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No print and printable lesson for social skills and speech therapy instruction targeting body language, non-verbal cues, facial expression, emotions, perspective-taking, and understanding social situations. This is designed to help students begin to improve the ability to read non-verbal social cues
Learning speech sounds can be especially tough for young learners! These colorful and engaging Animal Speech Sound Prompts are the perfect addition to your therapy resources as a fun way to encourage your little articulation kids to say and remember their sounds.There are two sides to the animal -
PreK - 1st
The Speech Tube is back! I'm starting a Social set of activities. The first highlighted skill is identifying body language and nonverbal communication. My student's were not happy to be coming to the speech office. One week I pulled out my iPhone and let them watch a popular You Tube clip. After 3 m
These best-selling speech sound cue cards for articulation are ideal for providing students with consistent verbal and tactile cues when they're learning new consonant and vowel speech sounds in Speech and Language Therapy sessions! Each cue card contains a mouth shape visual, description for the so
These best selling speech sound cue cards are great for providing students with consistent verbal and tactile cues when they're learning new consonant speech sounds in Speech and Language Therapy sessions! A must-have for your Speech Therapy toolkit!Contents24 consonant speech sounds- /p, b, m, n, w
Provide your students with verbal, visual, tactile, and metacognitive cues during your speech therapy sessions by using these speech sound cues cards. Help your students with Apraxia of Speech, Articulation Disorders, and Phonological Delays!Using consistent cues can help your preschool and kinderga
This resource contains visual poster pages/cue cards for the English vowel sounds. The cue cards are ideal for use in Speech and Language Therapy sessions to help provide additional cues when students are learning new vowel sounds. Each poster contains a mouth shape visual, description for the sound
These professional sound and literacy inventory forms make it easy to keep track of the child's current sound inventory and early literacy awareness. These forms were created to go along with the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues. You will have a quick and easy reference for sounds in the child's spontaneous
PreK - 3rd
Do you have students with Apraxia of Speech on your speech therapy caseload?Did you know that children with Apraxia of Speech should be working on prosody (inflection, rate, volume, pitch) from day one of therapy?You can use these colourful cards to make working on rate, inflection, volume, and pitc
I designed these simple tactile cueing cards to address syllable reduction (a phonological process). I included cards for 2, 3, & 4 syllable words. There are four cards to a page (to get an idea on the size of the cards). This download contains: • 16 two-syllable word cards (color and black &amp
We know that visual cues improve your student's ability to make and develop speech sounds. This resource makes it easy for you by providing thorough written directions on how to produce speech sounds correctly, while also providing visual cues to support your student. Every sound is given a name, so
Do you use the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues? Introducing Sound Cue MINIS, you can now use these mini sound combinations featuring MY TOP APRAXIA TARGETS to work on in therapy and to send home with your clients for home practice apraxia or not. Each sheet contains cue combinations to make one target word
TheseSUPER HELPFUL VISUAL CUE MATSare perfect for teaching lots of skills while playing GO FISH with different card decks for speech therapy practice or for teachers in the classroom WHILE HAVING TONS OF FUN!**************************************************CONTENTS:What's the one go-to game/activit
Visual cues and prompts designed to support students with speech and articulation difficulties. This printable includes: Sound Placement and Speech Articulation Cuescards depicting pictures of mouth movements necessary for the sound production of "p,b,m" "w" "l" "k,g" "f,v" "t,d" "n" "s" "th" "sh"
These speech sound visual cue sticks can be used for articulation practice in the speech room, in the classroom, or even at home. They are big enough for kids to see the visual. Sounds included: b, p, m, d, t, l, s, z, n, h, w, voiceless th, voiced th, k, g, sh, ch, f, v, j, y, r Front: sound,
Not Grade Specific
Colorful articulation visual cue cards!Each card has a mouth/tongue placement visual, a sound name, visual for sound name, sound on or off symbol, written description of how to produce sound, and syllable practiceSounds Included:S, Z, CH, SH, J, ZH, K, T, L, G, F, V, P, B, W, M, Y, voiceless TH, voi
****Updated October 2016****A key part in treating older children with CAS is practice variability. These cue cards are designed for you to use with your own client-specific targets (they can be used with syllables, words, phrase, or sentences). I recommend using these cards with children ages 4 an
K - 5th
PRINTABLE AND DIGITALThis 25-page printable and digital activity packet is designed to use with older- elementary and middle school students who are working on the skills for identifying problems and solutions, inferencing in social situations, and building understanding with non-verbal cues from pi
This collection of resources includes speech sound posters available in two different sizes for your bulletin board or wall space. It also includes a resource ring to take with you or just to keep handy with visual cues and prompts for each sound as well as picture cues and prompts that can be atta
Describing Wheel Graphic Organizer Visual for describing at item. This visual helps student come up with various attributes such as color, size, shape, location, texture, to name a few. These are graphic organizers in the shape of a wheel with picture attribute cues in outer sections of the wheel
This is the BOOM CARD version of my most popular social skills activity on TpT. The concept of using your eyes to think is reviewed on the first 2 cards to explain how to use their eyes to help them think about others and then students go through 19 slides where they look at a picture and select all
This free packet contains speech sound cue and prompt cards for 21 consonant sounds and 14 vowel sounds (including 4 diphthongs). On each card is a picture of a mouth showing how to produce the sound, as well as a picture to help remind your students what sound they are working on! For example, the
PreK - 3rd
This bundle is full of different visual cues for making articulation and speech therapy a success. Each colorful speech sound card, bunting, and stick have thorough directions on how to produce speech sounds ocorrectly. Every sound is given a name, so your students/child can easily remember and help
This download includes 160 color S-Blend flash cards for articulation practice and a visual tactile cue card in color and B&W for students to color. Includes:/sm//sn//sl//sk//sc//sp//sw//st/Print two copies of the cards to use for Go Fish and other card games! Flash cards are easy to prep. Jus

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