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create your own city

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create your own city

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Have your sociology students design their own cities during a unit on social change and population. The purpose of this activity is to design a city that fosters community, interaction, and sustainability. Models can be built tangibly, with blocks, poster board, file folders, etc., or virtually, w
10th - 12th, Higher Education
This assignment is a great culminating activity for your measurement math unit when learning about perimeter and area. Students will have the opportunity to make their own city. They will have to create buildings that must be made to a certain size. They will then calculate the area and perimeter of
The summative assessment I used at the end of my middle school ancient Greece unit. The project has two main parts: 1. The students choose a "patron" Greek god or goddess and research their origins, family, powers, etc. 2. Students create a city-state based off of either ATHENS or SPARTA and comple
Students work in groups to design their own city. The powerpoint slides direct students to; decide where their city is located in the world, draw maps using keys/legends to show the layout of their city and it's facilities, create a climate graph which represents the average max and min temperatures
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Students will practice plotting point, identifying points, and plotting reflective points on a coordinate plane, through designing their own city. Students will have fun with this simple activity that allows teacher to assess student understanding of the coordinate plane and plotting. *Word docum
6th - 8th
This project will have students create their own city using their knowledge of Complementary, Supplementary, Adjacent and Vertical Angles. This resource includes the requirements for the project and a rubric for grading.
6th - 7th
A great way to conclude or extend student's knowledge for the Year 7 Humanities and Social Sciences in the Geography topic: Place and Liveability. Task: Imagine you have been selected to plan and design Australia's newest city, with a focus on making it a highly liveable place. Use the information y
Project Overview: Students create a city that would be their version of a UtopiaRequirements: -5 paragraph persuasive essay persuading someone to move to your city-Visual representation of your city (map, shoebox, 3D model, etc.)-Pamphlet that you would give to a new residentProduct Contains:-Handou
The Indus River Valley was known for their centrally planned cities. To reinforce this concept, the Create Your Own City worksheet tasks students with creating their own city! Students are given different building types, sizes, and told that a certain number of each building is required in their c
Build your our city/town map clipartThis map making clipart set is a great tool for students to design their own town or city, use for coding lessons, teach students about directions or what a town/city/community needs to function and the names of buildings. There are 58 images included in this set
Not Grade Specific
This is a great activity for remediation or enrichment with your students. My sixth graders loved this activity. It allows them to see the real world connections and to work on their find the area and perimeter skills.
5th - 8th
Students will enhance their understanding of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan by designing a likeness of the city on an island in Lake Texcoco. Students will include the temple complex, marketplace, chinampas, causeways, etc.©Founding Fathers USA. All rights reserved by Founding Fathers USA. This p
5th - 12th
This is a fun assignment/project to help students with latitude and longitude as well as explaining how to get from place to place using cardinal directions. Students will create their own city on a grid and make sure they have all components of a map (date, title, author, legend, scale, orientation
After studying various Ancient city-states, students will have the opportunity to take aspects of a variety of city-states to create their own through this project. Students will create a poster board of their own city-state. Students may do this independently or with a group. A grading rubric is al
After learning about various different civilizations and cities, students can engage in creating their own city for themselves! This project takes them through law making, military strategy, religion and culture, and more! The students will need to get creative while also asserting their skill of de
*Google Slides Project*Working on area and perimeter with your students? This project is for you! Design a city and find the area and perimeter along the way! Students will design a city with the streets that are already placed on grid paper. Then they will have to find the area (and perimeter, if y
Create a underground ant city printable art activity perfect for spring. A great way for your students to use their imagination and creativity to design and create their own ant city. Will it be realistic or imaginary? Perfect for students in Art class and a fun creative draw and write classroom
"Congratulations on being chosen for this amazing task. Your job is to design a new city. The government of Canada has given you a grant to cover the costs of building your city, but they have some very clear requirements."This project has students create a 'city' but they must use fraction operatio
5th - 8th
Students design their own Sumerian city-state. There are some expectations for them on what should be in the city-state, but their placements and their amount is up to them. There are also reflection questions included.
This document is made to be used after teaching geography basics. It allows students to use basic map skills (scale, location, compass, legend) and general geographic knowledge (population density, climate) to create their own city. There are 4 worksheet pages to prepare them to map out their own ci
6th - 10th
This is a project template where students create a plan of a Roman City. I used this project when reading "City: a Story of Roman Planning and Construction" by David Macaulay.
Students create a postcard for this city after completing the accompanying WEBQUESTWhat country is this city located in?What is the population of this city?Name THREE tourist attractions or landmarks in this city?1.2.3.FIVE Interesting Facts about this city? type of food is most popula
Students create their own comic or graphic novel for this topic in History
4th - 12th, Higher Education
This is a worksheet to help the students to create a imaginary city.
2nd - 5th

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