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creating a government

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creating a government

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Creating visuals for topics in history and government truly help the content come alive! Your students will work in small groups of three to create a visual that portrays the structure, powers and interaction of the three branches of government. Each group member will choose a role (professor, gra
Watch student learning come alive through the joy of collaboration. The "Create A Governement Project" is a Project Based Learning (PBL) Activity that inspires student imagination and innovation by enabling them to create their own fictitious country and government to rule it. The development of thi
Personal Note: My students LOVED this project. I used it after teaching the American Revolution and before introducing the Articles of Confederation. There was a LOT of debating among the groups, even though I let them choose the groups! Be prepared for this activity to last several classes, as
This is a great introductory activity/lesson for your Government class, as it encourages students to consider key questions about the roles and powers of government. Students will work together in groups to consider what type of government system they wish to implement and then they must work togeth
This product is full of information on the Building a New Government in the United States. Topics included are the Constitutional Convention, Constitution, Three Branches of Government, and more! I focus on standards-based information in hopes of hitting everything you could possibly need to cover f
Perfect way to begin teaching your government class. Students will have to work together to figure out how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Students will create a constitution and a fully formed government. Your students will love the activity.
New 2019 Tennessee Social Studies 4th gradeIncludes these cloze activities:4.11 Identify the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, including: no power to tax, weak central government, and the impact of Shays’ Rebellion. 4.12 Identify the roles of James Madison and George Washington during the
This project is a favorite among students! Divide your students into groups of four. One student will be the host who will ask the deep and engaging questions. The three remaining students will be the guests on the talk show who will answer the host's questions in an interesting and detailed way.
Take your study of the New Nation a step further by having your students create newspapers summarizing their understanding of the new nation's government-branches of government, constitutional convention, etc. I have found that writing is less intimidating for students when it is broken into smaller
Bring history to your students' fingertips while teaching about how the United States created a new government after the American Revolution! Teach about the Articles of Confederation and its many flaws, Shays' Rebellion and why it was impactful, and how the Constitutional Convention brought importa
This is the 2ND Edition! Please note: If you already have the 1ST edition, you will be buying similar content. If you would like the "extras" that have been added (interactive notebook pieces, vocabulary, standards, etc.) please buy the upcoming BOOSTER set :)The War for Independence was won, but th
This is a great introductory activity to a unit on the branches of government. The students are guided through creating a system of government that takes into account the rights of the citizens and the responsibilities of the government.
4th - 8th
Introduction activity to the study of Federalism. Can be used in Government, Civics or AP Government classes. Students asked to explore their own ideas on how we should govern, what governments should do, and the status of our government today (in their opinions). Followed by creating their own P
7th - 12th
For this activity, the students will be split into three groups, the Senate, the Assembly of Centuries, and Council of the Plebs. Before the grouping, the students will elect 2 consuls and 1 praetor (judge). They will work together in their groups to come up with a new law in the context that is lis
This lesson is designed as an introduction to the purpose of government for a high school American Government or Civics class. Designed as a group activity, students work together to create their own government that they will then present to the class. This activity engages students to work cooper
In this assignment students will create a poster to display a country they have established. The poster will contain a description of the country's government, flag, and map. Students complete a chart on Google Docs to describe the country's government. I had my students hand draw their flags and ma
The Podcast Project engages students in creating a podcast for Government or Social Studies classes, but can be adapted for any subject. The project provides instructions for students on how to create, edit, and publish a podcast about a current social or political issue that is important for them.
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Help your students learn about the 3 branches of government with this fun superhero project!Students will pick a branch of government and create a name, catchphrase, and more for their superhero! Students will be challenged to identify the abilities of the branches of government as they create stren
6th - 10th
Covers These Topics and Vocabulary:Early State Governments Power vs Articles of ConfederationSuccesses and Weaknesses of the Articles of ConfederationShay's RebellionFederalist vs Anti-Federalist perspectivesU.S.Constitution vs Articles of ConfederationFederal vs. Confederal governmentsBundle Includ
Use this Board Game Project to teach the United States Government, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Federalism, Principles of the Constitution, Amendments, Bill of Rights and much more. This activity can be assigned individually or as a groups up to 4 students. It includes the instru
This is a GREAT template in Microsoft Word for your students to create a Government brochure. It comes with a checklist of guidelines that you can adjust as needed. It covers GPS: SS3CG1 The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that provide the foundation of a republican f
2nd - 4th
Give your students the chance to create their own system of government in this fun and engaging island society activity! Description: Your teacher has just signed a huge teaching contract worth millions of dollars! To celebrate, they are sending your class and the grades above and below you on a cl
This is a 1 hour, lightly scripted, Social Studies lesson, is perfect for your second graders or even third graders. It answers the Essential Question: What are the functions of a governing society?Students will:Learn what makes a community run with a focus on economy, people and laws.Create their o
This product is full of important people and terms on the creation of a new government. It covers the Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention, and the Branches of Government. I focus on standards-based information in hopes of hitting everything you could possibly need to cover for those

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