint has 80 slides of information and examples. The presentation describes the following and provides examples: poetry, rhythm, rhyming patterns, alliteration, repetition, onomatopoeia, imagery, similes, metaphors, personification, stanzas and lines. The presentation also describes and sh
This product contains four original Valentine poems in both worksheet and poster format. My Valentine Box New Old Rhyme February Fourteen A Couplet ValentineBecause I am a third grade teacher in Texas, these pieces were written to address the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. I feel they
This is a 7 page poetry writing freebie on Diamante Poetry. This includes a 5 line variation of the diamante poem for younger students. The pages included in the freebie are:*1 brainstorming sheet*2 creation pages*3 templatesIf you are looking for the 7 lined diamante poem version, please check out
Types of Poetry - Set Includes (15 in all)CinquainShapeCoupletDiamanteFree VerseLimerickHaikuNarrativeAcrosticListOdeSonnetLyricElegyBalladExample Poems included for: Shape, Diamante, Acrostic, Free Verse, Cinquain, Haiku, List, Limerick, Narrative, Ode, and CoupletOriginal product is still included
Types of Poetry - Set Includes:CinquainShapeCoupletDiamanteFree VerseLimerickHaikuNarrativeAcrosticListOdeSonnetLyricElegyBalladTo view more of my Poetry sets, click here!

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