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Photosynthesis - Crash Course Biology #8This resource includes a student worksheet to use while watching this CrashCourse episode. CrashCourse videos are excellent resources by Hank Green. They are entertaining and engaging for the high school classroom. An answer key is included, as well as a trans
Have your students follow along with Hank Green as he explains Photosynthesis. A one-page fill in movie guide will help your students focus and highlight the most important information they need to retain about photosynthesis. The Crash Course videos are not my own, but can be found on YouTube. I
This is a worksheet to accompany the crash course video for Biology #8: Photosynthesis. Answer key is included as well.By purchasing this file, you agree not to make it publicly available (on websites, etc.) or to share with any other teachers. It is intended for classroom use only.=====Interested i
*EDITABLE TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS!* I created these guided notes for my 9th graders who were just beginning to learn about Photosynthesis. They go along with the youtube video of the same name, and I prefaced the assignment by telling them that the video goes into a lot more detail than I expect them to
Distance Learning - #DistanceLearningEpisode Guides for Crash Course Biology YouTube Series!Each guide comes with two versions (with and without timestamps), and a complete answer key.This product easy to use, no-prep product is a perfect last minute lesson plan, review activity, extra "filler" to k
Crash Course videos are a great collection of video resources created by Hank Green and his brother. They are presented in many subjects including Biology. The videos are presented in an interesting comedic manner that students listen to and enjoy. These videos are a free resource which can be found
Not your average video guide. This video guide is not only aesthetically appealing but also will help to reinforce the concepts covered in the video in a focused and memorable way. Some simple fill in the blank answers as well as some critical thinking components. This worksheet is great to give out
Crash Course is a YouTube series that gives a student friendly and understandable break down of a wide variety of science topics. This video worksheet accompanies Biology: #8 Photosynthesis video and is a great introduction to how plants feed themselves with sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.This 3
Hank explains the extremely complex series of reactions whereby plants feed themselves on sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and also create some by products we're pretty fond of as well.Here is what is included in this 4-page download: 1. Teacher Notes - 2 pages of teacher notes2. General Note tak
Worksheet or Assessment covering the Crash Course video over Photosynthesis. There are 18 questions and the answer key is included.
This resource includes student worksheets to use with ALL Biology CrashCourse episodes. Crash Course videos are excellent resources hosted by Hank Green. I have found them to be a powerful supplement to my instruction. They are entertaining and engaging for the high school classroom, and packed ful
Learn all about Biology, from Cells and Photosynthesis to Heredity, Natural Selection, Evolution, and Body Systems! Point and Click for instant Life Science Mini-Lessons with Game-Based Assessment using Quizizz and Kahoot!• This ZIP file contains seven PDF files, previously published individually:
Learn about Biological Molecules, Cells, Photosynthesis, and more! Point and Click for instant Life Science Mini-Lessons with Game-Based Assessment using Quizizz and Kahoot!• This PDF document includes organized hyperlinks to educational video content and paperless formative assessment tools. Opt
This is the big one! This compressed folder holds all of the Bozeman and Crash Course write-a-longs (and two Ted Talks) that are currently for sale in my TPT store. This bundle is best for AP Biology. It contains some Anatomy WALs, but if you teach AP Bio, you know that there is a lot of overlap bet
This is a great resource for a high school Biology plant unit! The Youtube channel, Crash Course, provides many educational videos over a wide array of topics.Students view the Vascular Plant video from the Crash Course youtube channel. (https://youtu.be/h9oDTMXM7M8) This video introduces/reinforce
Inspire your students to learn about Cells, Photosynthesis, Heredity, Natural Selection, Evolution, Body Systems, and more, with videos and interactive quizzes!Print and Play, or go Paperless to have your students play "Solo" games anywhere, anytime!• Quizizz now includes a "Solo Play" mode which do
This is a quick online outline for the students to use when watching the famously known Crash Course videos! Students can take notes about plants and the process of photosynthesis!
This is an in-depth semester plan for a Biology high school class that was used at a 1 day/week cottage school. It includes links and optional activities to extend learning opportunities. This semester starts out looking at cellular biology (the cell, osmosis, photosynthesis, DNA, etc...) This class
A GROWING bundle of worksheets for the Max Axiom Graphic novels. A document that includes answers is also included in the purchase. Questions are short-answer, fill in the blank, true/false, and matching. Currently included are worksheets for the following graphic novels:Lessons in Science Safety
Learn about herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, photosynthesis and more!Point and Click for instant Physical Science Mini-Lessons with Game-Based Assessment using Quizizz and Kahoot!• This PDF document includes organized hyperlinks to educational video content and digital interactive quizzes. Option
I have found CrashCourse videos to be a powerful supplement to my instruction. Crash Course videos can be used in a variety of ways: Preview, review, homework, extra credit, fast sub plans, or "flipped classroom" learning are a few ideas. They are a fun, visual, memorable activity to complement you
Crash Course and is the brain-child of vlogbrothers Hank and John Green. It is a YouTube channel that addresses a wide variety of topics. While John covers the historical and literature side, brother Hank covers the science side. Each “Crash Course” video is 10-15 minutes long and quick a succinc
These materials address topics taught in AP Biology/Advanced Biology classes on topics in Community Ecology. Topics addressed include community structure, Simpson's diversity Index calculation and interpretation, predator-prey relationships, competition, competitive exclusion principle, niches and
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThis zip file contains different activities (24 pages of student handouts and a PowerPoint 30 slides) which can be used to compose a unit for AP Biology or advanced Biology students involving the topics of the Cell Cycle and Mitosis. Topics in this unit include stages of the cell

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