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Students will be learning how, and then creating two crime scene sketches. One is provided in the resource as a simple aerial view of a crime scene (see it in the Preview!). The other scene students will create themselves! NO PREP! Download and use right away!This resource is designed to be flexible
You have seen the Missing Persons flyers all over town.  It seems that every year, there is another one posted.  You have always wondered what was happening to the famous little men that live near our area.  You’ve heard the stories about the secret diamond mine where they work.  Your parents told y
Have students practice their crime scene sketching skills and use a little of their imagination with this activity. This is a great activity to use as part of a forensic science or criminal justice unit on crime scene investigation. It also works great as a sub plan because it can stand alone out
These notes teach students how to measure and sketch crime scenes during the crime scene investigation unit. This set includes a PowerPoint, guided notes, and notes with all of the answers for your absent students. Great for students who struggle with taking notes and special needs students!
This powerpoint focuses on the crime scene sketch. The lecture also includes a daily objective, agenda, a do now and exit ticket, and a student activity all built into the PPT. Be sure to also add the guided notes or buy the bundle.
This bundle includes the PPT and the Guided Notes at a discount. The PPT includes a daily objective, agenda, a do now and exit ticket, and a student activity all built into it.
These guided notes go with the Crime Scene Sketching PPT. Please consider buying the bundle for a discount.
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up math class!CSI: Pre-Algebra is a collection of nine different algebraically inspired mathematical puzzles with a little inter
Teach the 7 Steps of Crime Scene Investigation to your Forensics students with this ultra-engaging lesson & jigsaw activity! This lesson & activity bundle places the responsibility of learning on the students, making you available for more of a facilitator role. Need a digital option? No p
DISTANCE LEARNING What better way to kick off your unit on crime scene investigating than with a murder mystery? This digital escape room teaches students the basic procedures of investigating a crime using the SEVEN S's mnemonic device. This NO PREP digital activity has students solve The Case o
Included in this lesson is a 9 day unit plan, instructions for all the experiments and activities, and packet for a crime scene investigation. You will receive a PDF download which includes the teacher notes/lessons plans as well as the student packets. This is a highly authentic and engaging unit-
Oh no : someone was killed ! Call the police ! Engage your students with this fun activity : 2 detectives will lead the investigation while the rest of the class will be either suspects or witnesses.This crime scene investigation activity is perfect for your students to use the tense "past BE + V-in
* Your purchase includes a 2-page worksheet and 2-page teacher answer key.* Files come in 3 formats: Word .docx file, .PDF file, and links to Google Doc versions you can share with your students in Google Classroom.This worksheet pairs with a 43-minute YouTube Video in which forensic science student
This is the final project I have my students complete as part of their forensic science class. The final project encompasses all of the units and skills they have learned in the course such as: 1. Basic Scene sketch up (hand out also attached) 2. Planning and creating evidence including the fol
This bilingual (English/Spanish) packet is a great tool to get your students investigating, inferring, and writing, as well as a perfect tie-in to your St. Patrick's Day, "Leprechaun Visit". The packet includes activity pages that will assist your students in conducting a thorough investigation of
Just finished going over DNA, RNA, transcription, translation, and codon chart? Looking for an activity to tie it all together and pique student interest? Give this a try! In this activity, students are given a sample of DNA collected at a crime scene and asked to determine traits of the killer in
Product DescriptionStudents Become Blood Spatter ExpertsMy students love Forensics because they get to do activities that are authentic. Forget just reading about how Criminalists process crime scenes.... In Forensics, my students take it to another level and actually ARE practicing Criminalists and
Included are definitions of the crime scene, sketching tips, crime scene search procedures, the collection of evidence, as well as photography. A handout with an answer key is included.
After reviewing the presentation on crime scene sketching and evidence location students participate in this realistic activity by creating a rough sketch as well as a scale drawing. These drawings are used by the students to identify the location of the crime scene evidence by both coordinate loca
This CLUE activity is differentiated by HIGH, MIDDLE, and LOW. There are six different crime scenes to solve and each crime scene displays a clue to a final message of who the suspect is. Your students will love discovering clues to help catch a suspect. This package includes a packet for students t
“The Tell-Tale Heart” Crime Scene This resource includes the following Items: 1. Procedure 2. Crime Scene Sketch Directions 3. A place to list all evidence 4. A place to sketch the crime scene 5. A place to write a detailed description of the crime scene 6. A place to create a hypothesis 7. During
This is a fun deductive reasoning and skills based lab determining the culprit at a crime scene using lip printing skills. Students will evaluate and sketch different lip prints from 10 different suspects and compare it to a crime scene lip print to determine which one most closely matches to solve
This is one of my students' favorite initial crime scene labs! Great introductory activity on measuring and sketching crime scenes that has students set up their own based upon what random "evidence" they receive. Very little teacher prep required- just grab 5 pieces of evidence for each group and s
These forensic science crossword puzzles make wonderful vocabulary reviews for secondary science students.The topics highlighted include crime scene investigation, evidence, and legal aspects of forensic science. I give these to my students before each unit test as a fun review. An understanding of

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